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My name is Staff Sergeant Andrew Wahl. I have served honorably for 8 years in the United States Army and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. This is my second time being deployed to... more


Updated posted by Andrew Wahl 16 months ago

It's Christmas, Yall have been great. Thank you for all that everyone has done. Merry Christmas!


Updated posted by Andrew Wahl 16 months ago

Thank you all! I can't wait to pass the good news that I will have roll over funds for Thor's siblings!


Updated posted by Andrew Wahl 16 months ago

FUNDS RAISED! THANK YOU ALL! Anything extra that comes in will go toward helping Thor's brother and sister come to the U.S. with other soldiers and training for Thor. Thank you all so so so so so so so (GET HOW THANKFUL I AM???) MUCH!

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Created by Andrew Wahl on November 24, 2012

My name is Staff Sergeant Andrew Wahl. I have served honorably for 8 years in the United States Army and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. This is my second time being deployed to Afghanistan, my first was from 2007-2008. While here the first time I developed a passion for the Sagee Koochee dog breed and made it a goal of mine to some day bring one back home with me if I ever went back. Now almost 5 years since I first came to Afghanistan I have the Oportunity to rescue THOR. Thor is a young male puppy that lost his mother shortly after he was born and in a country that has no love for pets has found a safe haven with the Nowzad Dog Rescue. Working with a woman named Louise it is now my intention to rescue him and fulfill my goal. When Thor makes it to the states he will have 7 acres to call home, 2 little boys, a little girl, and another dog to play with. He will get to experience something most dogs in Afghanistan never will... FAMILY! I can not explain why it means so much to me to do this, but failure is not an option. The financial burdens are heavy, and it is a long process that involves the Thor travelling from Afghanistan to Europe and finally to the United states. There will be shots and quarentines along the way and the money raised will cover his vaccines, food, lodging, and transportation along his way. Thor needs to come home with me! He represents a beautiful part of the Afghan culture and I want my family to enjoy with me the one part of Afghanistan that always made me happy. It doesn't take much, just a dollar here or there to make my dreams come true. Thank you to all those who choose to give. No good deed goes unnoticed!


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so hope you get enough money

posted by Melonie Riggs 5 months ago

Love comes in many sizes....and strength in many forms. God Bless you and your friends for the love and compassion you show each of us by serving our country. Welcome home Thor.

posted by Sharri Fuentes 9 months ago

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated, Andy has been a brother to me for the past 8 years and it makes me so grateful he gets to bring Thor home. Now lets see if we can make two other soldiers get to bring home their new friends.

posted by Joel Lesh 15 months ago

I so happy thor and family will have a happy life, I have 6 dogs and of 4 they were throw away dogs, 3 cats one left in a box in a very hot day and I opened to my surprise a baby2 week old cat....love our pet family they always with use in high and lows, they don't if your fat or have 2 heads they just love you.

posted by Marinella Lorigo Jauregui 16 months ago

So many loyal canines were abandoned in Viet Nam when that war ended, and that has always make my heart break. Bless you many times over for thinking of your furry friend!

posted by Anne Gareis 16 months ago

Congratulations, Andrew! Now you need to start a blog so we can stay updated on Thor!

posted by Nancy Lee 16 months ago

Andrew, thank you for your service. I hope you and Thor will be able to be together for many years to come. I hope his siblings will also be coming home.

posted by Ginnie Sobczynski 16 months ago

Thank you for your service! I understand and appreciate the bond you share with Thor, what really touches me is your commitment to not leave him behind. I am with you on that one, and will tell anyone who will listen about your story. Thank you for not only being a soldier but a compassionate one at that! I cannot wait to see you and Thor reunited in Feb. Good luck!

posted by Margie Riggan 16 months ago

Andrew, thank you for your service! I know the t

posted by Margie Riggan 16 months ago

I am going to continue to pass this around facebook there are many animal lovers in the circles of friends I have. I wish you good luck and I know you will get your wish..... Please keep me posted. Jackie God Bless and thank you for keeping us free and safe in the United States of America....

posted by Jacqueline Raszeja 16 months ago

God Bless to you and your family Andrew! Hope you make your goal! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and of course thank you for your unrelenting sacrifice! XO Lynn Urbino and family

posted by Lynn Urbino 16 months ago

Andrew, thank you for your service!! Ihope you arrive back home safe and sound with your 'new family member'! My son, Dayn Wise, also in the 82nd Airborne, stationed in Fort Bragg N.C., returned home from deployment in Afghanistan in September. We are anxiously awaiting him to come home here to California for Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. I am a school friend of your Aunt Denise. :)

posted by Pamela Mitchell Wise 16 months ago

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15 months ago



Suzanne Chapman

16 months ago


My father, Jay, served overseas in Japan as part of the Occupation Army. Dogs always flocked to him, and dogs still stop at his home in hopes of getting in a good snuggle even though he's died a year ago. I know he would have loved you and your story. Since my Mom is from Denmark and I am a Viking, Thor is a fabulous name. God Bless You and all our troops in Afghanistan. Please give Thor a big hug from me!



Ron Schwartz

16 months ago


I hope that you have many happy years together.



Monica Gonzalez

16 months ago


Good luck to you and Thor and the rest of your family. I hope you all have many wonderful years to come! Thanks for all you do and God Bless.



Donna Costa

16 months ago


Giving you a little bit of money is the least I can do for all of the personal sacrifices made by you and your family during the course of your service to our country. Best wishes to you and Thor.



Jill Hopper

16 months ago


Merry Christmas - hope you are reunited with Thor soon!



Dmitry Klyuev

16 months ago


With love from Russia.. :)



Rose Capaccio

16 months ago


Merry Christmas, God bless, and Thank you!



Susan Drago

16 months ago


Great job! Continue the good work, and thank you!



Adriene Henderson

16 months ago


I hope you can bring him home soon & it is the least we can do for your great service!


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