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I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in February of 2012. An aggressive form. I've been on chemo ever since, hoping to reduce it enough to be able to get the stem cell treatment that wo... more


Updated posted by Tom Ackermann 8 months ago

I am just over 100 days post-transplant, and so far I seem to be doing OK, except for a lot of trouble sleeping - and that messes with my head a lot. At least nothing seems to hurt anymore and I can do things without stopping to try and breath. I do still get tired easily though.

My wife's friend Lisa is holding a steak fry to benefit us - thanks Lisa! :) You are making my creditors smile.

Our area is holding a neighborhood yard sale this weekend, so maybe this will be a good chance to sell my old Star Trek stuff and a bunch of our DVDs.

On the plus side, I got in a good bit of swimming this year - the Drs wanted me to exercise - low impact, so swimming and walking sounded good. Helped teach my daughter how to swim - or as I call it, 'not drowning lessons'. She's doing real good now.


Updated posted by Tom Ackermann 12 months ago

Pam just did some checking.

It wasn't $200/day for them. It was $300. Per SHOT, not per day.

So we owe $18,000 for the COPAYS on the neupogen shots.

Don't have it, can't pay it. So I guess we're screwed.

And I might need MORE. Or switch to mozibil - no idea what that one is gonna cost.

This must be what my horoscope meant when it said "Ka-Boom!"


Updated posted by Tom Ackermann 12 months ago

We are up to about $4,000 in neupogen co-pays. At least I am close to getting my stem cells harvested - my white cell count was up to 2.1 yesterday - has to reach 3.0 to be harvested.

And that will mean at least a day or two in a hotel (harvesting is out-patient), and maybe as much a 5 days. Joy.

Maybe Columbus has a nice, free hotel?

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Created by Tom Ackermann on February 12, 2013

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in February of 2012. An aggressive form. I've been on chemo ever since, hoping to reduce it enough to be able to get the stem cell treatment that would probably help the most.

After all this time we just found out in February of 2013 that the percentage of myeloma cells in my marrow has only dropped from in the 70s to into the 50s - at that rate it will be YEARS before I could get enough improvement.

And I won't be able to continue as is because a therapeutic dose of cytoxan is trying to kill me, driving my hemoglobin and white blood cells dangerously low.

I am currently on revlimid and dexamethasone (a steroid) and if the revlimid fails, there are other, newer drugs to try, but I don't know if my insurance (that I am lucky to still have) will pay for any of that. It has already cost about $500,000.00, and I can only imagine that they will not be happy to continue much longer.

I only have so much sick leave available, so we have been using vacation time to get treatments and cover hospital stays. 

I have two daughters at home - one is graduating high school this year, and I'd love to see her graduate college, get married, maybe see a grandchild someday...

My other daughter is only 10 years old, and writes all the time that "I only want my Daddy to get better." I have NO IDEA what parts of her life I'm going to get to see. I'd love to see them all.

And my wife - it's not fair to her having to endure all this, helping me, taking care of me, sometimes having to almost carry me up and down steps. We are supposed to be having some fun in our later years now, and all I can offer her is worry and fear

It would be nice to be able to pay our bills, or maybe just have some cash on hand in case of emergencies.


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I will pray for you and your family ....If I can see my way clear of a few bills ..I will send something ...wont be much but maybe it will help ..God Bless and Good Luck

posted by Leslie Haglock 12 months ago

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Much love Tom


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