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Well here goes , for those of you that know me know that I purchased a home 2 1/2 years ago .You know that I was very proud of myself for this purchase.You also know about the constant s... more


Updated posted by Ciera Jenkins 7 months ago

Well moved in my house but still behind on mortgage.Trying to hustle but jeeeeeeeze this is rough


Updated posted by Ciera Jenkins 8 months ago

well still need two mortgage payments .Been working diligently every night mudding and sanding .Fell off the ladder Monday and hurt my back and took the skin off my arm .Putting my blood sweat and tears in this house literally but still going strong trying to get in this house .


Updated posted by Ciera Jenkins 8 months ago

Well no donations except one but hung the sheetrock in the bathroom almost ready to texture and caught up on one mortgage payment by myself.Two more to go by Aug 1st .This is gonna be a rough two weeks but bring it on

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Created by Ciera Jenkins on July 17, 2013

Well here goes , for those of you that know me know that I purchased a home 2 1/2 years ago .You know that I was very proud of myself for this purchase.You also know about the constant struggle that I have had the last few years trying to fix this house and move in.For those of you that don't know me let me explain my story a bit.I purchased a home 2 1/2 years ago .At the time I had 8 thousand in the bank and I felt comfortable with the repairs that needed to be done for me to move in .Little did I know that I would quickly run out leaving me broke and paying a mortgage and rent as well as other bills like gas, food, electricity and daycare. I have struggled with this battle for the last two and a half years.With that being said I still work dillagently on my home but I have gotten behind on my mortgage.At this very moment I am two payments behind .August first will be 3.Its breaks my heart to think that I will loose my home before I even get a chance to live there.This has been a constant battle both mentally and physically.Not only on me but my entire family.I have moved 3 times trying to keep my head above water and its taken a toll on my daughter.She longs for a room of her own and I long for my privacy back and just a littl bit of financial stability.With that being said my mortgage payment is 495.00 a month .In order to be current I need 1485.00.I'm desperate and out of options .In order to move into my home I need carpet which I have priced at 450.00 and doors which run 60.00 a door .I am okay with missing a few doors .I just need 3 doors ,so that brings my total up to 2115.00 .I am missing a cealing in my living room .I need 4 sheets of plywood that run 13.00 a sheet and one sheet in the bathroom which is 8.00 .Once this is done I that just leaves the kitchen cabinets , trim, spray texture and paint .I am so close to being able to move in I can taste it, I just need a little bit of help.I relize that 3,000 is a lot to ask and I appriciate that you are even taking the time to read this but if you can help with anything at all ,a donation .Materials , gift cards to home depot I will be forever grateful.

Here is the link to my facebook page if you want to check me out!/ciera.jenkins.9

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For those that could spare a few dollars. Ciera is hard working and a good mother that could use a little help.


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