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Please help us raise money to cover all expenses for Chris's family to be able to fly to Oklahoma to receive his body and take him back to Melbourne, Australia. Every cent is greatly app... more


Updated posted by Marshall Veal 7 months ago

Thank you again so much! I will be shutting the online donations off now. Essendon Baseball Club in Australia will still collect checks, paypal, direct transfers, as well accepting cards and condolences for the Lane family. It is all going to the same place and that is the Lane Family.
Thank you and Cheers to Laney.


Updated posted by Marshall Veal 8 months ago

I am sorry I have not updated the last few days. We held our memorial service for Chris, Saturday here in Oklahoma and it went very well. Chris is back home in Australia with his family and Sarah's family. They are having his funeral this week. Thank you so much for supporting Chris and his family. I still can't believe how much we have raised in his honor. Thank you, Cheers to Laney.


Updated posted by Marshall Veal 8 months ago

Thank you to everyone again! Everyone that is involved with this is at a loss for words. Thank you so much. People from all over the world have reached out through emails, comments, and donations. Since this has reached out to so many people and continuing to reach different parts of the world, the online donation fund will continue to take donations and comments until August 31, 2013. Again, thank you and cheers to Laney.

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Created by Marshall Veal on August 19, 2013

Please help us raise money to cover all expenses for Chris's family to be able to fly to Oklahoma to receive his body and take him back to Melbourne, Australia. Every cent is greatly appreciated and all donations will go right to his family! I recently spoke to Chris's father and he told me that if there is any money left over they will start a Christopher Lane Foundation.
My name is Marshall Veal, I played baseball with Laney in Oklahoma and he became a brother to me. All donations are being directed to a foundation that I created with the school Laney and I attended. Laney's family are the only people that can touch the money and use it as they see fit. Thank you.

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My heart goes out to Christopher's family and friends. May god bless him and keep him in his loving arms.

posted by Gail Platt 7 months ago

It saddens me that the only thing that I want to put it on this page is where are all the white people March and raise hell against the box

posted by Gail Platt 7 months ago

May Christopher Lane always be remembered and honored by continuing good works in his name and living life to the fullest, not by perpetuating bigotry or political divisiveness. May Christopher's memory forever be a blessing for his family and all whose lives he touched. My thoughts and prayers are with those who grieve for him.

posted by Jane Wagner 7 months ago

John Boggs, I am absolutely astonished by your comment and the fact that organisations such as the Occidental Observer exist. I am studying to be a social worker and have dreams to start an organisation in Kenya at the end of my degree. It is people like you who make me more passionate to stand up for the equality of all human beings. Skin colour is not one's defining point and has nothing to do with what type of person they will become. I fail to understand how you can ignore all of the crime committed by white people. Infact, I would love to know your opinion.. I am incredibly saddened by this tragedy in Oklahoma but the saddest part is that our world has reached this point of crime. It has nothing to do with the skin colour of the victims or the perpetrators. There are obviously greater needs than to place people in fixed categories based on the colour of their skin.

posted by Emily Smith 8 months ago

I would just like to express my condolences for the family lane and has girlfriend family. send prayer for your family

posted by Scotty Foy 8 months ago

I would just like to express my condolences for your loss and reiterate on the previous comments,this ignorance and display of cruelty from such young individuals is just sad as I live in oklahoma on behalf of everyone around myself you and your family's are in our prayers

posted by Brant Hunt 8 months ago

I'm am so sorry you lost your son to ignorance and stupidly. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolence to your family. I deeply apologize for the actions of my fellow county men. Your family will always be in my prayers. God bless.

