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I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and just found out my son Brantley will be born with Spina Bifida. I am a canidate for an in utero surgery where they do a Csection in the next few weeks... more


Updated posted by BJ-Emily Raines 7 days ago

Brantley Is just getting over bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection thank goodness! And BJ finally got a job through the temp agency! We are finally getting a breath of fresh air! Can't wait to get him to his Spina bifida clinic! Thanks for all the support!



Updated posted by BJ-Emily Raines 15 days ago

I havent posted in quite some time but news with us is Brantley is 14 months and is still not walking he says "dada" and thats it he is having what we think are small seizures where he is incoherent for a few min at a time this has happened twice he has an appointment with his spinabifida clinic on Aug 28th. My husband was working in the oil field and recently go laid off and is looking for another job. Things have been hard in the Raines house but we are keeping our heads up we still are very thankful for all the donations and are gratefull for all of them to come!



Updated posted by BJ-Emily Raines 12 months ago

We are moving to Arizona for my husband new job, he hasnt started it yet and we are trying to seel everything we own to make it out to arizona and have food and gas until he starts getting paid...we have no source of income right now so anything you can give is greatly appreciated!!!


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Created by BJ-Emily Raines on January 19, 2013

I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and just found out my son Brantley will be born with Spina Bifida. I am a canidate for an in utero surgery where they do a Csection in the next few weeks (24-25) take my uterus out and operate on Brantley to close the lesion on his spine. This surgery greatly reduces his need for a shunt to drain the fluid off his brain and also reverses the damage being done by the swelling on his brain. The faster the lesion is closed the less the nerves are exposed to the amniotic fluid, therefore bettering his chances at a more normal life. I am 20 years old and this is my first child, doctors said it was just bad luck. The only hospital i can have this surgery at is 4 hours away. My husband just returned home from afghanistan and hes on unemployment...., i cant work. The traveling is going to be very hard on us financially. We are also just moving into a new house for the newly needed room, this all happened before we found out about Brantleys future. So anything you can give will help more than you know.

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I'm Caitlin Cody Anne Cody's daughter and I'm 26 yrs and have had spina bifida all my life.So my prayers go out to you,your husband and your unborn son Bentley that they are able to do the surgery and he can live as normal a life as possible.

posted by Caitlin Cody 18 months ago

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Theresa Jaynes

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Our prayers will be for you and your son.




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Arlene Callaghan

16 months ago


Thank your your your service as well as your husbands and your moms. Glad to hear things are going well. God Bless you family. Women Supporting Women Veterans.



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Destinie Jaramillo

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Good Luck Battle!




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Leslie Davis

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We love y'all and continue to pray for y'all.


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