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Mavrik John Laxton is an 8 year old boy who was born with a congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This is a defect in which the structures of the left... more


Updated posted by Kim Wilkinson-Kahn 6 months ago

Well, the Ride for Mav went well.....those who could not make it and still want to donate, this website will be open:)... Thank you everyone for your support!!


Updated posted by Kim Wilkinson-Kahn 6 months ago

I want to thank all of the wonderful support we are receiving through this site! If anyone is interested, we are having a Benfit ride Oct 13th! Send a message if you would like more info:)



Updated posted by Kim Wilkinson-Kahn 7 months ago

Hey everyone....please pass onto friends and family!! Word of mouth and connections go a long way...lets try to get closer! Thanks for all the support!:)

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Created by Kim Wilkinson-Kahn on August 15, 2013

Mavrik John Laxton is an 8 year old boy who was born with a congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This is a defect in which the structures of the left side of the heart are underdeveloped and unable to pump blood adequately to the body. Mavrik has had 8 open-heart surgeries from birth to the present. He went through what is known as the Norwood Procedure which entails 3 stages to get him to live a somewhat normal life. However, during his 2nd surgery, he had a stroke which impaired the right side of his body. The next few surgeries were to try to fix his left pulmonary artery which is necessary for oxygen exchange from the heart to the lungs, these surgeries did not work. We were left with just one functioning lung. In order to do the last stage of the Norwood, one really needs 2 lungs; however, Mavrik is truly a miracle. We went for the 3rd procedure and he is with us today. Despite all these obstacles, Mavrik truly lives up to his name, “independent, strong-willed, non-stopping personality”. If it was not for his fighting spirit, we may not have him here today.

Through it all, he remains a pint-sized dynamo who does not let anything stand in the way of his true passion - Baseball! He plays on 2 teams, little league and Buddy ball (a team for all handicapped children). He absolutely LOVES the Phillies!

In February of 2011, he developed a condition known as Protein Losing Enteropathy, PLE. This disease is more fatal than his heart condition and his heart was not “happy”. We needed to replace his only valve, the tricuspid valve, with a pig valve. Post-operatively, he went into remission. Unfortunately to date, he had a big setback. The pig valve is failing already and we have 3 options to chose from, 1) Replace the valve with another pig valve; 2) Replace the valve with a mechanical valve, which means blood thinners all his life, as a child this is hard; and 3) Heart transplant using one lung. Very difficult decision to make.

This is to inform you that Mavrik’s friends and family are calling upon help from the community for a fundraiser. Any donations for door prizes, raffles and auction items would be greatly appreciated.

Please make checks payable to Maria Reese
Items and checks can be sent to
Maria Reese
700 Antietam Dr,
Douglassville, PA 19518

Sports teams: We are looking for signed/autographed items such as, baseballs, jerseys, hats, etc. Any monetary donations are also welcome.

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My wife helps Mavrik at school from time to time and we are greatly saddened by his recent condition. There is a ride on October 13th starting at Classic Harley around 11:00 AM.

posted by Joseph Cisick 7 months ago

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Happy to help out a wonderful and special little boy who is just a ray of sunshine despite his many health issues. Love you Mav!



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Best Wishes for a long and happy life. We will keep him in our prays



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