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Friends of Linda and Claudio Marini are committed to helping them toward a fresh start after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. We all loved Barbarini, the charming and delicious Fr... more


Updated posted by Linda Chen Marini 13 months ago

Dear friends,

We are delighted to share that we have just signed a lease for an amazing space located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan at 21 Ann Street (corner of Theatre Alley). It is located on one of the oldest streets in Manhattan, in the corner commercial space of a newly developed building situated on HIGHER ground and most importantly"¦. close to all our friends, neighbors and customers we have missed all these months post Sandy!

We anticipate an early 2014 opening! We have a lot of work in store for us and would love to share our progress so please like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter as we build our new restaurant. Please also visit our website at www.daclaudionyc.com to join our mailing list or simply to check in for any updates on our progress.

We are thrilled to begin this new chapter and cannot wait to see all of you again!

Please know we could not have come this far had it not been for all the love, encouragement and support you continue to send our way!

Thank you ,
Claudio and Linda Marini
Da Claudio NYC
Ristorante & Salumeria


Updated posted by Linda Chen Marini 16 months ago

Thank you for generously donating to Da Claudio!

We are currently still looking at spaces and negotiating for the perfect space has proven to take some time. Rest assure, we are moving as fast as we can and promise you will be the first to know when we secure the location!

We are working on a logo and website but in the meantime, please continue to follow our progress via ny.eater.com as they document our journey as we rebuild (enter Claudio and Linda Marini or Barbarini in the search box).

Please know that we could not have gone this far without your support!


Claudio and Linda Marini

Da Claudio


Updated posted by Linda Chen Marini 19 months ago

Thank you for all the positive vibes and tremendous support you have sent our way!! We are looking FORWARD because of YOU! Really moved by the generosity and so grateful to have you be part of this journey post Sandy! We are working hard to make things happen thanks to you and look forward to revealing more so stay tuned! Lots of love, Claudio and Linda


Created by Linda Chen Marini on November 27, 2012

Friends of Linda and Claudio Marini are committed to helping them toward a fresh start after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  We all loved Barbarini, the charming and delicious Front Street restaurant and neighborhood hub.  We miss our delicious fresh pasta, served in Barbarini's beautiful skylit space; we miss the gelato and the cheese and the salumi we used to take home; but mostly we miss the warmth of our beloved hosts! 


Over the seven years since Barbarini's opening, the Marini's generosity of spirit has filled Front Street and become a part of our lives.  After Sandy's eight-foot surge swept through the restaurant, taking everything with it, pots, pans, food, furniture, and refrigerators, many volunteers went down to the Seaport to work alongside the Marinis and their neighbors to clean up the mess and salvage what they could.  Linda and Claudio were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and help. 


Now it is time for the Marinis to look to the future.  In the month since Sandy hit, they have come to realize that, with all the damage and limitations, it is impossible for them, in the near term, to move forward in their old location.  In order to begin supporting their family again, they hope to open another restaurant soon, on slightly higher ground but still in lower Manhattan.  While they are currently in search of a space, they have a name: Da Claudio.  As anyone who knows Claudio will attest, his love of life, family and food are the beating heart of any restaurant.  When Claudio fell in love with Linda, he named his midtown trattoria Caffe Linda for her.  Now it is time for Da Claudio to open its doors.


We can't imagine fans of Barbarini will not jump at the chance to see Linda and Claudio back in action, joined by any members of their fabulous staff who chose to follow them.  And if you have never tasted Claudio's food or had him pour you a welcoming glass of Prosecco, you are in for a treat.  The Marini's have given us so much.  It is time to help them out with a financial contribution toward opening Da Claudio.  For all those of us who support them in their effort to put Sandy behind them and start feeding the neighborhood again, there will be an opening night feast.  And there will be many years of Linda and Claudio's delicious warmth for us all to share.  Please join us with your donation today!


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I am so excited about the news of your signing the new lease!! You are on the way and i want to be one of the first to break bread with you!!

posted by Lesley Darman 13 months ago

So cIose to the goaI of opening another wonderfuI hangout for great food and feIIowship! xxx IesIey

posted by Lesley Darman 16 months ago

let's continue to support Da Claudio! Every little bit helps

posted by Lesley Darman 17 months ago

More next payday!

posted by Lesley Darman 18 months ago

Wonderful to see the fund growing... keep giving please!

posted by Lesley Darman 19 months ago

Kindness is a measure of who we are and it is powerful. Look around you and do one simple act of generosity today and it will live forever.

posted by Raphael Santore 19 months ago

Can't wait to have Saturday lunch at the new Barbarini... Love Claudio so much..

posted by Lesley Darman 19 months ago

great idea! we will share this among all our friends that had many lovely and unforgettable evenings at barbarini and caffe linda

posted by Fabio Paltenghi 19 months ago

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we will open the new place...of this I am sure!!



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Alexandra Perelman

17 months ago


With so much love. Wishing you luck



Lesley Darman

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Gail Linn

19 months ago


I wish nothing but the best for you and am sure you will rise again. I hope you can have a Merry Christmas anyway since you all still have each other.



Polly Brandmeyer

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19 months ago


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