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This fund is dedicated to helping the family of Caleb Howe. Your compassion, generosity and continued prayers are appreciated more than words can express. more


Updated posted by Thomas LaDuke 8 months ago

Thank you, thank you. Caleb's girls have begun their back to school shopping thanks to this unbelievable response. As Caleb is undergoing his difficult recovery process, the family is blessed beyond belief by the generosity of so many, and the prayers that have supported and comforted the whole family.
God Bless all of you.


Created by Thomas LaDuke on July 30, 2013

This fund is dedicated to helping the family of Caleb Howe. Your compassion, generosity and continued prayers are appreciated more than words can express.

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Liberal atheist, donated anonymously. Figured my prayers weren't the kind you wanted, and money would do a lot more good. Health care is a critical need for ALL citizens.

posted by Georgia Peach 8 months ago

Liberal here. Donated $50 anonymously. This isn't about politics, it's about doing what's right for our fellow human beings. I hope one day, when Caleb gets better, he pays it forward without thinking twice.

posted by Eric Clark 8 months ago

Get well soon Caleb. I am still going to buy you a new baseball cap to replace that dingy one you are always wearing :)

posted by Javier Manjarres 8 months ago

Get well soon Caleb. I am still gonna buy you a new baseball cap. That dingy looking one you always wear has got to go :)

posted by Javier Manjarres 8 months ago

This ain't about politics. It's about Caleb getting better, and as soon as possible.

posted by Robert McCain 8 months ago

We're praying for you and your family over here, Caleb. God bless; and Thomas, if there is anything else that we can do above and beyond praying and sharing our bounty, let it be known.

posted by Christopher Foster 8 months ago

DailyKos member here, just donated anonymously, so comment didn't appear. Some of us care about ALL of us in this nation, which is why we support Obama, Obamacare, and many of us would prefer single-payer, so that NOBODY will ever find themselves in the position you and your family are now in - it's not "all about me." We support efforts for the common good because it's the decent, moral, right thing to do. May you recover and may your family have you with them for years to come -

posted by Rae Busch 8 months ago

Hang in there. God is good.

posted by Will Franklin 8 months ago

Thank you to everyone who has donated money to Caleb and his family! I am proud to know so many caring and generous people.

posted by Teri Christoph 8 months ago

Omigosh this is so wonderful to see so many help Caleb and his family! Y'all are making me cry. I love our community! xox from Texas :)

posted by Michelle Lancaster 8 months ago

This makes my heart happy. We love you, Caleb.

posted by Tabitha Hale 8 months ago

Amazing the support from the community here.

posted by Heather Walters 8 months ago

Wow you guys are blowing us away!!!

posted by Monica Cerett 8 months ago

Thoughts & prayers.

posted by Dustin Dickinson 8 months ago

Prayers going up, Caleb! Sharing this with friends.

posted by Vicki Dixon 8 months ago

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Dianna Deeley

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Kee Hinckley

6 months ago


Consider this my vote for national health insurance. Because nobody deserves to die because they have no money or employer insurance.



Dianna Deeley

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6 months ago



Dan Riser

7 months ago


May the Great Healer wrap His arms around you and your family.



Dianna Deeley

7 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Doug Levy

7 months ago


Glad that I am in a position to help. And I'll keep praying and working for the day when every American has good access to quality health care.



Denise Williams

8 months ago


Hey, Caleb! My best to you and your family.




8 months ago




8 months ago


Good luck.


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