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As many of you may already know Shondi has been diagnosed with breast cancer. On Friday, December 7 she underwent a double mastectomy. She began her reconstruction at that surgery, expe... more


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Every small donation helps to go toward groceries, general self card, and last but not least medical bills! Thank you for your support!


Created by Tiffany Amore on December 2, 2012

As many of you may already know Shondi has been diagnosed with breast cancer. On Friday, December 7 she underwent a double mastectomy. She began her reconstruction at that surgery, expecting to complete reconstruction with three total surgeries.

Shondi's cancer was stage 1 her 2+, Er/pr + . The treatment protocol was 6 rounds of chemo, one year of herceptin, 5 to 10 years of Tamoxifen, and reconstructing the breasts.

Shondi is a talented hair stylist and while she does have health insurance, she does not have paid time off. During the recovery for surgery and following chemotherapy she was unable to work as much as usual. After chemotherapy finished, stage 2 of reconstruction began and it looked like Shondi was well on her way to returning to work, soon to be full time, by mid June. One week after her surgery her implant became infected and she had to have emergency surgery to remove the Implant. She is being treated with IV antibiotics at Seton Main Hospital until further notice. This will delay her reconstruction process and require at least 2 additional operations than originally expected.

Shondi is a generous person, beautiful both inside and out. She is always thinking of others and is a giving and warm friend.

Please help us take care of her now, in her time of need. Anything you can give, no matter how small, is helpful. The goal set here has been calculated to include only what she would make during her time at work. Please help and please share this with others.

Shondi is incredible honored and grateful for your love and

*please note the financial goal of this fundraiser was put into place to cover only the expenses Shondi calculated she would miss as her base take home pay during the first surgery and chemotherapy recovery. Since this fundraiser began she has had to miss much more work than expected and the medical setback has become a financial strain on Shondi and her family. No one could have predicted the amount of time that would have to be used for recovery if something didn't go as planned.


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We are halfway to our goal! The money donated has helped to supplement Kayla's income to keep us afloat while I have been off work. The support we have gotten continues to inspire me to give back. I can see a light at the end of the chemo tunnel. Only two more surgeries and one year of herceptin infusions to go! I can do this, and I couldn't have done it with such grace without your help. Thank you.

posted by Shondi Pugh 12 months ago

Every time I see a new donation my heart swells! You all have no idea what a comfort this has given to us. Tiffany is a saint for setting this up for us. Left to our own devices, this holiday season would be a struggle as these larger medical bills start to trickle in. not to mention the regular old surprises that come with home ownership...rodents in the attic, additional repairs due to exterminator tripping and busting a hole in our ceiling due to rodents in the attic, etc...ya know, things like that. So thank you. Your generosity has inspired me. For our family, this season, and every season, will be more about giving forward than focusing on what we can get or have. Blessings and love and light to you, always.

posted by Shondi Pugh 16 months ago

Hope u r recovering nicely! Glad to hear surgery went well and things r looking up so far! Prayers out to u and ur family!

posted by Barbara Ballard 16 months ago

Thank you for your generosity! May Karma repay you tenfold for what you are putting forth. We are humbled and comforted beyond words. Xoxozo

posted by Shondi Pugh 16 months ago

Thank you thank you thank you. All of your donations, as well as your hugs and lives and positivity, bring us so much peace of mind! Xoxoz

posted by Shondi Pugh 16 months ago

We wish you the speediest of recoveries, Shondi! Please let us know if there is anything more we can do for you. P.S. my mom, Vicki M. also made a donation for you! :)

posted by Allison Johnson 16 months ago

Thank you all for your support! It means s much to us.

posted by Shondi Pugh 16 months ago

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Jessica Russell

7 months ago



Jodi Wilson

8 months ago



Alicia Wolf

8 months ago


Keep up the good fight Shondi! You can beat this... Sista! Love, Alicia Wolf



Annie Husen

8 months ago


Love ya, Shondi!



Emily Baroski

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9 months ago



Anita Kelley

9 months ago


Much love to you and Kayla. My prayers are with you both.



Patty Falo

9 months ago


Hang in there Shondi! Thinking of you and knowing you will come through all of this much stronger than you ever could have imagined.



Chris Randleman

10 months ago


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