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Patrick and Jessica Downes are newlyweds who were enjoying Patriot Day in Boston while viewing the Boston Marathon.  As our community and Nation watched in horror these amazing young cou... more


Updated posted by Leslie Kelly 10 months ago

A Note from Jessica and Patrick

Written Jun 7, 2013 2:51pm

A note from Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes

During the past several weeks, as we struggled through the initial days after the Boston Marathon attacks and then began the long road to recovery, we have known every moment that we are blessed with enormous support. While preparing this note of gratitude, we realized that there are simply no words adequate to express how we feel. But we will try.

Though the enormity of the tragedy that befell our beloved city took precious lives, harmed hundreds, and irrevocably changed our collective future, this reality is offset by the outpouring of kindness, generosity, and love. At a time when it would be easy to despair, we have chosen faith and hope. Each of you has played a role in that.

Our families never contemplated being called upon to help us recover from something like this. Individually and collectively they have been at our side for both the mundane and the momentous. They are a source of stability in a world turned upside down. We know that whatever the future holds, our family has become stronger and will persevere. Thank you to all of you; we love you.

At the same time that the very worst was occurring, countless acts of selfless behavior took place on Boylston Street. We have survived because of strangers who placed the health and safety of those injured above their own and the first responders who moved quickly to place us in the hands of the best hospitals in the world. Thank you to each of you; we will never forget what you did for us.

Our personal experience as patients has deepened our appreciation for those who have helped us make it to this point. The combined expertise and caring of the staffs of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Boston Medical Center are without peer. Their strengths, recognized around the world, were equaled by their many acts of daily compassion. While dealing with the personal nature of the attack that occurred to Boston, our caretakers continued to dedicate themselves to the preservation of life. Thank you to our caregivers; you have helped heal our bodies and our hearts.

Generosity and support have flowed from people who have known us all of our lives to those whom we have yet to meet. From the overwhelming financial generosity to the countless messages of inspiration, there is evidence at every turn that we are not alone. Thank you; you have lifted our spirits.

The last several weeks have been difficult and the road ahead remains uncertain. Our physical recovery will take many months and it is hard to see beyond that at this time. We appreciate that you have respected our need to heal. Though this has been a very public tragedy, our recovery is personal and private at this time.

We can, however, share with you how happy we are to finally be together at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where compassionate, expert care continues to help us prepare for our future. Loving each other as we do, we are committed to each other’s recovery and renewal.

Our deepest gratitude,

Jessica and Patrick


Updated posted by Leslie Kelly 11 months ago

Update: Patrick and Jessica are starting rehab together in the SAME facility!

I am sending the check from this fund to them TODAY!
Thank you from the bottom of my HEART for all the compassionate, supportive, and encouraging words... the prayers for healing and strength... and the contributions that will immediately relieve the financial impact of this tragedy for Patrick and Jess.
Each of you have made a difference by contributing, and the impact as a whole has been priceless!

With Warmest Regards,

Leslie Kelly


Updated posted by Leslie Kelly 11 months ago


Jessica and Patrick are DONE with surgeries!!! The grafts have been successful and the wounds are healing! Thank you for all those prayers!! In the next week they will go into the rehabilitation phase of their recovery!
Their families continue to walk this daily path with each of them and as a whole they have provided each other with strength, courage, and optimism.
A big part of this site, the Brown family, have traveled from California to visit the Kensky family over the Mother's Day weekend . I hope the company is uplifting and comforting for them.


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Created by Leslie Kelly on April 17, 2013

Patrick and Jessica Downes are newlyweds who were enjoying Patriot Day in Boston while viewing the Boston Marathon.  As our community and Nation watched in horror these amazing young couple were in the epicenter.  Both Patrick and Jessica have suffered major injuries and have a long road to recovery ahead of them.  Jessica had another surgery this morning. 

The two of them were taken to different hospitals, and because of the extent of their injuries can not be together.  Please pray for these families (Kensky/Downes) and help with a donation if possible. 
Thank you, and I will write updates on their progress!

An Account at Wells Fargo has also been set up if anyone prefers to go directly to the bank.  Donations will be accepted nationwide Patrick and Jessica Downes Recovery Fund.


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Patrick and Jessica I hope you're recovery is going well. I know the privacy is important but everyone who saw what happened to you two is still hoping and praying you get to bounce back from everything you two have been through. The hardest part must have been going through it all away from each other. The angels at the two hospitals that got you two together for date night are the best of what modern medicine has to offer. You can't heal the physical without the emotional.

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 10 months ago

My thoughts and prayers go out to both of you daily. Although I have never meet you I know Katy and Sarah and have heard what wonderful people you both are. Please know all of us in Sacramento are thinking of you and appreciate the updates. My love to you both and your families!

posted by Stacie Miller-Davis 11 months ago

Jess & Patrick - From the University of Arizona Sacramento Alumni Chapter all of our thoughts and prayers are with you. We wish you two the very best in your recovery. We are proud that you once called Sacramento home and are forever a Wildcat. If you are ever in Sacramento we would love to me you. -SactownCats

posted by Joey Joyce 11 months ago

This page was set up before we were aware of the other fund. My family has known the Kensky family for over twenty years, and we as well as other California friends were wondering how to help. Every dollar will be given to Patrick and Jessica to use as they see fit as they navigate their recovery and future. Many of our friends have donated with compassion and kindness and we will be making a book of all the messages to send to Jessica's family. My husband has been in contact with Jess's Dad daily. I hope this addresses your concerns. Sincerely, Leslie Kelly

posted by Leslie Kelly 12 months ago

How come there are 2 pages? draiser/ygf1/helpforpatandjess

posted by Courtney Griggs 12 months ago

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theresa coughlin

7 months ago


As a nurse and runner, I was compelled to help in any way possible. My husband and I were married this past August, and in lieu of favors and flower centerpieces, we told guests we would be donating to this beautiful couple as they also celebrate their one year anniversary of marriage. You both are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Casey and Theresa Duggan



C. Hoffman

8 months ago


Sending 'Panhellenic love' from a Theta in San Diego.



Renee Landry

10 months ago


A Bride, Kim Mirabella, donated this with love to you.



Dr.and Mrs Chip Kulick

10 months ago


Family friends of neighbor Matt Burwell. Our prayers and thoughts are with all who were injured.



Patrick Cook

10 months ago


Proud to donate on behalf of the Middlesex Community College Foundation in Lowell/Bedford. Here's hoping for a productive rehabilitation!




10 months ago



James Burlington

10 months ago


God bless you, Patrick and Jessica



Betsy Voelker

10 months ago


Sending love and concern from a long-time admirer! Jess - you were a beautiful baby and you're an even more beautiful and inspiring young woman!




11 months ago


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