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FUNDS RAISED!!!!!!!! We are OVER our amount and we THANK YOU so much!!!!!! NO NEED TO DONATE NOW!! Smiley has quite a story to tell!! He is a junk yard dog (aka B... more


Updated posted by Patty Lepley Alexander 7 months ago


Hi Everyone, the good news is Mr. Smiley is doing great, gaining weight, and his true happy personality is coming back!!

The not so good news is Todd (his savior who adopted him) is not doing so well. Todd has been very sick and has to have surgery next week. In the meantime Smiley needs to get to SAPA in San Antonio for his HW treatment and he needs someone to foster him for the week while Todd is in the hospital.

Basically we need someone to get Smiley from Todd in San Antonio, take him to San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA) to get his prednisone and then he MUST be taken back to SAPA 24 hrs. later for his HW injection. Important note: HW injections are given between 2-5 only. If it needs to be later someone can let us know and I can set something else up.

We are looking for someone who could do this on Tuesday or Wednesday of this next week (Sept 3rd or 4th) and then foster Smiley in their home thru the weekend until Todd gets released from the hospital.

SAPA is in Building 1 on the grounds of ACS (Animal Care Services) in San Antonio located at 4710 TX Highway 151.

Please contact Kate Ferguson if you can do this for Smiley and Todd!! I am not the contact so please call Kate directly at 585-733-5974

Thank You!!

Patty Alexander
Pass Manager
Austin Pets Alive!


Updated posted by Patty Lepley Alexander 9 months ago

Good Morning Smiley Supporters!!!

Just an update on Smiley first and then other news! Smiley is all set up for HW treatment soon and is living the good life with Todd. He is doing GREAT!!

Now onto other news! As you know funds were leftover from Smiley's care and everyone so graciously agreed that they should go to help the next dog in need.

Last week I learned of a little dachshund girl that fell off the bed and ruptured her disc. Her human mommy Cynthia is on SSI and because she didn't have the money for surgery it was suggested she euthanize her dog. Cynthia contacted Texas A&M and they helped her with a payment plan she can afford but as hard as she tried she was still unable to come up with the initial $200 down to get the surgery done so $200 of Smiley's left over funds will be going to help this little girl today so she can walk again. She has been paralyzed for a week now and on pain meds. Cynthia is crying tears of joy!! This dog is her baby and the thought of having her euthanized was unbearable.

Thank you again for ALL of your support. Your generosity has now saved two dogs in need!

Patty Alexander
Pass Manager
Austin Pets Alive!



Updated posted by Patty Lepley Alexander 9 months ago

Sorry guys, here is what I hope is the right link for Smiley's video!

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Created by Patty Lepley Alexander on June 20, 2013

We are OVER our amount and we THANK YOU so much!!!!!!


Smiley has quite a story to tell!! He is a junk yard dog (aka Beautiful Boxer mix!!) that until yesterday, lived around an industrial workshop in San Antonio. Smiley has survived several vicious attacks from the other street dogs in the area (bleeding, battered and bruised each time), a snake bite that made him swell up and almost die, and two weeks ago someone decided to SHOOT him in the mouth, tearing up his tongue and leaving his teeth hanging. A man named Todd who worked at the industrial site could not bear it and contacted me to try and find help. I got in contact with people I know at ACS to bring Smiley there with Todd as his foster.

Todd said he tried to load Smiley up in the company truck to get him to ACS but then he said his boss told him he would be fired if he put Smiley in his car seat. Not so nice words were exchanged and true to his word, Todd said he was fired.

Long story short Todd got Smiley to ACS in his own vehicle and offered to foster if they could patch him up, but it turns out Smiley's injuries are beyond what the ACS on staff vet can do. Smiley has a very substantial hole in his hard pallet going up into his nasal cavity. ACS is kindly working with us to get a low cost outside vet to come in and repair Smiley's mouth but no outside vet is doing this for free so we have to come up with some funds first. OH and did I mention Smiley is HW+, too???

Surgery is estimated to be somewhere around $600 or more and then he needs HW treatment, too!! Todd could not afford this before and surely can't now that he has been fired. This was not even his dog...he lost his job trying to do the right thing!

PLEASE help us help Smiley and Todd!! It would be extremely unfair for this poor dog to be euthanized after all the challenges he has overcome and for Todd to lose Smiley after losing his own job to save him!!

ACS has Smiley on antibiotics and pain meds right now but we cannot fix his mouth or get him treated for HW until funds are raised. Thank you for any amount you can give!!


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Thank you to everyone who donated! This is amazing! Smiley will now be able to live a good life hopefully!! I hope to see smiley again in the future, he is such a sweet innocent dog!

posted by Faith Lewis 10 months ago

Can you post a link to the news story since I'm in Austin and won't see it here? Thanks!

posted by Laurie Longman 10 months ago

We did it!!! You're safe now, Smiley! :)

posted by Jennifer Ward 10 months ago

Praying for Smiley!!!

posted by Kelly Lynn Santa Maria 10 months ago

For some reason that posted as should say smiley!

posted by Kate Ferguson 10 months ago

I am so grateful for everyone that has generously donated to the fund for this Brave dog! miley deserves a chance to live a life full of attention and love.I know that Todd will provide an environment for him that will be nice and warm and comfortable.and I really appreciate the positive message that this entire rescuepromotes. both Todd and Miley have big hearts, and sell all of the love that has poured in was instigated by that and is honored through it thank you so so much!

posted by Kate Ferguson 10 months ago

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Dave Milligan

9 months ago


Plse provide this money either for further Smiley care, or give directly to Todd; someone need to talk to Todd's boss and get him his job back.



Ray Cotton

10 months ago



Stacey Buchanan

10 months ago


I know you have reached your fund raising goal but I still wanted to contribute to help Todd with aftercare.




10 months ago




10 months ago



Cindy Jimenez

10 months ago


Get Well Smiley



Lupe Fern

10 months ago


Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our frinds, the animals, especially for those who are suffering; for any that are lost or deserted or frightened or hungry. We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them, we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful. AMEN.....Todd you are a beautiful person, God Bless You!



Hilario Cordero

10 months ago


Hi Smiley, Hope your surgery goes well!! "Live long and prosper" Larry



Samuel Utt

10 months ago


Get well Smiley!!!!



Lee Ann Evans

10 months ago


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