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Some of you have asked about helping with medical bills-thank you! There are two ways you can do this: 1) Community Bank of the Bay Account. Mail a check payable to Lisa Brunet in an e... more


Updated posted by Lisa Brunet 7 months ago

Thank you guys SO much; you met and wildly exceeded my goal of $10,000. A friend advised me to make room for more donations, so there's plenty more room in here, but you've already raised at least 40 times more than I hoped for.


Created by Lisa Brunet on July 30, 2013

Some of you have asked about helping with medical bills-thank you! There are two ways you can do this:

1) Community Bank of the Bay Account. Mail a check payable to Lisa Brunet in an envelope addressed to:

Lisa Brunet
Community Bank of the Bay
390 Railroad Ave., Suite 101
Danville, CA 94526

You don't need an account number. The ladies there will make the deposit to an account in my name.

2) Donate online through this site! They will deduct 8% in fees and other charges, but it's a lot easier than mailing a check, and you won't need to find a stamp. I listed $10,000 as my goal since I honestly don't know how much we need; the bills are pretty nuts, but the Violent Crime fund might really come through.

Since this was a hit and run, we don't have the insurance of the driver who hit me to help out, and surgeries and treatments burned through my student/catastrophic health insurance pretty quickly. We've applied for the violent crime victim's assistance fund, and we'll find out how much they'll help.

Please don't feel bad if you can't donate, or obligated to; God has always provided and He will not let us down now, but this is how to do it if you're looking for a way to help financially! You guys have been so encouraging; thank you for all your kinds of love and support.

For those wondering what this is about, a speeding black truck hit me June 27th while I walked across the street to my car at Denton Square. I was brought in to Denton Regional with a fractured right tibia/fibula, right humerus and scapula, fractured vertebrae L2-L5, and five fractures in my pelvis. Two talented surgeons operated on me at Fort Worth Harris Methodist Hospital, and I am currently rehabilitating at Lake Village Nursing and Rehabilitation facility. I've made so much progress, and nothing was broken that can't be healed, but the surgeons expect it to be at least 3-4 months before I can begin learning to walk on my right leg again (it's a slow process). I've been surrounded by amazing, loving people, and I'm excited to be full of titanium and other bio-bits. I love you guys a ton and am so lucky to be protected; I should have been killed.


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I wish more than anything that I could help. I've never met you, but I've seen you made a big impact on the WF community and I wish you a graceful and speedy recovery.

posted by Ashlie Gregory 7 months ago

This is SOOO amazing to see the love, support and generosity of your people. I am blown away. Lisas are awesome!

posted by Deborah Brunet 8 months ago

Tina Malone, I've set up the page! Here's all the info you need to help out! :D

posted by Lisa Brunet 8 months ago

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Masaki Liu

4 months ago


Hey, long time no talk, I was looking through old photos and found some of you, me and Mary (tracer) at the palace of fine arts, I googled you and saw the news about you. I'm glad to see that you weren't killed in that awful accident. I'm doing well, still live in Benicia, married with 2 kids. They are Tommy (6) and Maggie (4). Thoughts and prayers for you as you recover.



Rick Brown

6 months ago


Get well girl!!!



Shyaporn Theerakulstit

6 months ago


Hope to see you twirling on those toes again real soon!



Hugh Lang

6 months ago


Lisa, you beautiful thing. Get well soon!



Gesa Lehnert

6 months ago


Oh Lisa Now I know. You will be back at Wildfire next Summer. Speedy recovery, but be give that leg some time.



Aster Treitman

7 months ago


Not a donation, merely a repayment :)




7 months ago



Reeshi Ray

7 months ago



Sarah Stepansky

7 months ago


We love you Lisa!




7 months ago


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