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My name is John Publicover and I am a sophomore at the University of Tampa, in Tampa, Florida. Project Red Leaf is a college based organization and I would like to share this with you.... more


Created by J.j. Publicover on July 25, 2013

My name is John Publicover and I am a sophomore at the University of Tampa, in Tampa, Florida. Project Red Leaf is a college based organization and I would like to share this with you.

Project Red Leaf is developing to become the largest national, Conservative voter registration organization on college campuses across the country. We were founded in Tampa, Florida, but since the creation, we have expanded rapidly. There are many schools across the country that are currently involved with Project Red Leaf as well as many that are being added weekly.

As you may know, for years registered Liberals have dominated the population of college campuses across the nation; however this was before Project Red Leaf.

Project Red Leaf’s mission is to grow the Conservative voter base on college campuses across the country. We, at Project Red Leaf, believe that Conservatives will be more successful in local, state, and national elections if we increase our on campus voter registration efforts year-round.

Project Red Leaf believes winning the Conservative movement consists of two segments. The first segment begins with education. Project Red Leaf believes in these three basic principles:

The first is Personal Responsibility. Why is Personal Responsibility important for a college student? Once these students graduate, they will be faced with “the real world.” The world where there are consequences for your actions. Educating students about Personal Responsibility prior to pushing them out of their college dorm rooms and into the real world will prevent a lot of failures for our future generation. If our government spending was “responsible” then we would not be $17 trillion in debt, or roughly $54,000 per person (as of right now).

The second is Free-Market Economy. Why is a Free Market Economy important for a college student? First we need to look at the question “Why are you in college.” The answer is simple, to gain knowledge and to get a job. With less government regulation, companies can charge less to consumers, can expand to new areas, can create a second or third location for their business, can employ more employees, and can employ YOU once you graduate.

The third is having a Limited Government. Why is Limited Government important for a college student? Remember, the government works for us. Whether you are 18 years old or you are 70 years old, if you have paid taxes during your life or will pay taxes during your life, the government needs to listen to you. Why are we allowing the government to grow to excess numbers, (do not forget that we are paying all of their salaries as well!) where individuals are unable to take responsibility for errors because there are so many people involved. The government is in existence to keep you us, the citizens of this great country safe, not to take our freedoms away.

The second segment is once the college students realize how these values impact their lives and their future, we register them to vote so their voice can be heard on the local, state, and federal level.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Red Leaf, I invite you to check out our website at

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read what Project Red Leaf is about. We are doing all that we can to ensure student Conservatives have a political voice and without much of the support that we have gotten thus far, we would not be able to continue to thrive. Project Red Leaf has only been able to move forward expanding Conservatism on college campuses through the donations made by students. If you believe in our principles, our cause, and our mission, we would greatly appreciate any support that could be provided. We generally ask supporters to donate what they would pay for a cup or two of coffee and if we could have each supporter do so, Project Red Leaf can become extremely successful on college campuses nationwide! If not, we still appreciate the support and Project Red Leaf would not be able to expand to the lengths that it has without the support from our fellow Americans across the country.

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