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Updated posted by Jennifer Lanier 7 months ago

It has been a tough day for the Haase-Lanier family. Dustina and I went back to sleep after sending the boys off to school and awoke again to the smell of smoke. I found a fire raging in our kitchen, yelled for Dustina to get out, called 911, got the dog and ran outside. The fire dept was there in a few minutes and put it out but the smoke damage was intense.
The management is working on another ADA compliant apartment for us and the Red Cross got us a hotel for a couple of nights. We are ok but shaken.
Please, send some of your loving light our way. We are so blessed with this family of friends. Thanks for all of your help in the coming days.
Dustina and Jennifer



Updated posted by Jennifer Lanier 10 months ago

Last night's Benefit for Princess Pride Dustina was an amazing success! The staff at Tiger Lily Restaurant and Bar in Vancouver WA was fantastic and patient.
The Poetry Slam started off the evening, a celebration of words, rhyme and rhythm from youthful poets that excited the crowd! Love me some Triple Point. Super Queer hankies were given to the finalists. Keep writing, poets...there will be more.
The benefit performances were in the Metro for sure! Thanks to Ivory Cox for her surprise appearance and no hair; to Max & Moana Storm (y'all give good support); Kitty KariAll, meow!; Slylyka Foxx, giving good Winona and clipper love; Annie Vergnetti for a beautiful song and for joining Team Dustina on the Cue Ball Crew; Kellie for being a new Crew member (they both shaved their heads for the benefit. ..mad ovaries for that one, grrls! Thanks to Tommie Girl, Richard, Emilio, Rasha, Sir Awesome (all the way from Tacoma), Johnny O (magic pants!) , Belinda Carroll (got your funny on); Bettie Monroe, and Poppy Beaverhausen ; DJ & Darius selling raffle tickets and dealing with being up late without crankiness; Mom Dianna for beautiful raffle prizes and all the Avon action (and care packages: love you, Mom); Mikey Ford running the sound & making Bruce push his gender-markers by Shotgunning "Love Me Like a Man"; Jackie Stone for the use of the hall and donating some of the drink proceeds; and everyone whose donations big and small (over $104 in change!) added up to an incredible $1178.91 for the night! We are moving rapidly to our goal with everyone's help.
Y'all are all a beautiful, loving, generous community. Thank you from Dustina (working the hats & headbands!), thank you from Bruce (available to perform anywhere, anytime!), and thank you from me. I love you madly!


Love my family!


Updated posted by Jennifer Lanier 10 months ago

Hi beautiful people,
A reminder for folks in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area: the benefit for Dustina, the Princess Pride Benefit will be on Wednesday, June 5th (next week) at the Tiger Lily Restaurant and Bar in Vancouver WA. Show starts at 8pm. Bruce TD King will be your emcee. There will be great performers, raffle items, and of course the terrific food & cocktails that Tiger Lily is known for. Look for the special "Dustina Cocktail!" Can't wait to see you!


The Vancouver Gay Prides #3

HIRH Princess 36 Dustina

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Created by Jennifer Lanier on April 19, 2013

My beautiful wife, Dustina (on the right), is one of most generous, open-hearted people I have ever known. She is an amazing woman, a beautiful picture of victim to survivor to activist. For 14 years, she has been working for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as an advocate, as a trainer of advocates, and as a speaker at many regional and national conferences. And now, this tireless fighter needs help in fighting a completely different battle. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

At a conference in late 2010, Dustina began to notice that she was having difficulty walking and standing for long periods of time. Her left leg would stop working for no apparent reason. A few months later, in one terrifying week, she lost 70% of her vision and had to have emergency sheath fenestration of her optical nerve. But the pressure in her brain continued to build. She was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri and discovered to have a chiari malformation of her brain. After 19 spinal taps to relieve the pressure, she had surgery to implant a stent in her brain to drain off the excess spinal fluid. As she recovered from that surgery, her ability to walk became more impaired. First, she could only walk as far as the living room to the kitchen, then only from the bed to the bathroom. A walker helped briefly but then her arms and hands started losing strength. She began to use a wheelchair sometimes, then half of the time, and by summer of 2012, full time. But, the medical team that she worked with was determined to find the underlying causes and that was enough to keep hope alive.

February 2013, without any notice, Dustina's employer eliminated her position and the subsequent loss of health insurance meant the loss of access to the medical team. At her last visit before the insurance ran out, her neurologist recommended that the Mayo Clinic was the next logical step. She would even advocate for Dustina to receive an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment without charge through a special program.

But even with their services pro bono, a trip to the Mayo Clinic means other expenses: travel there and back; lodging during the stay; food; and as I would have to go with her as an aide, the expenses of home for a month (rent, utilities, insurance for our accessible van). We have gone through all of our savings already covering medical bills and prescriptions. We do not know what you can do but any help you can give will be greatly appreciated and any funds raised that we do not end up needing will be donated to the domestic violence shelter where Dustina first went as a client and later worked in as an advocate. Thank you so much for opening your heart and reading this.

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Oh my geez, my poor ladies! I'm sending positive generating thoughts your way!! Hugs!

posted by Kay Long 7 months ago

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