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Richard Robinette is a 74 year old family man, Veteran and small business owner from Gladwin Michigan. While working one afternoon in his store he was attacked violently with a hammer an... more


Created by John Yeubanks on March 25, 2013

Richard Robinette is a 74 year old family man, Veteran and small business owner from Gladwin Michigan. While working one afternoon in his store he was attacked violently with a hammer and robbed by 2 men (one being Charles Rowan). Since the brutal attack Richard has been in a fight for his life. Recently he has made a huge turn for the better but has accumulated mounds of hospital expenses due to his injuries.  He needs our help NOW!!! We are asking for donations. The goal is set at $5,000.00 which is not gonna cover everything but will help this family immensely. Please Help Richard by donating what ever you can afford to give $1,5,10,20 it all adds up and will be a blessing to his family.

 Richard deserves our help, 

Lets stand with him in this battle and let him and his family know we are with them in their time of need. 

100% of your donations will go to Richards wife. 


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Sorry i don't like to do this but , my girl , Sandy Has the Cancert she only 9 . Can you come and donate for her please . If You Donate you will save one live.

posted by Fanny Valdez 12 months ago

Story posted at: naw/index.ssf/2013/03/gladwin_ county_gun_shop_robber.html

posted by Michael Lindholm 12 months ago

Praying for you and your family!! May you continue to get more than enough in donations !!

posted by Shevon Carrizales 12 months ago

Dar Rearick he is at Hurley Hospital in Flint MI sir. That would be absolutely incredible sir!!!! God bless you for your kindness sir!!! That is amazing!!!!

posted by John Yeubanks 12 months ago

let me know what hospital he is in i will donate 5k too him

posted by Dar Rearick 12 months ago

Mostly a "Summer Person" but I love Gladwin, I'm sorry this happened. Keep fighting, and healing; we'll meet on the Lake this Summer!

posted by John Hayes 13 months ago

Prayers continue tonight!

posted by Jacklyn King 13 months ago

May God bless him, watch over him and keep him safe until he can be home with his family again.

posted by Diana Schumann-Pope 13 months ago

I don't know you but a speedy recovery to you and hurry back home to your loved ones and family!!

posted by Jayne Evans 13 months ago

So sorry this happend to you. Hoping for a fast recovery.

posted by Jennifer Durn Hutchings 13 months ago

I am so moved by all the donations, from strangers and businesses. That is wonderful. Here is to a full and fast recover Dick! Saying prayers for you and Roxie..Luv Kammi Jo

posted by Kammi Krotzer 13 months ago

Hello hope you are on your way to a Speedy recovery Prayers and good wishes to you and your family! Thanks for your service and get well soon .!

posted by Patrick Jedrzejczyk 13 months ago


posted by David Foutch 13 months ago

The response is so wonderful on this. Roxie, Terry, Donna.....our family is praying constantly for Dick's full recovery. We love you guys! To everyone out there, friend or stranger, thank you SO much for your wonderful hearts!!

posted by Kathy Hansen 13 months ago

SOOO looks like someone has been donating about every minute..God Bless You for doing this and all of the others who have donated.

posted by Greter Schumacher 13 months ago

Gods blessings upon your family

posted by Andrew Kern 13 months ago

This was awesome.....5g in less then 24 hours....Friends Helping Friends =)

posted by Joe Shaw 13 months ago

Our best to Mr. Robinette for a full recovery. We honor you for your service to our country.

posted by Doug Seibert 13 months ago

Keep sharing.

posted by Shannon Eagleson 13 months ago

Please pass along to everyone you know. This man needs our help! Every penny collected will be appreciated...Thank you!

posted by Char Leineke 13 months ago

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vince c

12 months ago


Please can we get some updates. Hoping for a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers to the family.



Corey and Melanie Oliver

12 months ago




12 months ago




12 months ago




12 months ago



Brian & Kristie Simrau

12 months ago


Love and Prayers for a speedy recovery and for your entire family!!




12 months ago



John Peck

12 months ago



Bruce & Mary Miller

12 months ago


We are new to Gladwin. Richard is one of the first people we got to know. We have enjoyed our visits with him at his shop. We pray Gods blessings for him and his dear sweet wife.



Krissy Bushong

12 months ago


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