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Aya "Papaya" Nakano was born June 13, 1990. He grew up in Northern California surrounded by families and friends. He always had a friendly disposition, an easy smile and a joke or ret... more


Updated posted by Troy Aquino 12 months ago

Hello everyone, I just want to send a note that we have reached the goal amount for the reward fund and will continue to keep this open for now.

My family and I are thankful for your support - not just for the monetary donations - but for the emotional support as well. These past weeks had been such an emotional  roller coaster (as many of you can attest to as well) as random memories comes into mind that made me both smile and cry: 

- To the little boy I called "cable guy" as he ran around the basketball court. Showing his passion for the game even at a young age despite the fact he was bad at it (but who wasn't at that age)

- His constant request to "can you get me that Pokemon packet" along with his other cousins as they build their Pokemon  card collections

- For the Christmas and birthday celebrations and his constant: "whatcha ya get me uncle Totot" to his "I got you something EXPENSIVE, uncle Totot..." 

-  For his messy room - "watcha talking about, I just cleaned it" but you can still see Cow's (their bulldog) drool on the floor and sometimes bed cover

- To his open mouth when he plays video games... Or open mouth when he sleeps... Which I often joked around with him he will never sleep on my bed, let alone borrow one of my pillows...

- To my surprise when all of a sudden he had a driver's license: "really, Aya, the state of CA gave you a license?" To my luck he didn't know how to drive a stick so he never got to drive my car

- To Aya being beet red in Maui for the wedding bec. he got sunburned

- To Aya graduating from Sacred Heart and then graduating at UO

- Aya Sleeping on my couch

- To Aya playing with my son Marco, his 4 year old cousin or his other 4 year old cousin Sofi whom he's always been protective of...

- for his love to Maria and Jean and his immediate families and friends

- most of all for that smile that causes his eyes to just disappear... For that smile, when telling a joke... For that smile, when he's genuinely glad to see you... For that smile he had since the day I first met him, to the last one I saw him make when he left my house a couple of weeks before he passed away...

To his circle of friends (and your respective families), thank you seem inadequate words to describe the appreciation my family and I have to each and everyone of you. But for lack of better words, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing with us who Aya is as a man. Your stories and love for Aya has been a soothing balm for us. You see (at least for me), I only knew Aya as a nephew. Though he has grown to be a man, I see him as a fun loving kid still... And he will remain so in my mind and in my heart.

To those soulless creatures who took Aya away... One day justice will prevail and as I do not count myself divine, forgiveness is far from my thoughts and the dream of your incarceration or worse will soon come to pass.

To Aya the cable guy, as time heals all wounds (as the saying goes) and the pain subsides, the love I know will remain. And one day- which I hope to God that I am a good enough of a person to be allowed in Heaven where you are and those loved ones that have gone before - I will see you again. Maybe we can finally have that righteous drinking binge we had talked about but never got the chance to do...

from your Uncle Totot, Auntie Connie, Marco and Rocco.... We will always love you and keep you in our hearts. 



Updated posted by Troy Aquino 12 months ago

Aya's friends will be holding a benefit / memorial to celebrate his birthday that they intended on having before he was taken from us.

Below is a link and some info:


On July 13th, join us for a belated birthday celebration for Our Man, Aya Nakano. We've lost a great guy, a loyal friend, a solid point guard, and an unbeatable smile, but we've had the opportunity to carry on his legacy of family, friends, and a love"“life attitude. As we all know, Aya never said no to a good time, so it's appropriate to throw a supreme celebration in his honor.

- Nick O.


Created by Troy Aquino on June 15, 2013

Aya "Papaya" Nakano was born June 13, 1990. He grew up in Northern California surrounded by families and friends. He always had a friendly disposition, an easy smile and a joke or retort waiting to say.

To his Moms, he was an only child whom they loved dearly. Always teaching, guiding, and in some occasions (as all mothers are entitled to) nagging him when necessary.

To his relatives, he was always a source of fun. Easy to get along with and great to have around. Sometimes the butt of the jokes or the one dishing it out.

To his friends, he became part of their family. An additional brother you enjoy having around. A loyal friend.

On June 12 his car was rear ended on the way home from a game of pick up basketball. As a good person, he got out of the car to asses the damage and exchange information. Two men got out of the other car... one of the men pulled a gun and shot him. Aya died on the scene of the accident an hour before his 23rd birthday.

The cowards that shot him ran and boarded their car - a silver, four door sedan.

An investigation is under way. In the hopes that a witness will come forward, we are extending a reward that will lead to the arrest of the culprits. We appreciate any donation you can spare to be added to that reward.

Thank you for your support, and for your mutual love for Aya.

Aquino Family
Climaco Family
Nakano Family


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Rip aya

posted by Alfreda Swygert 10 months ago

I have just found out what happened and I am shocked. I didn't know Aya personally, but played with him during the pick-up games. He was the guy you want to have on your team, always smiling, always very positive, a great player, great character and a great guy. My thoughts are with you, Aya. Rest in peace, bro.

posted by Nash Myakosh 12 months ago

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Joey Toboni

12 days ago


In Honor of Paul Toboni In Memory of AYA



kenji matsui

10 months ago


It was really sad news. For Aya, we, all need to find what happen and need to find suspect.




11 months ago



Kathryn Yee

12 months ago




12 months ago



Kotin Family

12 months ago


Aya was a great guy, always fun to be around and quick to crack jokes. His presence is sorely missed.




12 months ago




12 months ago



Maire Lanigan

12 months ago


My deepest sympathies to Maria Climaco and the family. You are loved dearly.



Climaco Family Modesto

12 months ago


For our loving Aya. We miss you.


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