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There was a accident on July 4th, unfortunatly there is no medical insurance in place or income at this time and we are raising funds for the future help of His wife and 2 daughters. more


Updated posted by Janet Curtis Salame 9 months ago

Nicks service was yesterday, the turnout was amazing and very warming to his family, thank you all, we are still trying to raise money to cover final expensises and help the family continue with no worries for a few months, god bless you all for your help in this tragic time. janet salame(nick&tammies aunt)


Updated posted by Janet Curtis Salame 9 months ago

Please help my niece Tammie and her daughters, they have a long hard road a head of them, and will need the finacial and emotional help and keep them also in your prayers..... please SHARE this with everyone


Created by Janet Curtis Salame on July 9, 2013

There was a accident on July 4th, unfortunatly there is no medical insurance in place or income at this time and we are raising funds for the future help of His wife and 2 daughters.

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An actual "friend" of mine who I have known for over 20 years passed away and while I am deeply saddened not only by his passing, but his wife lost her husband and his 2 beautiful little girls lost their father. I know times are hard financially for everyone now, but I ask that ANY help,(i.e. like not not buying new whatever material thing you really don't need : ), would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you and God bless. Murphy

posted by John Murphy 9 months ago

Please help out the Burchett family.. RIP NICK

posted by Valerie Terry Dusty 9 months ago

Please help a friend of a friend....

posted by Jennifer Gill-Tiedt 9 months ago


posted by Reyes Bullyz 9 months ago

Sorry to hear about your loss, I live in St. Clair Shores if you need anything , I never met his family but I know he was a great guy and behind every great guy enlies a great family. I own a construction company so if you need anything done around the house please don't hesitate to ask.

posted by Shaun Prosser 9 months ago

im sorry about your loss to you n your family you are in my prays im glad me my brother n u win towing could donate agian sorry bout your nick

posted by Scott Burford 9 months ago

very sad our prayers to family, it would be very hard to sleep tonight knowing i didnt donate something, we hope it helps, we will pass this around,

posted by Brian Burford 9 months ago

Of course making a donation! I pray that God will multiply any funds donated! May the God of peace be with Tammie, Nicole & Robin!

posted by Melissa McCann 9 months ago

god bless the burchett family get well my bud we praying for you

posted by Kevin Wables 9 months ago

My heart breaks for your family. I will share this on my facebook and try to make a donation. Love you guys!

posted by Marline Jones 9 months ago

I will also help with getting this out to others and do my best to help..

posted by Dee Jones 9 months ago

I will do all I can and share this a lot,alot of people wanna help.Love to you Tammie and girls,my heart is with you !!

posted by Tamara Yvonne 9 months ago

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Matt Mathieu and Shane Winkelseth

8 months ago


Our thoughts are with you and your family.



James Caie

8 months ago


Rest in Peace Brother, You will be missed !!See You in Glory Someday !!! God Bless ! Praying for Rick , Karen & Family .We Love You Guys !!!



Lisa Thompson

9 months ago


God Bless You



karmen, victoria, scarlett Blanchard

9 months ago


God bless u brother hope this helps u and your family bro



Mee Mee Ashba

9 months ago


I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish your family all the love and support you need to get you through this tragedy.



Rock and Roll Prep School

9 months ago



Rebecca Femminineo

9 months ago



Ryan Fallen Timbers Bulldogs

9 months ago


so sorry for you loss. peace be with you.


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