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My brother, Nathan Haddad, is not only a decorated combat veteran, but models the character qualities that make him the kind of man who goes out of his way to help his fellow man and oth... more


Updated posted by Michael Haddad 12 months ago

Over the course of the last six weeks our silence has not been voluntary. Let us say, those in Jefferson County New York in charge of the Justice System hate the First Amendment as much as they hate the Second Amendment.

The Jefferson County District Attorney offered Nathan Haddad a plea deal. It was for two misdemeanors that would be conditionally discharged after one year. In addition, he would receive a $200 fine. Further, Nathan’s pistol permit and gun ownership rights would be immediately restored.

“An unjust law is no law at all” but the problem is in a tyrannical system it is now law of all! Nathan chose to accept this plea as it was apparent the only way he would be able to win without a protracted fight was through jury nullification. In a state which elected Andrew Cuomo and a county that elected Cindy Intschert, Nathan didn’t like his odds.

While we would have loved to see a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” showdown at the Supreme Court Nathan simply wanted to continue on with his life. It was near certain the judge in this case was going to “massage” the verdict to express his anger over the scrutiny this case received.

The pressure brought in this case is like nothing any of these career politicians had ever seen. The intense focus you brought saved Nathan from years in jail. Nathan got nearly everything he wanted. We respect Nathan’s choice.

The remaining funds will be used to pay Nathan’s legal expenses. The remaining portion will be disposed of with assistance and guidance from Nathan Haddad. To that end, this fund has already given $1,000 to the legal defense fund of a combat wounded veteran Benjamin Wassall. Ben, a Marine, was injured in Iraq. He became the first person charged under the NYS Safe Act. Ben is another good guy who is being targeted by New York State.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who have donated and prayed for Nathan during this difficult time with a special thank you to Seth Buchman. Nathan will be sharing his story in the near future. He intends at this point to wet a hook and catch a few trout. He then will buy a shotgun and do some hunting.

God Bless all of you!

Thank You!

If you would like to support Ben Wassall here is a link to his page:


Updated posted by Michael Haddad 13 months ago

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”—Edmund Burke

Nathan’s lawyer went to court yesterday. Nathan will return to court on March 29, 2013. We are unable to speak further regarding the court events.

Nathan has requested that his supporters refrain from contacting elected officials in Jefferson County. We respect Nathan and will personally honor his wishes. Nathan does not control us just as we don’t control those who still wish to contact authorities.

This is very important for some to understand. This website and blog is not used by Nathan as his soap box. Nathan has at times shared information directly with us but he does not write or approve what is written here. The opinions and suggestions here are those of the author.

Our primary purpose here is to raise funds to pay for the legal expenses associated with Nathan’s defense. With the help of over 1,200 people this has been quite successful. Thank you!

Again we are not requesting you contact ANY politicians in Jefferson County. However, we still see a lack of prosecutorial discretion and a system that treats a rich, white, liberal media mogul David Gregory one way and the combat vet, son of a Lebanese immigrant Nathan Haddad in a completely opposite way. That is wrong!

An America where “we are all equal but some of us are more equal than others” is not an America we want to live in. We understand your anger! We are angry too!

Nathan’s story has been featured by Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Glenn Reynolds, USA Today and Tucker Carlson. Thousands of blogs, newspapers, websites and TV stations have shared that Nathan was arrested for allegedly possessing 5 EMPTY magazines and is facing 7 years in prison. (He would get less time for molesting a child!) This truth has made a lot of AMERICANS angry! The response of others is beyond our control!

We don't have a J.D. from Harvard but if people are angry about injustice it seems to us the way to stop the anger is to stop the injustice!

The one request we do have is that if you choose to ignore Nathan’s request than please be respectful. Please do not make threats. While we doubt any actual threats have been made by Nathan’s supporters and this is just an example of the self-importance and grandiose fantasies that characterizes so many politicians please choose your words carefully.

Again we are not requesting you contact any elected officials in Jefferson County New York.

“An unjust law is no law at all.” Augustine of Hippo

Best regards!


Updated posted by Michael Haddad 13 months ago

Nathan was scheduled to return to court on 27 March but the prosecutor’s office has requested a new meeting for THIS WEDNESDAY 27 February at 163 Arsenal Street in Watertown, New York. If you are in the Fort Drum/ Watertown New York area and can be at the Jefferson County Courthouse at 0830 this Wednesday that would be much appreciated. Please forward this on to likeminded organizations such as the VFW, American Legion, gun clubs, Tea Party Groups, etc. that may be able to attend.

The District Attorney has made statements regarding the amount of contact she has received regarding this case. That’s what happens when you do the wrong thing!

We are not requesting that you contact Cindy F. Intschert, District Attorney by phone at (315) 785-3053, by fax at (315) 785-3371, by mail at 175 Arsenal Street Watertown, New York 13601, or stop into the office at 175 Arsenal Street Watertown, New York 13601 between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. however should you choose to contact the District Attorney and express your concerns about how the prosecution of this case is a complete waste of taxpayer resources, is a gross attack on the Constitution, is an affront to the Conservative values she purports to hold, and displays a total lack of prosecutorial discretion then please be considerate and respectful.

Again, thank you for your generous support. Please continue to pray for peace for Nathan and his family during this stressful time.

"An unjust law is no law at all"-- Augustine of Hippo

Interview requests, comments, encouragement, and suggestions can be sent to

Best Regards!

