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My name is Steve Wisner and I come from a long line of theatre owners. I have been running the Auto-Vue Drive-in movie theatre in a small town called Colville, WA along with a walk in th... more


Updated posted by Steve Wisner 7 months ago

What this dosn't show is other Donated funds that we have received, we now have a little over $10,000
dollars total. We would like to thank all the people that are still helping to get us to our Goal!


Updated posted by Steve Wisner 8 months ago

Good News! Were on the Honda project!
So Vote everyday on your phone and Computer both at


Updated posted by Steve Wisner 8 months ago

We are hoping to be put in for the Honda's project of the digital projectors. We are waiting for them to approve us for that. We will keep you posted!

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Created by Steve Wisner on July 20, 2013

My name is Steve Wisner and I come from a long line of theatre owners. I have been running the Auto-Vue Drive-in movie theatre in a small town called Colville, WA along with a walk in theater for about 40 years now. I enjoy doing this job and would like to continue doing this at the Auto-Vue Drive In. It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to keep it open. We have already upgraded the walk-in movie theatre to digital for $75,000.00 in order to keep in business which is a big accomplishment for a small town business to do. As you all may or may not know the movie industry is no longer making 35mm film after this year. We are now faced with the decision of trying to upgrade the Drive-In or close for good. To the despair of our community we have no choice but to close at the end of this year because we do not have the funds for the new equipment and Screen. With our community and surrounding area pleading with us to find a way to keep it open the only way is to see if we can come up with the money is by fundraising. This link was sent to us by one of our loyal patrons so I am now setting up this for all of you out there who would like to keep it open. What we are trying to do is raise enough money to rebuild the Drive-In Screen that must be torn down and replaced at a cost of $94,000.00 and the upgrade to digital projection system for about $92,000.00. Please help us keep a piece of our Drive-In heritage here in our area. It will take 4600 people donating $40.00 each to come up with enough to do all that is needed. To all the people who want to save the "Auto-Vue Drive In Theatre" it is now up to you to help us keep the dream alive.

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Myrna Chamberlain we got a new screen from the Soap Lake, WA drive in. We couldn't get the digital projector we're still raising money for it but we're gonna keep it open this summer by showing DVDs that come out until we can raise all the money for a digital projector.

posted by Kelli Huguenin 10 days ago

Hello Mr. Wisner, I would like to know if the fund raisers to save your drive in are still in effect? I noticed you haven't updated for 6 months, the last time I went to the drive in, Lakeview/ Soap Lake, Wa. my children were very little. My youngest daughter is now 28 with 3 children whom I would love to introduce to the drive in theater. I would love to donate to save your drive in.

posted by Myrna Chamberlain 1 month ago

Hello Mr Wisner, I travel to Colville/Kettle Falls often and heard about your plight through some of the locals. How tragic it would be to see the Auto View Drive-in close. There is nothing quite like the big screen against the night sky. Have you been approached by anyone interested in a partnership? If you need capitol, this could be another way to get it. Let me know if you find that idea at all workable, I would like to talk to you about the possiblilities.

posted by Deanna Krache 5 months ago

How about offering large donations (over some large amount) be refundable if the fundraising isn't a success, but if it is a success then the donator is awarded lifetime pass to the theater.

posted by Jon Gibbs 8 months ago

Why aren't you listed on Honda's project?

posted by Chris Clough 8 months ago

I think Store Manager Fred at Walmart would possibly help in selling the Save The-Vue shirts! Also when they are ready can you post the sizes/colors/prints. Thank you!

posted by Kari Cooper 8 months ago

I used to work at the alpine walk in theater and i also go there to watch movies I will pass around the link so that way you can get as many donations as possible. I hope and pray that the auto view Drive in stays in business I know a lot of people go there and they enjoy watching movies on the big screen. Best Of luck God bless and god speed

posted by Connie Nelson 8 months ago

I shared the fundraiser link on all the local news Facebook pages and KREM is doing a story tonight !! e-effort-to-rescue-Colville-dr ive-in-theater-216467811.html

posted by Tonja Lenderman 9 months ago

Hey Steve, I don't know if you remember me but I worked at the theater in town and at the drive-in back in the late 70s. Good times. I hope you are successful!

