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This page is to benefit any costs the Malave family might acquire during this difficult time. I am doing this as a long time friend of the family. Due to a horrific accident while in F... more


Updated posted by Daniel Rinaldi 11 months ago

Hey Everyone This is my first time writing on this since I opened the page about a month ago now. I am so amazed by how people can come together and help a family in need. That regardless of your own situation you can give to others because in your hearts you feel for them. I spoke to Hilda last night on the phone and it was lovely to hear her voice and hear the strength in her voice. I want to make sure to keep their personal space private, but I want all of you to know that have been asking that they are now on the road to recovery and healing. So please keep them in your prayers and in your hearts. Please continue to share and donate and help this page reach new heights. Once again I thank you all so much for all the hard work you have done.


Created by Daniel Rinaldi on April 1, 2013

This page is to benefit any costs the Malave family might acquire during this difficult time. I am doing this as a long time friend of the family. Due to a horrific accident while in Florida the family suffered one tragic untimely death of a child their son , and the rest of the family Mother Father and two sisters all injured needing surgeries. They will have many medical and funeral costs ahead and I hope I can reach out to all of you and help this lovely family any way possible. Thank you so much ahead of time for all your help and love in this difficult time.

Here is a link to the first news story of the crash :

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I think about your family all the time. I can't get your faces out of my heart aches for you all and for your sweet boy. I am so sorry for your loss. That was a terrible accident that will never be understood. I am so sorry.

posted by Stacy Siegel Grimm 10 months ago

Words can't describe the sadness we have for your family. We were in the car immediately behind your van that terrible morning. If you need anything at all feel free to reach me at (513)477-9343. Our thought and prayers are with you.

posted by Nick Grimm 10 months ago

Any update on the family? Is there any way we can help back here in CP other than continuing to donate? Checking on their home, mowing the grass, pets, etc?

posted by Michele Kilcommons 11 months ago

I will always remember you Cris you were my bestfriend. we will do everything we can to support your family.

posted by Kelli Langenberg 12 months ago

Even though i wasnt close to the family, ive seen them all around college point since i was younger, whether it was at st fidelis church or at a dance class. Prayers go out to the family and i pray for a quick and healthy recovery. In a time like this , money should be the last worry, its great to see the whole town get together to help in every way possible.

posted by Jennifer Cortez 12 months ago

The words can't describe how I felt when I first heard the news. I cried for days. There is nothing you can say to make this situation better. I only pray and wish for God to give Hilda and her family strength to get thru this horrible ordeal as best as they can.

posted by Alina Coleman 12 months ago

My heart hurts for this family. Sorry for your loss.

posted by Evelina Diaz-Brennan 12 months ago

The Malave Family may God strengthen you when weak, stay strong much love praying for family.

posted by Fred Pyatt 12 months ago

We only knew cristian for a short time but i can never forget his smile and will forever miss it. RIP. Wish for a fast recovery for the rest of the family.

posted by Anju Mehra 12 months ago

this people, that are hurt so Beadle are my neighbors , my hart hurts for them , my prayers, an wishes of fast recovery ,we sen love and more from College Point NY

posted by Maria Grossman 12 months ago

Our Prayers are with our Brother Knight and his family at this time. I am so proud of our community (College Point) for all that they are doing for this family. Please keep them in your prayers, they have a long road to travel. God Bless you all !!

posted by Brian O'Keefe 12 months ago

I am so proud of College Point and the businesses that have donated. Keep sharing the link... it may seem like a lot of money to some but it's not when you consider the long road ahead financially, physically and emotionally. Keep praying for this very special family.

posted by Michele Kilcommons 12 months ago

Our Prayers are with this family at this very hard time. We will be spreading our prayers thru Ridgefield New Jersey. Hopefully we can get some donations from families in New Jersey as every bit helps!! God Bless you all!!

posted by Elaine Cumella 12 months ago

Thank you Arleen for keeping us posted. Everybody keeps praying and wishes them fast recovery. Tell them that whole College Point is thinking about them. If you need us to do anything, please don't hesitate to ask. Everybody is more than willing to help.

posted by Tanja Sormilic 12 months ago

As me and him knows that we are not friends at all ,he had tell jokes and make fun...But now the jokes and fun times are goon ,"If you pray more to Jesus and really belief in him...everything will be normal if you do that". Everyone need to face the right line to go through it.

posted by Kaity Rong 12 months ago

You are a strong family. Yes the there will be tough days ahead. I can only pray that you get through each one as it comes. I lost my son 19 years at the age of 10 so I can truly say I feel some of what you and the family are going through. Our lives are tested everyday, the the loss of a child has to the worst for all of us no matter how old they are. Please send the Carlos, Hilda Aly and Melissa my love and support. Please let them know that I am here for them when and if they would like to talk. Just feeling so sad for all of you tonight. I know the money will never heal the pain but hope it will give them one less issue to deal with the expenses that will occur. Love and prayers to all of you.

posted by Lori Sorrentino Rinaldi 12 months ago

You are all in my thoughts. I am also part of your community and know what lies ahead of you with the death of your child (I lost my 16yr old daughter 2yrs ago). Please know you can contact me anytime on fb if you need help or just want to vent. I wouldnt have made it this far without others that really understand.

posted by Laura Buccellato 12 months ago

The link below tells you about the family and the tragic events that have happen to them. In the article it talks about all you and really how all of your donations and support is simply a amazing thing. This wonderful family which i'm so proud to know are some of the best people I have met, Melissa and myself have been close friends for years and if you know the Malave family if your friends with one your friends with all of them. There strong ties as a family is simply beautiful thing. Also the link tells about the fundraiser that is being held in College Point tomorrow (4-6-2013) in there honor. k/20130405/college-point/colle ge-point-mourns-11-year-old-li ttle-leaguer-who-died-florida- crash?fb_comment_id=fbc_322233 49213696_1508846_3223616545342 13#f284b4fb2bdaf64

posted by Nicholas Santo 12 months ago k/20130405/college-point/colle ge-point-mourns-11-year-old-li ttle-leaguer-who-died-florida- crash?fb_comment_id=fbc_322233 49213696_1508846_3223616545342 13#f284b4fb2bdaf64

posted by Nicholas Santo 12 months ago

Money should be the very last thing this family must worry about at this time. DONATE DONATE DONATE!

posted by Allison O'Hagan 12 months ago

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Silverpoint Car Care Center

11 months ago


On behalf of everyone at Silverpoint and our Valued Customers. We send our condolences to the Malave Family and our prayes for a fast recovery.




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Kathleen Thompson

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Sean Kim Dolphin

11 months ago


Best of Luck!




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eric fecci

11 months ago


Our prayers go out to the family



CIndy Rotondo

11 months ago


Friends of Vega family, we are so sorry for your loss and hope everyone's health improves soon.



Eileen Rapp

11 months ago



Fred Pyatt

11 months ago


May God strengthen you and family stay bless much love


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