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Updated posted by Jade Bryan 22 hours ago

Hello! Hope you all are having a fantastic summer!

The producer of The Shattered Mind wants to update you on the status of the film. We're still working diligently on the film and expect to complete it before our sneak peek screening in October.

We're doing another round of crowdfunding to cover special effect costs. Take a look at the link below and share it. It's extremely urgent. Please share it.

Anyway, here are compilation of names for those who backed over $100. The names listed here based on pledges toward GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter. If your name is not listed, please inbox the producer privately. Not all are listed here as some sent donations in the mail and some wish to remain anonymous. We want to make sure we do not skip your name.

If you'd like to increase your pledge so your name can appear in the scrolling credit/programs/website, here's the link to our Kickstarter. You have less than 15 days to do that.

If you have any question, please reach out to the producer at

Thank you,

Queen Jade
The Shattered Mind

Producer film credit for my backers who supported “THE SHATTERED MIND”



Updated posted by Jade Bryan 2 months ago

In the picture is Robert Hura, a special effects artist whom I met at Sundance Film Festival this year.

As seen in the picture, I'm conversing with Robert Hura, a special effect artist for the film, "The Beast of the Southern Wild." This film was nominated for four Oscars and several accolades. I was describing special effect shots I need done for The Shattered Mind. The basic editing for the film is done. Since I'm new in the VFX department, Robert suggested that I take screen shots of the work I need done so he can analyze them and read the script before taking on the job. MY GUT TELLS ME, HE'S GOING TO DO IT. HE'S CURRENTLY ATTENDING CANNES FILM FESTIVAL. LUCKY GUY!

Watching their reactions while they watch my work-in-progress creation is the most important feeling for a #screenwriter. Jubil and Christina are not seen in the picture.



Updated posted by Jade Bryan 2 months ago

May 19 Update on The Shattered Mind!

Good afternoon, everyone! I trust this email finds you well.

If you haven't been following us on Facebook, I encourage you to do so. Please follow us.

We've been making headway with the film. The basic editing is done. Subtitles in the film, done. Key characters introduction, done.

It looks like I have produced a feature film after all. Well, I call it a "SHORTFEATURE." I don't care what the rules in the film industry says. If you have a film that is 60 minutes or less, it's considered a short. If it's over 60 minutes, it considered a feature. I call it a shortfeature, because it is a short and it just got a little longer. THE FULL VERSION is 130 pages. Therefore, what I have edited is not the complete story. This shortfeature editing version is my director's cut and this is what I will premiere at the sneak peek screening, sell DVDs, and tour with the film across America and internationally. My intention is to raise the funds to produce the full feature or my next film project, whichever comes first.

Overall, this shortfeature will be approximately 90 minutes long, maybe less. We shot this movie directly from a 39-page screenplay. Technically, a script page is equal to one minute. How it got long? Because of the special effect visuals, opening themes, and, of course, improvises. As a deaf filmmaker and the one editing the film, this is worth mentioning-- sign language, reactions and emotions are usually expressed differently than actors that phonetically-speaks. The timing of the actors' dialogues and dynamics tend to be different in duration and length.

So basically, we will have two versions, one long and one short. The short version will be under 20 minutes for the festival circuit. I've envisioned that this short will get picked up by one of the distributors so we can shoot the full feature. I am hiring another editor to work on the short version and create a new trailer for the movie.

A couple weeks ago, I invited some of my deaf actors and ASL spectators to view the rough edits. I've received great feedback. I was pleased with the outcome. Their feedback also gave me ideas to improve the editing of the film.


The next step we will do is create visual effects. Once that job is done, then will insert all visual effects in with the edits. Then, if I am happy with the entire movie, I will lock it.

Then. . .

1: Hire a sound design team to breathe lively sound effects for the film.

Sound design most commonly involves the manipulation of previously composed or recorded audio, such as sound effects and dialogue. In some instances it may also involve the composition or manipulation of audio to create a desired effect or mood.

2: Color grading/Correct - Hire a colorist to work magic on the film.

Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally. The photo-chemical process is also referred to as color timing and is typically performed at a photographic laboratory. Modern color correction, whether for theatrical film, video distribution, or print is generally done digitally in a color suite. It's usually a collaboration with the director of photography, director and producer.

3: Hire a music composer.

A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question.[1] Scores are written by one or more composers, under the guidance of, or in collaboration with, the film's director and/or producer, and are then usually performed by an ensemble of musicians – most often comprising an orchestra or band, instrumental soloists, and choir or vocalists – and recorded by a sound engineer.

4: Opening and Closing Credits

Lastly, I have to create the open and closing credits. Oh, God... I have SO MANY people to list, so many associate producers. This is going to be a longass scrolling credits. I imagine it will be about 5 minutes run. I will make sure the composer create music for the opening and closing credits.

So people, this process is long and tedious. In fact, some of the creative team will be contracted on defer pay. It's not easy finding the ones who are willing to accept it. We're still under our postproduction budget. However, we will make it work!!!! You cannot rush the creative process that's why we have moved the sneak peek premiere in the fall. We will be working throughout the summer.

I will see you all at the red-carpet! I will update again where we are later summer. Please follow us on Facebook. It's the only way!

Thank you.

Filmly yours,



In the picture is Robert Hura, a special

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Created by Jade Bryan on January 22, 2013

Learn why I need your support for The Shattered Mind!


Logline: THE SHATTERED MIND is a 30-minute short film that explores a black deaf family's journey while their daughter struggles to overcome adversity, hearing loss, and brain trauma.  (Read article interview from (UK)  & view clip of staged reading.) 

My name is Jade.  I am a Deaf filmmaker living in Manhattan, NY raising funds for a short film.  We're raising funds for production location rental costs, (ESPECIALLY rental property and production insurance for schools, classrooms, houses, hospitals, and an audiology center, which are the main locations) for our short film, THE SHATTERED MIND

I love making stuff up and turning them into reality. I consider myself to be an imaginative storyteller. You see, the film I want you to support is part true, part fiction. When I was a little girl, I suffered from a concussion and as result of it, I became deaf. So, I thought, why not take some of that experience and mix it up and turn it into a movie. After all, that's what makes a great screenwriter, right? 

We're doing everything we can to minimize the costs for these locations because we are producing a high-quality material on a shoestring budget. There is a saying, "NOTHING IS FREE." The more we raise, the better. This is an all-or-nothing fundraising campaign effort.

       On location at Drip Cafe for Hear My Own Tune.
Our production is slated for filming in mid-June. We've raised over $17,500 so far and our production budget is $20K. 

One of our crowdfunding campaigns via GoFundMe was successful and we raised $7,240 for our film. This one is our 2nd stretch fundraising! We will do 3rd one for postproduction in the near future. Please click on our 1st stretch fundraising campaign via  GoFundMe to see more details from that site.

We're shooting on a RED ONE camera. While we are raising funds, we are preparing for our production! We have several goals attached to this project. We plan to submit the movie to several film festivals. Join the revolution and please select your perks!

Please note: THE SHATTERED MIND (DVD copy) will be available when it is released in home video (after our film festival circuit). We will let you know when we release the movie trailer. As for your perks and digital download of the movie, they will be available to you in the fall sometimes October- November of 2013. (Postage fee may be required.)


A passion project from the very beginning, our team consists of diverse and talented storytellers, who all strongly believe in the story. We are working toward getting A-list stars attached. 



Zhane Rain Facebook

Jade Films Movie Twitter

Click here to see other work by filmmaker Jade

Thank you for the support!

(Note: Titles for Associate Producer/Producer/Executive Producer and Co-Director only guarantee on screen credit. It does not involve monetary compensation connected to the film). Monetary compensation is not part of the Gofundme deal.


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Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard. Colin Powell Wish you best of success and happiness. :)



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Since the day years ago when I met you at Fanwood - I knew you were special. I wish you success with this film and many more to come.




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