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UPDATE BELOW! My sweet 10 year old pup Luka was stabbed and slashed yesterday when she got out of our yard. She approached a man walking his 2 dogs, and he claims she "attacked" his do... more


Updated posted by Caitlin Cahill 11 months ago

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know how well our girl is doing :) She got her stitches out this week and is looking great. We took her to the original vet who performed the surgery, who was so happy to see Luka...and Luka was very happy to see the doc as well! She gave Dr. K lots of kisses and was a good girl while getting her stitches removed. She still has some areas of swelling but Dr. K says it's from internal sutures that will dissolve in time. She said she was very impressed with how well Luka is healing up.

No updates on the legal stuff yet, we go to court on May 20th to fight the "vicious dog" citation. Keep us in your thoughts that day!



Updated posted by Caitlin Cahill 11 months ago

Getting a little healing Reiki session from my mom's kind friend Ryoko :)



Updated posted by Caitlin Cahill 11 months ago

(Part 2)
I emailed him and made him change a line about how we were "threatening" legal action. We said we were seeking legal advice about the citation we received. Basically he generally misquoted us. He didn't write anything we said down, paraphrased whole parts of conversations into one sentence, and claims that he records his interviews and cross checks. Why didn't he have a tape recorder with him? If he did, he would have printed that our main sentiment was we wanted to put all this behind us and help Luka get better. That it was a series of unfortunate events. That we understood but didn't agree.

He also asked to publish pictures of Luka's wounds, and we said absolutely not. We said specifically that we didn't want to sensationalize the story. So he went and got a picture of the other man smiling with his dog for the front page and wrote a piece about how pit bulls are vicious.

If you want to take a look at the article, it's here:

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Created by Caitlin Cahill on April 22, 2013


My sweet 10 year old pup Luka was stabbed and slashed yesterday when she got out of our yard. She approached a man walking his 2 dogs, and he claims she "attacked" his dog. I have had Luka since she was 5 months old, and she has never harmed a dog or a person in her life. The police report the man filed states that his dogs had NO injuries, and the emergency vet told the police that there was no way my dog was trying to harm the other dog. She was doing what most female dogs do, trying to hold down the other dog who was being aggressive. The man then stabbed her twice in her left side, and slashed her throat 9 inches long and 4 inches deep.

She spent the night at the emergency vet after spending about 4 hours in surgery, and we brought her home this morning. Miraculously, the stab wounds missed her vital organs, and the slash wound didn't get her artery. But she still has a long recovery ahead of dog deserves to be brutally assaulted like this.

We are legally probably not going to be able to get this man to pay for what he did, since according to the law she was off the leash (which even though what happened was not right, there's nothing we can do about it), including her emergency vet bill. But in the meantime we need to pay her bills. Any help is much appreciated :) We just want our baby to get better and put all this behind us.


So, Animal Control officers just left the house. They came to cite us for 2 offenses. The first, having a dog off a leash, I completely understand. That one is $168. The other, however, is "keeping a vicious dog". The officers said they did not want to give us the ticket but the city of Mount Pleasant said they had to. The fine is $1092.00. We have a court date next month. I am going to contact the veterinarian that took care of Luka on Sunday night, she said she would be happy to give testimony as to Luka's temperament, as she was appalled that this would even happen. If we don't have the citation overturned, the officers said the judge would probably tell us that we had to have the dog leave the town of Mount Pleasant.

My new goal is to cover the fine (if we end up having to pay it-we are going to fight the charge). I'm not sure if there will be other court fees or if we are hiring a lawyer, which any funds that we receive over our goal will go towards. Having a record of being a documented "vicious dog" is completely ridiculous and absurd for our girl.

•••Thank you everyone for your support so far! We are amazed at all the love Luka and we have gotten <3 Please continue to share our page with your friends, we really appreciate all of your help!•••

At the vet after surgery.
Slash wound on her neck. The vet said it was 4 inches deep.

2 stab wounds on her left side.

••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
REWARD LEVEL! Artist Joanna Jackson has donated one of her paintings to Luka's fund :) Her message:

"So, I don't know how to post this to Luka Love, and I don't have the money to give at the moment, but i'm horrified by this. So, i'm donating this painting. The first person who gives $300 will get this painting. Yes, I know it's a cat, but I don't have any dog portraits, and really, anyone who has a cat or dog, loves them as their child and can only imagine how they would feel if their own pet went through this. So, I hope this helps in some way! My thoughts are with her anyways! Let me know who gets it."
18"x24" acrylic by Joanna Jackson (

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I am the owner of a pittie and I am just so sad about this whole situation.... My Cali looks alot like Luka. Prayers to your baby girl.

posted by Michele Wilkins 11 months ago

We are thinking good thoughts for Luka. Please keep us posted on her recovery and your legal battles. We don't have much financially to offer, but we will offer any other kind of support you need! My family knows well how people can react to certain breeds of dogs. We have Rottweilers ( who are big goofy lapdogs!) and we/they are often regarded with fear and suspicion. I hope that man gets what he deserves, one way or another, and that you and your family have the peace and love that you deserve!

posted by Madelyne McCarl Adams 11 months ago

Thats the problem in this country. People think they have the right to carry weapons on them and just claim "self defense". This attack was brutal and had nothing to do with self defense. He slashed her throat 4inches deep and 9 inches wide. Luka lived nextdoor to me in Brooklyn for a year or so and was always friendly and sweet. Had this happened in NY that scumbag would have been arrested for carrying that knife and rightfully so. Get better Luka - Sam and I send our love!

posted by Agnes Marie 11 months ago

How is the guy not in trouble at all for carrying an illegal knife? I know that people are biased against pit bulls but still...

posted by Krista Futch 12 months ago

I"m praying for your dog. Now as to Sandi Zuppa- what a silly question. People carry knives for protection in this country and (when they have a legal permit) sometimes carry guns. What country are you from?

posted by James Comer 12 months ago

Why did this man have a knife on him!! OMG poor baby!! God Bless Luka, she is a strong lady!! xoxo

posted by Sandi Zuppa Rizzolo 12 months ago

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11 months ago



Sam Lane

11 months ago


Sorry to see this Caitlin, no way you can do the guy for the weapon he was carrying?



charlie callison

11 months ago


get well soon Luka!



Agnes Marie

11 months ago


I lived next door to Luka for over a year here in New York and she was nothing but friendly and so very sweet. If she wanted to hurt that mans dog, she would have - but the other dog sustained not even a scratch. That "man" should be arrested for the barbaric attack, carrying such a knife and pay for Luka's recovery. Were sending you lots of love from New York!



Summer Speaks

11 months ago



Kim Ryan

11 months ago


As the owner of a 5 year old rescue pit-mix, Sully, I know how loving and affectionate they are. Please share with us the court date so we can come support you and your four-legged family!! For anyone needing a little education, check out the documentary Beyond the Myth & get over all these stereotypes people! Please give her lots of hugs and love from Sully & me!



Boris Khavronin

11 months ago



Trey Eaddy

11 months ago


My prayers for a speedy recovery!



John Veon

11 months ago


Best of luck to all. Know that we are pulling for you!



Valerie McDonough

11 months ago


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