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My name is Dr. Amie Breeze Harper and I am the founder of the Sistah Vegan Project. ( ). Thank you for those who helped me reach 4.5% of my $80,000 goal over th... more


Updated posted by A. Breeze Harper 4 months ago

Hi Sistah Vegan Supporters,

I just wanted to let you know that I have raised $3,767 of my $80k goal. I truly appreciate the donations, however, since July, monetary help has slowed down significantly. At this point, it is hard to reach the many goals outlined for the Sistah Vegan Project. I wanted to clarify that even though I am now a Research Fellow at UC Davis, it is non-paying. However, I have access to library services and an intellectual community to help me with Sistah Vegan writing projects. Basically, I am at the point in my creative and writing life and bring even bigger and better things to you, through Sistah Vegan. However, at this point, I simply can't sustain myself or the projects without a salary. The biggest challenge is finding childcare for my 3 preschool age babies. Being able to afford 30 hours a week of childcare means I am able to do dedicate 30 hours a week to Sistah Vegan. Over the past fall, I have received a lot of emails from people, asking for my help, ranging from instructions on eating healthy for vegan during pregnancy, to helping to create a critical race and food studies syllabus, to advice for a whiteness studies reading list and more. Even though I enjoy this, I can't financially sustain myself or achieve the overall goals of Sistah Vegan.

Below, is one of these goals in which I will be working with an academic press ( I will reveal the name once the contract they mailed me is received and signed) to be published for end of 2015.

Please help contribute what you can so I can complete the below project.

Book Project II

“Living Bling, Going Green”: Redefining Black ‘Masculinities’ Through Hip Hop and Veganism

Introduction (draft)

Meat eating in American society has been equated with being a true man for centuries; vegetarianism and veganism have been equated with femininity (Adams 1990; Potts 2010). However over the past five years, there has been a strong emergence of males promoting veganism and vegetarianism in the USA as a ‘better’ way of being masculine or a man. Though not part of the mainstream media depictions of veganism and vegetarianism, the Black vegan Hip Hop movement reflects such alternative masculinities. How does the Black vegan Hip Hop movement offer different ways of consuming, as well as being a ‘real’ man, from race-conscious, decolonial, and health activist points of view? How do prominent Black male Hip Hop vegans use Hip Hop to teach how food and health have been negatively shaped by corporate capitalism and a meat-centered industrialized food system?; both which are seen as detrimental to, and non-sustainable for, people of color?

This book will be about how veganism is being reshaped and reformulated through ‘race-conscious’ Black American men of the Hip Hop generation. What makes this book project unique is that mainstream vegetarian/vegan philosophies are usually represented through a white and middle class ‘post-racial’ and animal-rights oriented framework (Harper 2013); missing from this mainstream framework is the significance of how racism, whiteness, and colonialism deeply impact everyone’s relationship to, and construction of, veganism. Alternatively, Black vegan Hip Hop activists collectively engage in consumption from a ‘race-conscious’ and human-health perspective first, educating and mobilizing people of color about health disparities caused by corporate capitalism and legacies of colonialism (i.e. environmental and institutional racisms).

Methods I will be employing are narrative research (i.e. personally narrated histories of the subjects) and discursive analysis of popular Hip Hop vegan media (i.e. books, music videos, and songs). Methodologies used will most likely be drawn from the canons of critical race and decolonial studies. These canons suggest that racism and colonialism have, and continue to organize, power, resources, as well as shape the collective consciousness of the global North, including how one consumes.


Updated posted by A. Breeze Harper 7 months ago

The Sistah Vegan Web Conference is in less than 24 hours. "Embodied and Critical Perspectives on Veganism by Black Women and Allies." If you have not registered for it already, please do so at . If you can't afford the entire fee, I can offer 50% fee remission if you tell me why you want to attend and your financial situation. Email me at sistahvegan (at) gmail (dot) com to explore that option.


Updated posted by A. Breeze Harper 8 months ago

Conference News and Is Decolonial Veganism possible? And update on Sistah Vegan Project.


Conference News

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Created by A. Breeze Harper on May 30, 2013

My name is Dr. Amie Breeze Harper and I am the founder of the Sistah Vegan Project. ( ). Thank you for those who helped me reach 4.5% of my $80,000 goal over the past 2 months. Your donation moves us forward to transforming the Sistah Vegan Project into into an official non-profit organization as well as function as my full time work. I hope to achieve my fundraising goal by July 2, 2014.

Goals we hope to achieve:

• Create yearly Sistah Vegan Healing Conference/Retreat for females of color and allies. This event would enable us to share knowledge and build our leadership skills around plant-based dietary philosophies, but rooted in anti-racism, decolonial activism, and animal compassion that reflect the collective needs of females of color. You can register for the first WEB conference, titled "Embodied and Critical Perspectives on Veganism by Black Women and Allies", scheduled for September 14, 2013. Click here to view speaker line up and to register.

• Investigate and report how USA plant-based dietary philosophies and animal compassion are impacted by racial/ethnic experience.

