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Donations Go To: FRIEDREICHS ATAXIA RESEARCH ALLIANCE SPRINGFIELD, VA TAX ID: 522122720 UPDATE:Concert for a Cure is going to be LiveStreamed Friday night 8pm EST, here! (http://w... more


Updated posted by Galen Dole 11 months ago

To everyone who has helped us support those suffering from Friedreich's Ataxia, thank you so much. You have made a difference in many people's lives and contributed to a truly special non-profit, FARA. Please continue to spread awareness of FA, and soon, there can be a cure.

For this fundraiser, there are only hours left! This is our last push, but thanks to all of you and many more people offline, we have raised over $20,000 for FARA. I say we should double that in the next 12 hours!!! Thank you again.

Galen and Sarah


Updated posted by Galen Dole 12 months ago

Thank you everyone who watched the concert Friday night!!! (You can catch the replay at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sleddogstudios). The concert sold out and was a great success, and we're still reaching for our goal of $10,000 for FARA on GoFundMe! THANK YOU EVERYONE!


Updated posted by Galen Dole 12 months ago

Hey everyone! We hope you can make it to the show Friday night, but if you can't, you can watch it ONLINE at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sleddogstudios!!! Thank you so much for your support, and let's go over 10,000!!!

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Created by Galen Dole on February 19, 2013

Donations Go To:

TAX ID: 522122720

UPDATE:Concert for a Cure is going to be LiveStreamed Friday night 8pm EST, here! ( http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sleddogstudios). We hope you all enjoy the show, whether you watch it from a seat in Strong Auditorium at U of R, or from your home! Thank you everyone for the amazing support-- we're getting closer and closer to our goal (and beyond!), and let's keep the momentum going!!!

This past November, Rochester local Sara Ferrarone died at 26 following a lifelong struggle with Friedreich’s Ataxia, to the great loss of her fiancé, her friends, and her family. Friedreich’s Ataxia is a debilitating neuromuscular disease that entails gradual loss of all mobility, progressively worsening speech dysfunction, hearing loss, and vision loss. Although Friedreich’s ataxia is rare, it is the most common form of inherited ataxia; 1 in 100 people carry the FA gene. It shares similar mechanisms with other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. Sara’s sister Laura has FA as well, as does the sister of one of our own Rochester YellowJackets. As they meet with enormous challenges every day, they are fighting for a cure. We are joining them in that fight. Following Sara’s death, the best thing that we can do now is to prevent one more. All proceeds go directly to the Friedrich’s Ataxia Research Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to vital research. Every dollar counts. Your contributions are appreciated so very much. Thank you. If you can't contribute, pass this along to someone who can. Share it with your friends, families, and colleagues, and help us exceed our fundraising goal!You can help in other ways too! Visit www.jackets.org to order tickets to our concert or download a song, and check out www.cureFA.org to learn more.Photo, from left: Laura and Sara Ferrarone

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PLEASE Help these beautiful people by donating something even a dollar to get rid of this awful disease....

posted by Christine Cummings 13 months ago

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YOU are all BAMFS. Love you to pieces miss Laura F. I miss Sara everyday, and always will. She would be so proud of you and Sarah G.



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