posted by Cheri Bailey 8 months ago


posted by Dean Williamson 8 months ago

The death of one innocent person and the loss of a chance of a fulfilling life for the children who committed the crime is the tragedy here. It is a human tragedy. The racial thing that some latch on to is made up. The fact of the matter is, 1 young human being is dead and 3 other lives are effectively ended as far as living a fulfilling life goes. Race has NOTHING to do with any of this. People believe what they are told to believe about racial stereotypes. If you pay attention, these types of crimes go in all directions racially. Black kill whites, whites kill blacks, both kill brown, etc. etc. etc. People have trouble getting to the root of the problem because they are so blinded by the learned racial aspect of every situation. It wasnt 3 black teens who committed the crime; it was 3 young men who killed Chris. The actual problem that gets ignored is that these 3 young men actually thought that doing a drive by and killing another human being is some rite of passage. To them, this type of activity was a valid solution to their current state of boredom. THAT is the problem. THAT is the problem. THAT is the problem. Children in this country SHOULD have a better grasp on right and wrong. We are not a war torn country with a lack of civil law. We, as a country, have the means to provide all of our children with a great education and a multitude of activities to promote values and a feeling of belonging. We focus money and energy on gun law and the idea that guns should be readily available to all instead of realizing that the gun debate is a company profit debate at the core of the fight. Whether a gun is available or not, children should not be getting the idea that killing or violence is an answer. Guns are not the issue either. Its just 2 sides of a specific idealistic disagreement taking advantage of these bad situations. We as a people need to stop blindly believing what we are told and actually THINK. People need to wake up and stop being misled by racial ideas. If you have truly been around people of different races and cultures, you quickly realize that thugs as some call them, exist in all races. Gangs exist in all races. Crime exists in all races. Thats because thugs exist in humanity. Gangs exist in our Human society. Crime exists in our Human society. You cant effectively fight these problems if you are viewing the problem racially. For those who would make the point that it is natural for dark skinned people to feel a weariness toward whites due to the extensive centuries of history of white oppression of all races all over the world, dont forget, all races were oppressed, including white. Additionally, its history, something to be learned from and remembered, but also forgiven. Your white coworker did not commit these crimes. Human beings do better with forgiveness and we are naturally forward looking beings. It is up to us as individuals to maintain our humanity and keep ourselves from being misled and manipulated. That goes for ALL races. RIP Chris Lane. You look like a great kid. Im sure you have moved on to something better.

posted by Jim Richards 8 months ago

Just want to say that I love the people of Australia, they were so good to me & my fellow service men when we stopped there during WW II. We have a lot of good people in the U.S. & I'm heart broken that a couple of scum bags would do such a horrible deed to such a beautiful person. My condolences to his wonderful family.

posted by Charles Moser 8 months ago

John Boggs, I hope you realize that there are black people out here who are just as disgusted with these crimes as everybody else. And I hope you see that we are not all the same, just as I would say whites or Hispanics are not all the same as Zimmerman. Society as a whole needs to do better. Every race or ethnicity has people who do wrong and commit crimes. Either way, the victims and. Their families are the ones who have lost and continue to lose. We all need to step up and raise the bar of respect for human life. I have a little brown eyed black haired boy and I don't want him or his innocence associated with people who do such terrible things just as you don't want your girls associated with people who may have biases against others solely based on the person's skin color.

posted by Brit Buford 8 months ago

Its always racial

posted by Said Abouzar 8 months ago

This was a horrible crime apparently committed by 3 young "thugs" against a random person out for a run. Until they are tried, we really cannot know much about them or their motives. It is inappropriate to use this site to vent opinions regarding race or politics. Lets remember the man who died and his loved ones.

posted by Gloria Olson 8 months ago

Since you've more than met your $15,000 goal, I will be donating my $25 to the Occidental Observer. If you are a white person who is concerned about the racial violence being committed by blacks, go to The Occidental Observer website for some well-needed therapy.

posted by John Boggs 8 months ago

This is the third murder of an innocent white person by black thugs, just this week! Countless whites have been killed and assaulted by blacks since the Zimmerman verdict. As a father of three beautiful blondes and a wonderful redhead, how can I not notice the racial trend here?!! In Georgia, a 13 month old baby was shot in the face while sitting in his stroller!! And I'm not supposed to get upset about this?!! Are we going to sit back and get butchered by blacks like the farmers in South Africa, and then pretend that there is no racial dynamic here? You folks droning on and on about "gun violence" and "not turning this into a racial thing" are mentally defective. You'd rather ignore your survival instincts and DIE, than to be called a "racist". It's just a word people, and it was created by your media kings to shut you up while your children were being displaced and massacred. Judging from the comments on this board, it's working. As a father, my heart breaks for the family of this handsome, talented kid. But let's be honest, no amount of money or condolences from strangers will soften the blow of this tragedy. It's a nice gesture, but next week when all you people are enjoying the company of your families and Christopher Lane is just a memory, this man's family will still be in horrific agony. If you want to increase your chances of never experiencing that horrific agony, avoid black men like the plague. That's not racism, that's just simple mathematics.