• Provide webinars and workshops that teach about plant-based dietary philosophies with special emphasis on cultural, racial, ethnic identity in the USA. For example, a workshop about becoming vegan that acknowledges the realities of how racial health disparities and environmental racism significantly impact food access and knowledge of low-income communities of color. Currently, I am offering a downloadable webinar about Vegan Pregnancy and Lactation Nutrition, which can be found here . We also have an upcoming Recipes for Racial Tension Headaches, which fuses nutritional healing and anti-racism to help eat in a way that strengthens our bodies against the physical and emotional stresses of racism. You can learn more by clicking here.

• Publishing scientifically based online materials about plant-based nutrition and health for varying demographics; especially for preschool age children as well as pregnant and lactating girls and women.

• Publish 2 seminal media projects that investigate alternative black masculinities within the sphere of vegan food politics:
1) Brotha Vegan! Black Male Vegans Speak On Food, Identity, Health, and Society. This would be an anthology collection similar to Sistah Vegan.

2) "Living Bling, Going Green": Alternative Black Masculinities, Hip Hop Eco-Consciousness, and Decolonial Vegan Nutrition. This would be a social-science based book which will investigate how plant-based philosophies are being reshaped and reformulated by Black men of the hip hop generation. How do they engage pedagogies of hip-hop, educating and mobilizing people of color about health disparities, as well as environmental and institutional racism, and animal cruelty? UPDATE: as of June 25 2013, a major academic press is thrilled about my proposal, and with a few minor alterations, and have stated that they will almost definitely offer me an advanced contract to write the book.

• Create Android and Apple smartphone apps and media that help you make more informed decisions about food, health, social justice, and eco-sustainability.

I ask you for your help to make this non-profit possible. The primary resources I need are monetary and would be used for the following:

A Social Media Intern. I would be seeking the help of a part-time social media intern who knows how to use the latest social media apps. Duties would include promoting the book Sistah Vegan and notifying people about my new speaking events and blog posts. Ideally, I would want to pay this intern, but would need to do it through donations. This would be a tele-commuting position.

An Android and IOS 5 App Programming Intern. I would need funding for a smartphone app programming intern who can create apps and digital media for our organization.

Public Speaking and Events Coordinator Intern. The bulk of my income comes from speaking engagements in which I receive an honorarium. However, thus far, Sistah Vegan Project is a one woman show. I have two pre-school age children and inadequate child-care help and have only been able to secure several speaking gigs each year. I simply do not have enough time to take care of my babies and actively search and network the numerous possibilities out there for public speaking. What I need is an intern who can promote my work to universities, businesses, and non-profits, in a concise and creative way, so these organizations can hire me to talk about 2-3x month. Ideally, I would want to pay this intern, but would need to do it through donations. This would be a tele-commuting position.

Resources and Funding for Travel to Conferences and Workshops. Over the past few years, I have been unable to attend numerous conferences because of registration and travel fees associated with them; in addition, I would have had to leave my babies at home and pay for childcare (which is so expensive, I just opt to stay home). For example, I am hoping to be accepted to the Interrogating Critical Studies of Whiteness Conference at Trier University in Germany, which takes place this summer. However, the plane ticket alone during 'high' season for traveling is $1600. Conferences are spaces in which I can share the social justice research of the Sistah Vegan Project as well as learn about new ideas and methods to strengthen the work that I do. I see financial donations or plane miles to help with such expenses.

Visiting Scholar Fees. Because I was not offered any type of academic position this year, I no longer have access to resources of a university: office space, scholarly community collaboration, auditing classes, online library services, etc. I will be applying to be a 'visiting scholar' at several local universities in my area. What this means is that I will have the resources I need to do my Sistah Vegan Project work. However, I would have to pay the university about $500 in 'fees' to be a 'visiting scholar'.

501 C 3 Non-Profit Status. For 2013, I want to turn Sistah Vegan Project into an official non-profit. Fees accompanied with this transition are about $350.

Board Members. Once we are an official non-profit, I will be inviting candidates to send me a CV and short cover letter about why they would like to be part of the board. I will be seeking about 4 or 5 board members. At this point, board members will be volunteer.

Technology Costs. From Wordpress Pro, to Vimeo Plus, to Comcast Cable Internet subscription, to Cisco WebEx, the Sistah Vegan Project relies on internet technologies as our primary method of educational outreach. However, these technology services are pricey and we seek donations that can help cover these costs.

Peer Reviewed Journal. Lastly, I envision us releasing a Critical Race and Vegan Studies journal twice a year.

My goal by July 1, 2014 is to raise $80,000. This fundraising goal would provide enough money so I can work on the Sistah Vegan Project at a salary that is equivalent to want I need to pay for day-care, my rent, utilities, student loans, food, etc, as well as offer modest compensation to part-time temporary interns. I have been doing this work for years, and as much as I enjoy it, I can no longer do it for free. If you enjoy the work I have done, if it has helped you, your organization, your students, your family, etc, and you want to see it go to the next level of a non-profit social justice organization, please contribute what you can.


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