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In half Way! Below you can read my story, why I want to go to Poland. Here I want to tell you an amazing story that happens to me throught GoFunMe. Every person in your life is there... more


Updated posted by Monika Katarzyna Blanchette 13 months ago

GUYS!!!! I have a great news! I know I'm going to Poland in the end on MARCH!!! how exciting! by amazing generosity of one person in particular i will be getting my tickets by using the frequent flyer points, but even this great opportunity comes with extra fees, so my dear friends I'm reactivating my donation page and ask for extra $300 to cover all the fees for travel, i would be grateful if anyone share this page :) every even little donation counts! thank you for you support so far! Poland here I come!


Updated posted by Monika Katarzyna Blanchette 15 months ago

Ok Guys, there is an Update - Thank's to Your generosity I was able to go to NYC and get the passport from the Polish Embassy, that was a crucial pat of the travel I'm about to take - now I know the time will have to be moved to Spring instead of late winter. The donations covered the cost of my NY - Westerly ticket and passport fees, first big step behind me. THANK YOU!!! Please share this page with everyone even little donations counts ;) Thank You again!


Updated posted by Monika Katarzyna Blanchette 15 months ago

I'm so Greatfull for people around who donate and share my my mission with their friends - thank's to your help i will be able to see that view soon!!! Excited!


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Created by Monika Katarzyna Blanchette on December 26, 2012

In half Way!

Below you can read my story, why I want to go to Poland. Here I want to tell you an amazing story that happens to me throught GoFunMe. Every person in your life is there for you for a reason, and peoples even those who you don't know can help you make your dreams come true. People who you are freinds only on facebook through same interest, who are touch by a story. Friends of Friends, that just happend to be amazinly giving person, give away their FF points.

Thanks yours Donations I was able to go to NY (which it self was amazing gift of adventure and sight seeing) to Polish Consulate, pay fees for new passport, pay extra fees for shipping the passport instead going back to NY and pick it up. The Remaining Needed Money will be used for: FF Points fees, taxes and extra fees on tickets (every country different extra fees and going to Poland I have to switch planes in Germany), travel to Boston and from Boston home after the trip is done. Thank You all for your support you are amazing group of people and is wonderful to feel that so many people care for my dreams!


Hi Friend,

Thank You for taking time to read this page. My name is Monika and I emigrated to USA 4 years ago. I love it here, it is truly a country of dreamers. Due me being here i was able to get married, have a baby boy (non of my family members was present for any of those big events)... have my life transformed for better... but I was not able to visit my home since then. In meantime a lot of my friends got married, have their own children that i never got to meet, life change... people are born and dieing. My grandmother past away while i was here and it was very painful for me to not be able to go there then.

I feel that my missing home feeling grown to the point of no return - I have to get there this year! As soon as I can. To share with my love ones who I am now, how my new life helped me grow, show them how much family mean to me and... charge my Polish batteries :-)

This $1000 will be spent for ticket to Poland and travel expenses only (ticket prices vary from $800 - up). So please help me get there in February 2013!
Peace and Love for all of you who decide to help me make my dream come true! and please share my page with your friends.

Thank YOU!


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Tylko nie zapomnij nas odwiedzić!!




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William Juhans

15 months ago


Monika I am no rich person but we share the fact of losing someone close. It's been 4 months since my Mother passed on. She was a giving person. This donation is from my mother. The opportunity I offered could be Life Changing. God Blesses You! Your Friend Bill.


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