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Created by Michael Haddad on January 10, 2013

My brother, Nathan Haddad, is not only a decorated combat veteran, but models the character qualities that make him the kind of man who goes out of his way to help his fellow man and other veterans ((  He would not knowingly do anything against the law, compromise his faith and deeply rooted principles, or jeopardize his rights guaranteed by our Constitution.  On Sunday January 6th he was arrested for possession of five, 30 round empty magazines that he believed were pre-ban magazines when he purchased them.  Meanwhile, in Washington D.C, David Gregory of NBC news doesn’t even get a slap on the hand for a similar offense when he held up one on National TV during a newscast.  My brother was medically discharged after 12 years of service and does not have the funds necessary needed for Attorney fees, and unless he has adequate defense and gets his charges reduced, he is not going to get the same treatment that David Gregory, a rich, white, liberal, media mogul got.  This is a travesty!   Please, anybody and everybody, would you be willing to donate to our fund to help support my brother?   Below are some additional websites that will attest to the reason why my brother is deserving of your help. Thank you very much!  Michael Haddad


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Nathan has done the right thing and should not be ashamed for taking the plea. I know it sticks in his craw to take a plea, but sometimes you have to do what is best for your family, even if it hurts your pride. Now, on to help Ben!

posted by Lee King 12 months ago

Congrats Nathan...I respect your decision. However, we must remember that this fight is far from over. There will be other Nathan's who'll need our assistance in fighting this unjust law. Also...Please remember Andrew Cuomo and Cindy Intschert next election day!!!

posted by Tony Antenucci 12 months ago

IF you have money left please send to the father in long island to help him fight to get his fire arms back Also I wonder who has those evel mags,,,,,,,,,,,,

posted by Tom Masch 12 months ago

I hope Nathan's lawyer understand the principal of Jury Nullification. He could overturn these stupid laws in one shot and become a national hero.

posted by David Willis 13 months ago

Two words - Jury Nullification.

posted by Lee King 13 months ago

I am thinking this may effect the past Magazine size law as well.

posted by Robert Pinardi 13 months ago


posted by Robert Pinardi 13 months ago

I called the DA today and of coarse the DA does not have time for us Fans, But I did talk to the receptionist and she was nice. She claimed she didn't know a magazine from a semi auto and was patient with me while I gave her an impromptu class I did remind her it would be a much better use of the money to give to veterans then to waste on a trial I encourage all who read this to call and help out this receptionist become more informed on what is no doubt the highest profile case they may ever have SFC JED retired

posted by Jeff Reynolds 13 months ago

what i whould really like to know is how one knows the date a mag was made , is it the wear, the size of the spot weld, the color of the follower or the end plate are they going to do carbon dating

posted by Mike Nelson 13 months ago

What now there trying to make examples with vets now i don't think so!! This makes it the 2nd time i have heard about a vet getting charged with having illegal magazines these attacks on the vets and the law biding people need to stop and thats the bottom line.

posted by David Lavalee 13 months ago

David Gregory flashed the same magazine on Meet the Press and was NOT charged even AFTER being told by the D.C. police that it would violate the law...typical double standard. The lib gets away with it. Nathan, thank-you for your service and bravery. You do not deserve this.

posted by Jane Adams 13 months ago

What a waste of taxpayer money in these days of claimed shortages. This law is illegal and goes against the 2nd Amendment. But if you were on TV brandishing the magazine of course you will not even be fined. Nathan kick there Arsses back to the socialist countries they came from!

posted by Al Eng 13 months ago

This isn't that much about Andrew Cuomo as it is about Kristyan Mills. She is trying to make a NAME FOR HERSELF at the expense of Nathan Haddad. This case has nothing to do with gun safety or public safety. It is all about political careers!

posted by John Keytack 13 months ago

This New York law is in direct violation of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I have read in articles written by legal experts that a citizen does not have to obey unconstitutional laws and that courts do not have to prosecute violations of the same. This case certainly falls within that category, and I would suggest approaching it from that angle. Plain and simple, New York's Law is unconstitutional, and therefore there is no crime to even be prosecuted. I would suggest that you contact the American Center For Law and Justice to see if they can help you. Here is the link to "Legal Help" page on their website : I pray that you are successful in getting these charges dropped, which is what should happen since the law they are based on is unconstitutional in the first place.

posted by Mark Cochran 14 months ago

Contact the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). The NRA is largely a lobbyist organization that dabbles in legal matters, where the SAF is largely a legal organization that dabbles in lobbying.

posted by Mark McEathron 14 months ago

Prayers to you and the family I have a story on this website too search Ricky low thanks

posted by Ricky Low 14 months ago

Are there any updates you can share with us?

posted by Tony Antenucci 14 months ago

Is there any interest in taking this fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court?

posted by Totidem Verbis 14 months ago

I want to clarify my previous statement Nathan grew up in Jamestown, he attended our church in Ellington NY. We could then as now depend on him to help in any situation. Lets show Nate by word and deed he can depend on us as like minded stand up people. Hope I didnt come off as uninformed about where he grew up, I saw him grow up in our church. SFC Reynolds Ret.

posted by Jeff Reynolds 14 months ago

This is Bullshit, NY state should not stand above the Federal Goverment at all, They have the most restrictive control laws in the country and yet one of the highest crime rates with guns in the nation. Publicity stunt is all this is by the NY state goverment.

posted by Bobby Angela Thomas Peters 14 months ago

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