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Updated posted by Sean Abbott-Klafter 8 months ago

Project Update #3

Ricky, one of the founding members of "Syllable," recently printed his first shirt at Bronx Compass!!!

Watch the video below to see him using our school's silkscreen press to print the shirt. Freddy, one of the studio art teachers at Bronx Compass, takes him through the process.



Updated posted by Sean Abbott-Klafter 8 months ago

Project Update #2

Over the past few weeks the students have:

- developed a mission statement

- come up with a tentative name for the cooperative ("Syllable")

- mapped potential income streams

- split into work groups to start concrete work on different areas of the business

- learned how to use consensus decision making processes

Check out the pictures and a video of students reading the mission statement below.

Another update coming later this week!

Thank you for making this possible!!!


Mission Statement

Group comes to consensus over statement

Presentation on income streams map draft


Updated posted by Sean Abbott-Klafter 9 months ago

We are four classes into our project! The class of 10 students is meeting each Wednesday for 90 minutes. So far we have gone on a market research field trip to fashion boutiques in lower Manhattan, explored different decision making processes and learned about the cooperative business model. We won't have class next week because of testing but expect video updates by the end of the month. In our next session we will create a draft of our business' mission, vision and values!

Thanks again to all of you for making this possible!


Dragon Apparel Fashion Industy Trip

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Created by Sean Abbott-Klafter on August 11, 2013

Help our students start a cooperative clothing company that they OWN and OPERATE!

Bronx Compass is a public high school in the Soundview section of the Bronx in New York City. At our school we encourage students to create quality and meaningful work by connecting the products of their work with real-world audiences. Collectively planning and running the clothing company will enable students to apply learning from a range of disciplines to the task at hand: Running a business that designs and produces high-quality and stylish apparel for NYC Public Schools.

This project has important social and economic benefits. By learning to plan and run a cooperative business, students will learn leadership and entrepreneurial skills. In addition to actually OWNING their business, students will learn how to work with others and start other businesses in the future. Once the business is up and running the student-owners will be generating wealth and creating jobs. This is especially critical considering that our school is located in a high-unemployment, high-poverty area. To help ensure the business' success, Bronx Compass is committed to purchasing its student uniforms and other apparel from the student-run cooperative. Finally, the profits from the business will be equitably distributed among all its student-owners.

How We Will Use Your Money?

In order to plan and implement this project, we are working with Green Worker Cooperatives (GWC), a Bronx-based nonprofit organization with ten years of experience developing worker-owned green businesses. This campaign will fund GWC's work with our students throughout the 2013-2014 school year. GWC will be teaching a weekly class that guides students through the business planning process, culminating in the production of a high-quality business plan for the cooperative clothing company. Upon completion of the business plan, students will initiate a round of fundraising to support the opening of their business. Our goal is to have the business fully operational by the start of the 2014 school year. All funds we raise will directly support GWC's educational work with our students.

Why Bronx Compass?

In addition to our commitment to connect student work to real-world audiences, we have also invested heavily as a school in the resources students need to create high-level products. In the context of this project that means that students will have access to: a studio art class in which they are taught how to use design tools like InDesign; two full-time studio art teachers; and silk screening equipment and laptop computers.

With your help we are going to make history!

http://www.bronxcompass.org/ http://www.greenworker.coop/

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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