posted by John Boggs 8 months ago

Our daughter spent a year in Perth studying at the University of Western Australia. She had a wonderful experience. Having visited her there, we have a deep affection for the Australian people. Our donation seems like such small comfort in the face of such sorrow. We are heartbroken that this tragedy happened. Please know that America is rocked by this. Our prayers are with Chris and his family.

posted by Lynne Boland 8 months ago

No words can describe the situation and to take someone's life because you were bored is a senseless act of violence that should have never taken place... One stupid decision has affected so many lives and those three are the worst types of human beings. I support you guys and I'm behind you a hundred percent.

posted by Rochard Moricette 8 months ago

My heart bleeds for you. I cannot imagine your pain and confusion. Your family has my sincerest condolences from the depths of my soul. May God be with you in this horrible time of tragedy and I pray peace visits you soon.

posted by Ronda Welch 8 months ago

My deepest sympothy goes out to your family at this time. There are no words that can help the hurt that you are experiencing at this time but know that there are people in the US that are lifting you up in our prayers. I am sorry for your loss and the wonderful life that these boys took at such a young age. The cruelity breaks my heart but it is good to see how your s

posted by Doris Powell Harris 8 months ago

The following words are from Mr. Mark Armstrong and the Intercontinental Church of God headquartered in Tyler, Texas. We are so terribly humiliated that such a thing could happen to your fine athletic son, who made no mistake other than to jog a route close to a neighborhood where social justice vigilantism would be turned against him. Our leaders don't see this one as representative of any broader problem, but many of us do. You have our great sympathy, our ashamed apology for this evil phenomenon that infects our country now. We hate the fact that national leadership, even top justice officers, seem to have emboldened those who would commit such an act. We are just devastated, for your son, and for our country. ~Mark Armstrong

posted by Chris Cumming 8 months ago

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Christie Tyler

7 months ago


Thank-you Marshall Veal for giving us this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. I can't help but think that your friend would be overwhelmed and filled with gratitude to all those who gave in his honor.



Wendy & Brent Adler

7 months ago



Deborah Coppedge

7 months ago


My deepest sympathy on the loss of your beautiful child. Now he is your beautiful angel.



Lisa Alesci

7 months ago


Christopher Lane, a beautiful young man. You will live on in the minds of decent, good-hearted people and will always be remembered.



Dean Smith

7 months ago


Please accept my donation



Angie Walsberg

7 months ago


Rest in Peace Christopher Lane, I didn't know you, but I am saddened by your death. I cried when I saw how you died, but I'm also glad that you were not alone when you took your last breaths of life. I'm sorry that this happened to you, here in the United States. The three who did this too you, were evil in heart, but the rest of the United States loves you. The problem we have in this country is not really the gun control, it's the lack of respect that most children in this country have for others. So many people in this country were affected by your death, and maybe from your death, we as a country will realize that there is a huge problem that we need to fix. Maybe you will be the Hero that saves us all. Sorry your life was cut so short. My prayers are with your family and friends. I know what it is like to lose a loved one, I have been there many times. The pain is never easy. I have many angels in heaven, I hope they keep you company. Fly free. love from Illinois- -



Deanna Ross

7 months ago


TO THE LANE FAMILY ~ Words can't convey my sadness and horror over what happened to your beautiful son, Chris. My heart has been heavy since the day it happened. Please know that the "humans" that perpetrated this act are in no way representative of the majority of Americans. They will receive their just punishment in the end. God will make all things right. Healing and Blessings to you.




7 months ago



Amy McNally

7 months ago


Dear Family of Christopher Lane and Sarah Harper, Please know that we are grieving for you and with you. The McNallys from Ohio




7 months ago


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