posted by Kevin Trent 9 months ago

Hi Steve, I'm with KXLY and I'd like to write an article for our community web page. I'm not sure if my direct email actually sent so I thought I'd give it a go on here. If you could contact me at or at 570-4773 that would be wonderful! Thank you!

posted by Camille Troxel 9 months ago

Steve, has anybody contacted these Timber mills to donate the lumber needed to rebuild the screen. Or sun rental for the equipment needed to get the job done. I bet talented contactors could work together to see this through. Just a thought. Many hands make light work and I bet lots of labor could be donated as well by willing people. I for one could donate my time. Maybe even a group like Sha Na Na could be reached for the cause. Concert wise. With a car show at the drive Inn. How about a classic Car Raffle, I see Hospitals do this all the time at fairs to raise money for a new wing. You could show the carat local car shows and have it located on main street across from the clock in town when not at an event. How about $5.00 swap meets at the drive in on the week ends? Should draw from Canada to Spokane. Michael Hawkins 680-1926

posted by Michael Hawkins 9 months ago

Living in Nashville, the local drive in sold advertising billboards at the base of their screens and played short commercials before the show, after, and during intermission.

posted by Josh Stauffacher 9 months ago

Steve, I would be willing to help work on getting a summer concert set up if you think this would be something that would be doable?

posted by Daniele Parish 9 months ago

On facebook they had said if the goal is not met the money will go into the community like the food bank etch charities and a fundraiser concert is a great idea

posted by Christine Smith 9 months ago

We have some very talented people in this area. The drive in would be a great place to host a summer concert with local bands (who knows they may be willing to donate their time?). Something like that would raise tons and be a blast!

posted by Daniele Parish 9 months ago

I agree with Christine! I'm a junior in high school, and I think it would be great to be able to go see movies from the ages. If they are still available, all the movies you have in storage would be an opportunity to keep the community engaged and supportive while funding for an upgrade. It's a great idea, and I think the theatre should seriously put some thought into it. But, until then, this place really needs to stay alive. I'll spread the word! Good luck!

posted by Alison Stevens 9 months ago tml This is a link to the indoor theatre in Viborg, SD that has been upgraded and now. This town has a population of around 900 people so much smaller than Colville! Many fundraiser and matching funds by local business people. Nobody ever doubting that the theatre would not be saved!! Now it is run by volunteers. The couple that owned it previously ran it for 30 some years and were going to close. They kept it going all those years as a service to the community and the community bought it from them at the same price they paid for it 30 years ago. You might look at this facebook page for some ideas to save your theatre. I grew up in Valley, WA many years ago. Good luck with your venture! You can do it!!

posted by Sue Jensen 9 months ago

Would also like to donate but want to know what happens to the money if enough is not raised. Do donations get returned or how does it work?

posted by Valeina Taber 9 months ago

I would love to donate but would live to hear the response to Christine smith's question.

posted by Stacy Zimmerman 9 months ago

Question if we don't make goal where will the money go? And comment would it be possible to play older movies until money is raised my mom always talks about the old days going to drive in watching black and white movies this way it can stay open longer while money is being raised

posted by Christine Smith 9 months ago

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Jeff Duty

7 months ago


Hope your open next summer to bring my kid to the drive in



Teresa Cooper

7 months ago



Robert McKellar

7 months ago



Emily & Steve Rayson

7 months ago



Ben Gier

7 months ago



Kevin Burgess

8 months ago


I hope you are successful in keeping the drive in open I have watched a few movies there when I was younger and would like to see it stay open. I love the area and people in Stevens county.



Richard Jacobs

8 months ago



Krystal Tate

8 months ago


I want to take my boyfriend to see this staple from my childhood. Let's go, people!



Glen Bell

8 months ago


Wishing you luck, probably will donate some more later..



Jessica Leal Osborn

8 months ago


Come on everyone. I know there are thousands of people that care about the drive-in. Everyone donate! Even 5$ helps. Lets get this done. CHS grads, lets all pitch in. We all had a blast at the drive-in. It needs to stay around for our children to enjoy.


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