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Let me to tell you about a wonderful girl called Zara Fort! Zara was on holiday with her family in Palma Nova, in Majorca, when she first showed signs of illness. In september 2011 zar... more


Updated posted by Estelle Wilson 14 months ago

Unfortunately Zara has took a turn for the worse over the weekend and is not going to get to peppa pig land or her birthday party this weekend, Zara's mam wants to thank you all she is trying to grt peppa pig land refunded any wanting a refund can contact me but I know a lot of people are happy for the family to use this as financial support.


Updated posted by Estelle Wilson 14 months ago

I would just like to thank everyone so much the flights have been booked to get little Zara to peppa pig land :-) please if possible could everyone continue to share this page too as many people as possible... My next aim is to try and get her and her family to the lakes ! X


Updated posted by Estelle Wilson 15 months ago

Thank you to all of you ! Every little bit helps and the more we can get the more places Zara can go xxx

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Created by Estelle Wilson on January 17, 2013

Let me to tell you about a wonderful girl called Zara Fort! Zara was on holiday with her family in Palma Nova, in Majorca, when she first showed signs of illness. In september 2011 zara went through weeks of tests, and was diagnosed with a type of cancer called primitive neuroectodermal tumours, which primarily affects children and people under 25. The cancer means that a tumour grows in the brain and the spinal cord, which has led to part of her cord being removed. Her family got told she would never be able to walk again and started having chemotherapy, radiotherapy and high dose chemo and things finally started to look better when the tumour remained the same size she was walking dancing and playing like any other 4 year old girl. A week before Christmas Zara went for another check up and it was then we all heard the devastating news that Zara had terminal cancer she is currently undergoing a trial which may prolong her life however we want to raise as much money as possible so Zara can do all the things she wants to do, before its to late. This little girl is such a inspiration how she has been so brave and positive has surprised everyone. Her parents are so strong for this little girl like every parents would want, Julie and John just want to make her happy and fulfil her wishes. There's not many things Zara has asked for but she is hoping to go to peppa pig land for her birthday on February 22nd and I want to raise this money so her family can see her enjoying herself just like any ordinary 4 year old. Even a very small donation will help us reach this target and will show Zara and her family we are all here to support her. Thanks xx

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Hey, with NCS we have to do a social action project. I'm a friend of Terri's, and we are doing a fun run,we are thinking of donating to Zara's charity. To do this we need to know if the charity is registered and if so, we need to know the charity number. Please could someone inbox me on facebook with details?

posted by Anth Mercury 9 months ago

i dnt want a refund infact i would like 2 make another donation as zara is going 2 b leaving 2 sisters and a brother thats hearts are broken and are going 2 need a holiday and family time 2 help with that they have seen there baby sister go through the last 18month. i think others will feel the same. love u guys with all my heart

posted by Jemma Boylen Armstrong 14 months ago

Mark I've just read your story and what a beautiful girl becky was ! Again I don't know where these little ones get the strength from xx

posted by Estelle Wilson 15 months ago

Hiya my name is mark we lost our daughter Becky to cancer last year she was 7 we do lots of fundraising for the Rvi and clic we r having a memorial night next week for Becky I'm sure we will money over to donate to get Zara away it might not be a lot but I no by experience every bit helps good luck to u all xx

posted by Mark Bell 15 months ago

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melanie pluse

12 months ago


Its not a lot but wanted to give a little more as im sure you all as a family could do with a break x wat an inspiratuonal little lady she was x



Helen Allan

13 months ago



christine holland

14 months ago




14 months ago



Kerri Kennedy

14 months ago


I don't want a single penny refunded to me. Zara is a beautiful inspirational little girl an she deserves every penny she has xxx



Jon Gaines

14 months ago



Deborah Stevenson

14 months ago


Such a lovely little girl, liam is in her class and always says lovely things about her, happy birthday zara



Rowena Slater

14 months ago



Vicky Burns

14 months ago


Zara you are always in my thoughts Little girl, Hope you enjoy your trip to Peppa Pig land :). Stay strong Angel :) all my love Vicky xoxox <3



Linda McKendrick

14 months ago


Hope you raise lots and lots of money. Wishing you all the luck in the world


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