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My name is Liz Goff and this page is going to benefit the son of Coach Kristie Quigley who was killed in the charter bus accident in PA yesterday morning. Kristie was an amazing woman wh... more


Updated posted by Liz Sallese Goff 1 month ago

It's been almost a year since Kristie left us. Glenn and Gavin are doing well. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her. She would have turned 31 on February 22. Please continue to pray for healing for the family and her team which started their season this past week.


Updated posted by Liz Sallese Goff 12 months ago

I want to thank EVERYONE for their continued support for the Quigley and Trionfo families and friends. Those who loved Kristie and Jackson are finding comfort in the generosity of all of you. The kind words, the fundraising efforts of teams and people who did not know the family, have helped ease some of the pain. I personally look at this site everyday and am amazed by you all. THANK YOU!


Updated posted by Liz Sallese Goff 13 months ago

I haven't updated in a few days, so here goes. The lacrosse community has rallied support for the Quigley and Trionfo families on top of all of your support. Play 4 Seton Hill is selling tshirts that will benefit Gavin and Millersville University is selling sweatbands for onelaxfamily. Countless schools are askin for donations at their games and are playing in memory of Kristie an Jackson. THANK YOU!!! I do not want to forget the players affected by the accident as well. My thoughts and prayers are with those players as they physically and mentally heal from this tragedy too. Thank you again for your support!

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Created by Liz Sallese Goff on March 17, 2013

My name is Liz Goff and this page is going to benefit the son of Coach Kristie Quigley who was killed in the charter bus accident in PA yesterday morning. Kristie was an amazing woman whose heart was the biggest I've ever known. I am setting up this page to help her husband, my childhood friend of 27 years. This money will go to helping pay for Gavin's living expenses and school as his dad is now a widower. No one should go through the pain and sadness this family is face with. Kristie was there for my family when my son passed and I will be there for hers. Please donate whatever you can to ease the financial burden of this family! With my heartfelt thanks..... Liz

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We would like to thank everyone for their generosity from the bottoms of our hearts. Through Gods strength we continue to move forward. But there is not a day goes by we are not reminded of Kristy. Gavin is doing well thanks to Glen, his family and ours. He brings such joy to us. Kristy would be proud of him and Glen. Thanks again and May God Bless all you Love Patty and Sobby. Kristy parents

posted by Patty Trionfo 8 months ago

Mrs. Goff, the Lacrosse team @ Slippery Rock University would like to donate by check. Can you share this process please.

posted by Torry Rollins 13 months ago

I'm a girls lacrosse coach myself and this tragedy has hit me so hard and taken a toll on my heart and on a lot of my girls. Keep playing and praying 4 SETON HILL

posted by Jamie Marie 13 months ago

I am a graduate of Seton Hill and did not know Coach Quigley personally. But the school where I teach is having a fundraiser tomorrow to benefit this special cause. My deepest sympathies to the family and friends and to the entire Seton Hill community.

posted by Mariann Fox 13 months ago

I'm Eric Triplett's brother and I wanted to share a story about Christy. She used to be a regular at our house. She was so good with my son when he was just a little guy. She would sit and play with him and listen to his stories. She would tell him "your so cute would you please be my boyfriend?" My son, Justin, would go to preschool and tell all his friends, "I have a girlfriend named Christy. She plays leggos with me." She was such a beautiful and caring person. I'm so sorry for your loss. I pray that God brings you peace in this difficult time.

posted by Billy Triplett 13 months ago

Patti - thinking of you during this unimaginable loss. May God surround you and your family with an extra measure of comfort and peace. Hurricane Katrina, our Bayview team, and fond memories of you sharing your love for your family

posted by Susan Burgert 13 months ago

My thoughts are with your family

posted by Sarah Sharaf 13 months ago

Patty, My heart goes out to you and your family. I am very sorry for your loss & you are in my thoughts & prayers. Renee (xray)

posted by Leah Fisher 13 months ago

Patti and Sobby, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Remember the reason a bird can sing,in his darkest hour he believes in spring.Love you guys..

posted by Janet Lizor 13 months ago

Patty, I'am very sorry for you loss. Your family will be in my prayers.

posted by Debbie Hallameyer-Fuss 13 months ago

your family are in my thoughts and prayers .....many blessings

posted by Regina Kolacz 13 months ago

Words cannot begin to describe how touched we are by the outpouring of graciousness and heartfelt warmth from all that have found it in their hearts to support Gavin and Glenn. In our time of pain and suffering, you have all givenus some peace and solitude knowing how much our daughter was loved and respected. She spent her shortened life reaching out to all that she possibly could and our only hope is that her message continues through as many people as possible. Love, Kristie's mom and dad/ Mimi and Pop-Pop

posted by Patty Trionfo 13 months ago

To Kristie, Glenn, Gavin and baby Jackson: This is an amazing way to say we care and we love you, Lets keep it going. Join in and be part of something special. With much love, Aunt Karen and Uncle Kenny

posted by Karen Trionfo 13 months ago

An opportunity to do a good thing, take advantage of it. Want to be happy and feel good? Do something for someone else. Donate to the child of a very special person.

posted by Robert Hutsler 13 months ago

Sending Prayers

posted by Sandy Chumbley Cross 13 months ago

Thank you soo so much! To Every single person on here or who has sent prayers. The Trionfos and Quigleys are so extremely lucky to have all your support. We surpassed our expectations and are grateful for all those helping Gavin. It is so grately appreciated. Much love xoxoxo

posted by Kathaleen Quigley 13 months ago

I just wanted to take time to thank each and everyone one of you. You all have shown this family that Kristie was the most amazing Wife, mother, coach, daughter, and best friend. It is certainly amazing to see people whom Kristie never met giving support. She has touched so many lives and it gives us great comfort knowing that (not that we didnt know she was beyond great already). We appreciate to overflowing love and support. Please keep it coming. Thank you all, Love the entire Quigley and Trionfo family.

posted by Kathaleen Quigley 13 months ago

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Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena

4 months ago




5 months ago



Chris Mason

8 months ago


From the Williams College Women's Lacrosse Team.



Christine, Karen, and Scott Palmeri

8 months ago


We, along with the North Allegheny Girls Lacrosse Team, raised money during the season to support Gavin



Kennett Girls Lax Blue Demons Lax

9 months ago


The Kennett High School girls lax team and the youth Blue Demons Lax team sold t-shirts to support the Quigley family. Thank you Liz for organizing this.




10 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Dana Elmendorf

10 months ago


From a Seton Hill University Faculty member. Carrying all students affected by this tragedy, and the family of Kristie Quigley in my heart.



Cindy Harrison

10 months ago


Hampton High School Girls Lacrosse collection for donation with deepest sympathy.




10 months ago


The members of the Belair Road Lodge Order Son's of Italy in America would like to extend our most sincere and deepest sympathy for your loss. Sincerely Michael C Petrecca Sr President Belair Lodge #2265 OSIA



Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Department

10 months ago


This donation resulted from the Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Dept. spaghetti dinner fundraiser. The idea was originated from the fact that the last team dinner was hosted here. We at RVFD thank all who helped and contributed to the fund.


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