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The building currently housing our rescue dogs is being sold and we need to raise $370,000 towards the purchase a new building. Two major animal advocates are generously supporting our n... more


Updated posted by Lori Weise 7 months ago

We did it! We raised the necessary funds to buy our kennel property in South Gate. Over 500 of you donated to our cause and thousands more shared our plea to get the message out. Never before have we raised such an incredible amount of money over such a short period of time. In fact, we haven't raised that much money over ANY period of time. I'm still amazed and humbled by the generosity of all of you from across the nation who support our work. Now that escrow has closed and we own this property, the real work is about to begin.

Over the next 45 days we will be installing plumbing, upgrading electrical, painting, plastering. We will also install dog runs, two play yards, and a grooming area; building the dream kennel that I have thought about for over a decade. I don't think I have ever felt more energized to do this work because I know what this means to the dogs who need our help in the future. We now have the ability to maintain and in some cases expand our existing programs. We also have many more options to create new programs; innovative ones that will continue to serve some of the most underserved areas in the greater Los Angeles area.

Yesterday we received our keys to the kennel, but what we really received is the key to our future. Together we've created a legacy that means there will always be a place for the under dogs, whether they are two- or four-legged. At DDR, we never forget that EVERYONE deserves a second chance.

Words cannot express my gratitude,



We've got the keys to the DDR kennel!


Updated posted by Lori Weise 8 months ago

We're getting closer! Thanks to your generosity, we met the $60,000 goal set by the ASPCA and they are matching it! Now we only have $59,300 remaining to buy the new building.

The sooner we raise the funds, the sooner we can start giving more dogs their second chance at a new life.

Would you consider making one more gift to provide them with the shelter they so desperately need? Because of you, we know we can make this dream a reality for the dogs of Downtown Dog Rescue.

Thank you for supporting this project and encouraging others to give. Thank you for caring.

With gratitude,




Updated posted by Lori Weise 8 months ago

We are forever grateful to Best Friends Animal Society. Their generous donation of $100,000 and belief in this project will help bring our dream of a permanent kennel for Downtown Dog Rescue into reality.

Their belief in our vision and unwavering support has been essential in the development of DDR and our programs. Please take a moment to read my blog post about our relationship with Best Friends. It would mean the world to me.


With much deep and heartfelt gratitude,



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Created by Lori Weise on July 21, 2013

The building currently housing our rescue dogs is being sold and we need to raise $370,000 towards the purchase a new building. Two major animal advocates are generously supporting our new kennel endeavor. The ASPCA has contributed $60,000 and Best Friends Animal Society has contributed $100,000. Please help us to reach our goal. Time is of the essence!

We need to outright own a building, so these dogs are guaranteed a place to stay while we prepare them for adoption as family pets.

We've found a property for sale in South Gate, with an existing structure that can be easily modified to suit our needs. It's not a brand new, modern building, but with the right amount of work, it is the answer to our prayers.

I've put my own personal home up as collateral, which is the most terrifying thing I've ever done in my life, but I believe with all of my heart and soul it's the right thing to do.

Our goal is to pay cash for the property so that we can continue to run our program in under served communities with resources and services to prevent pets from entering the shelter system. If we have to carry a mortgage, continuing to do what we do is going to be very challenging.

If we can pay cash and outright own this larger building, not only will we be able to rescue additional dogs, but it will also allow us to give back through our shelter intervention program, covering needs that current grants may not meet.

We see a lot of families going through financial challenges. Loss of a job, home or other uncontrollable life event often leading to the family feeling as if they have no alternative but to surrender their pet to a shelter. Sometimes if a pet's need can be solved by vet care, training, food, etc., it's the difference between the animal entering the shelter or being able to stay with their family.


We need your help. No donation is too small. If you can't participate financially, please post/share this link with your friends, family and any organization/Facebook page you can think of.
Your donation or social media share helps us rescue shelter dogs in Los Angeles and continue our shelter intervention program.

With many thanks,

Lori Weise
Founder, Downtown Dog Rescue

About Downtown Dog Rescue.
We have been recognized for our work by the Department of Animal Services for the City of LA, Best Friends and Humane Society of the United States. We are a 12 year old, legitimate 501c3 Charity and an all volunteer organization that spends over 90% of our funding on the animals.

We have provided over 10,000 free spay/neuter surgeries in some of the poorest areas in the Greater Los Angeles. We have recently expanded our South LA Shelter Intervention Program to full time, preventing more than 1,000 pets from entering the shelter since April of 2013.

About the property.
The property is located South Gate, in the heart of a working class community that struggles with over population of pets - especially pit bulls. The Animal Control agency, SEACCA has given us their full support.

About the expanded DDR programs for the new kennel.
The new Downtown Dog Rescue kennel will work towards generating income for rescue/shelter intervention by offering training and doggy day care/boarding.

We are extremely adept at training and providing the love, care and structure required for happy, well adjusted dogs. We'll offer these services to the general public, and of course to our DDR adopters.

This larger kennel property and revenue generated from the new programs will allow us to continue to take dogs that are often overlooked at the shelter. This includes dogs with medical/behavioral issues and senior dogs, and more of the dogs on the verge of being surrendered to the South LA shelter.

Since DDR will outright own the property, there is a solid foundation for all of the dogs entering our program. This means there will be no time limit set for any dog based on funding.

All of our dogs that live at the kennel play twice a day every day, for several hours.
Beyond traditional training/doggy day care and boarding, we plan on hosting seminars on how to build and maintain play groups with rescue dogs, teaching more rescue and shelter volunteers how to increase adoptions by promoting play.

Why play behavior = more adoptions.
We are a unique rescue that can take dogs that often other rescues with foster homes or traditional boarding cannot take because we have a pack of dogs that teach the dogs in our program how to play. Every dog is “put to work” and has a “job” and a purpose until they find their forever home. No dog sits in a run waiting for the day they are adopted.

Through play, dogs that come to our program with dog aggression, fear, lack of socialization with people and/or dogs, build confidence and gain social skills that enable them to become more adoptable.

There will be multiple play yards for various types of dogs from small dogs to large breed dogs, to senior dogs.
At the present time, our kennel is structured so that we can’t take in dogs under 35 lbs due to safety concerns. With just under 8300' feet of property, the new DDR kennel will have special runs and a play area for small dogs and senior dogs that need more quiet time. We'll also be creating a play area with agility equipment.

Please click the donate button to make a profound difference in a dog's life.
Thank you.

Lori Weise
Founder, Downtown Dog Rescue

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Convratations!!! We are so happy for you and all the pups!!

posted by Jacqueline Lesko 7 months ago

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This is a bit late. But I'm sure every extra bit will help. Congratulations on your new home! My cousin, Alexis Endsley, raves about your great work. Keep it up!




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