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My name is Nathan Sanders and I am 27 years old. When I was born, I had a birth defect known as Bilateral PFFD, something that was only known in 300 cases world wide at the time. Because... more


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Updated posted by Nathan Sanders 12 months ago

Well it looks like this page and dream is dead. . .I will continue searching for ways to reach my goal. Thanks everyone who helped and said I was an inspiration. I love u all and will remember u when I make it happen and am racing in my first race. Wish me luck. Nate


Updated posted by Nathan Sanders 12 months ago

Well folks, the page is still up and got 242 views but hasn't has a visitor in a week and we are still @ 7%. Thanks to everyone who donated their money and time and helped out with this.


Updated posted by Nathan Sanders 12 months ago

Did an interview today with a guy named Joey Gibson. He drove here from Franklin, NC because he is doing a report for his Religion classes at Liberty University Online and he saw my story on WLOS. Glad God put us together because he's a really cool guy and now we have both made a New friend. What was supposed to be a 15min interview basically turned Into an hour and a half autobiography full of tears and laughs. Thats the kind of stuff I love to do. If I can inspire 1 person a day by just talking with them then that day was worth living. I realized today why I can't decide what I wanna take in college. Its because my goal is to inspire others to get out and enjoy life, and they don't teach that in college! Hopefully people will get an A and something out of our time together today. My wife was also a big part of the interview and she did great. We will have the finished project up on this page in the near future. Thanks Joey for your time, effort, and contribution to the cause.

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Created by Nathan Sanders on March 20, 2013

My name is Nathan Sanders and I am 27 years old. When I was born, I had a birth defect known as Bilateral PFFD, something that was only known in 300 cases world wide at the time. Because this was a bone problem, there wasn't a cure, and the only option was amputation of both of my legs at age 6. Between 6 and 10, I spent approximately 6 months per year at the Shriners Childrens Hospital in Greenville, SC. The majority of that time I was in body casts from the 20 surgeries I had on my legs to help try to correct the issue, or at least help me have a better quality of living. Luckily for me, I never slowed down and my parents never let me give up on life.

School was different for me. Because I went to public school, I thrived to be more like the other children. I joined the band in middle school, and in highschool was allowed to participate in the marching band. Due to the help from other parents, I was given a wheelchair with mountain bike tires on it and had my drums rigged to it in a way that allowed me to be on the field in formation with my peers. This made me feel like I was just like everyone else. In 2004 I graduated from highschool, and in 2006 my daughter was born. I now am the father of an active 7 year old girl, and I really want to be able to be a good example for her. This cycle would allow me to be able to take her on trips and teach her to ride her bike and spend a lot more time with her.

In 2010 I married the love of my life and mother of my daughter. She has encouraged me to be more physical and get out and explore, and to never let my disability define my abilities. She has been my #1 fan through all of this and my #1 supporter.

 While I do kayak, moving to the mountains of NC has given me the urge to want to take up cycling. There are always races and fundraisers going on, and I am surrounded by cyclists. I have recently been told about a group here on my side of the state that are active handcyclists, but after doing some research I realize that it is a very expensive sport to get into. I have done much prayer about this and was led to this site today by the grace of God. Hopefully with the help of friends and family and generally good people, this dream will be possible. Please, if you need to, add me on facebook and please just donate whatever God leads you to and makes possible for you.

I plan on using this handbike to my advantage to help do fundraisers for other people, and to inspire other newly disabled people and children to get out there and not give up! Just because you were dealt a different hand than everyone else in life, it doesn't mean God doesn't love you and it doesn't mean you should just give up! Get out and make a difference! Everything is possible through Christ who Strengthens me!


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You can do this Nate! Your "can-do" attitude is and will continue being an inspiration to many who benefit as they observe you get on the game field rather than observe from the sidelines. With God all things are possible. Go Bro!

posted by Michael Boyd 12 months ago

way to go can do it..we are all so proud of you..go with God, and God's speed

posted by Julie Guzman-eldred 13 months ago

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Donnita Dicus

12 months ago


Love seeing you at Wal-Mart! Bless you!!!!



Susan&Gary Holliday

13 months ago


Your story inspired us. Your message needs to be shared. Good luck with your fundraiser. Thank you for showing others what is truly possible if you just try.



Jack Lansford

13 months ago


May God bless your endeaver.



Heather Burke

13 months ago


Love you like a brother Nathan. You are doing a great thing here. Stay strong and let God!!!




13 months ago



Bob Camba

13 months ago


May the Lord bless you in your endeavors, brother Nathan



Steve&Sally Price

13 months ago


You are an inspiration, may God richly bless you and your family!



Stella Pepper

13 months ago


Proud of you! Hope all your dreams come true!



Sylviia Faircloth

13 months ago



Stephen Steere

13 months ago


Here's a start to you reaching your goal.


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