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Contact Embed Meet Kevin Weston “My heart. My joy. Stay here. Please stay here.” Lateefah Simon, August 31, 2012 Kevin Weston is a 45-year-old new media journalist living... more


Updated posted by Ayoka Turner 29 days ago

This Sunday March 23, you’re invited to participate in a photo fundraiser for Kevin and Lateefah. As you may have heard, Kevin’s cancer has returned. They need our support now more than ever.


Just sign up, show up, make a cash donation, and have a professional portrait taken by award winning SF photographer Vance Jacobs. In addition to your personal portrait, you’ll also be able to “send a handwritten message” in a second photograph that will be given to Kevin and Lateefah as an ongoing reminder of support, encouragement, and community.


Updated posted by Ayoka Turner 1 month ago

posted yesterday [3.14.14] by Lateefah.

Two weeks ago today, Kevin and I learned that his cancer had resurfaced. We've been more than devastated. We had been seduced by the calm of our new normal- and were living with crazy joy. Joy has turned into tears but we've marched on as Kevin began an aggressive chemotherapy regimen last week. So far, he is moving gracefully through this treatment.

Yes, we are petrified. Our plan is to grab each day and live and love hard. We don't know what's next, but the love that we have for one another, for our girls and for this magical community keeps us motivated to keep moving.

Over the past two years, community angels have surrounded us with more love than we thought possible. Our gratitude can not be measured.

A few folks have asked how to support this next phase of treatment. #TeamKevin has been working diligently to ensure that our home, our children and our spirits don't spin out of control. This crew has been amazing.

I'll be sure to post links to our updated sites by tomorrow should you want to give love to Kevin. We are so thankful for the grace we've been given.

In thanks.......

BTW, Kevin Weston is an awesome human being! Blessed to be walking hand in hand with him through this fire!


Updated posted by Ayoka Turner 4 months ago

We've been home for a little over a month and we are slowly getting used to our new normal. Kevin is pretty tired these days but moving through his oodles of medications and IV infusions. His weekly blood work ups are looking good. This week he is set to get the infusion port in his chest taken out. This is yet another amazing millstone. He has has both a picc line and a hickman line during his aggressive treatments. Our biggest challenge on the health front will be to keep him free from infections for the next nine months.

Some days are great, others are terrifying. Nothing about post cord blood transplant living is simple. We are just taking one day at a time.

And as the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, I have found myself breathless when meditating on our blessings. Kevin's home oncologist agrees that Kevin's current health is nothing short of miraculous. The Kaiser and Seattle team attribute his wellness - in part to his community. Yup, I'd agree.

I am thankful for you all. You have literally clothed and fed us during the roughest weeks of treatment. You all have helped us purchase crazy amounts of meds and helped with our rent when we could not. You have made it possible for Lelah to live with us back in Oakalnd, ( many transplant families are forced to send their toddlers to live with family members because pre-school aged children bring home lots of viruses -which in our case would be deadly). During our final caregiver class in Seattle, I inquired about an entry date for Lelah into regular school and the answer was "not for year - at least". YIKES.

Your gifts have allowed us the amazing blessing of having a half time day care provider work within our home.

I am holding on to each precious moment knowing full well that these days are sacred. Thanking you all each and every moment of our days....

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Created by Ayoka Turner on January 9, 2013

Meet Kevin Weston
“My heart. My joy. Stay here. Please stay here.” Lateefah Simon, August 31, 2012
Kevin Weston is a 45-year-old new media journalist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is father to 2-year-old Lelah, stepfather to 17-year-old Aminah and the husband of Lateefah Simon. As a long-time mentor to aspiring journalists of color, Kevin’s life has touched many. Now, Kevin and his family need our help. In August 2012, Kevin was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia. A bone marrow match can help save his life. Kevin is African-American. Only about 8% of the nation’s 10 million registered bone-marrow donors are Black, which makes his chance of finding a bone marrow match quite slim. You are the key to helping Kevin change those odds.
Kevin & Lateefah’s Story
In 2012, life was good for Kevin Weston and Lateefah Simon. Deeply in love, the young couple was raising their beautiful daughters Lelah, 1 and Aminah, 16. A long time Bay Area journalist, Kevin had just been admitted to the prestigious John S. Knight journalism fellowship at . Lateefah, a nationally recognized civil rights leader, had started a job as a Program Director at the Rosenberg Foundation and in the spring was to start the SEERS Fellowship program for social entrepreneurs at .
Then, in an instant, everything changed. Now, Kevin and Lateefah urgently need your help. Kevin has been diagnosed with rare form of leukemia known as T-cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia (T-PLL), the cancer is very rare and aggressive, with only 10 cases per year in the .
Kevin has endured a month long stay in the ICU, 5 emergency surgeries, multiple hospitalizations, chemotherapy treatments 5 times a week and a host of other challenges - but he is ALIVE! Please give today to support Kevin and his family through this next phase of getting a bone marrow transplant.

Help save Lelah’s daddy and the love of Lateefah's life.

Please donate today. And for other ways you can help, check out:

To be in contact with the family:

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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Have faith!

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