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This Donation Page is to help fund a Memorial for Kirk Reeves aka The Trumpet Man   Please help cover some of the costs of this Memorial. The statue alone could cost a minimum of $30,... more


Updated posted by Arielle Freytag 5 months ago

Hi everyone! Yes we are still raising money for the memorial and still waiting to hear back from other funding sources. We are still uncertain to what type of memorial will be allowed at Kirk's spot. This is an expensive project and will take some time to get it put together. Updates can be seen on it's also a great place to share photos and stories about Kirk. :)


Updated posted by Arielle Freytag 17 months ago

As it looks, Mayor Sam Adams is directing people to our Memorial Funding, when the tweet him about the statue/plaque etc. So it's safe to say they are on board. :)


Created by Arielle Freytag on November 7, 2012

This Donation Page is to help fund a Memorial for Kirk Reeves aka The Trumpet Man


Please help cover some of the costs of this Memorial.

The statue alone could cost a minimum of $30,000 for just a little statue of Kirk Sitting on a bench playing his trumpet on the Hawthorne bridge. I know the economy is rough right now, so anything would be great. Even a Bench or Brass sign, would be awesome. Anything left over will be donated to help Homeless people with Diabetes.


We are holding a candlelight vigil for the man that always had a smile and made us smile on Sunday, November 18 at 4pm Under the Hawthorne Bridge. (Westside Waterfront) Please join us.


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I really like Arthurs idea of a bronze stool with a plaque on it.....that seems like a do-able and simple answer

posted by Martin Magnia 16 months ago

The bronze-painted stool and music stand that someone put alongside the flowers would be a nice sculpturethe music stand could have a plaque with Kirk's story and the stool itself would always be there for someone to sit and play music.

posted by Arthur Smid 17 months ago

Arielle. Thanks for all that you and your mom have done! Nice ceremony last night too! It looks like you guys are well on your way! I'm a business owner that would like to help. I have some good ideas that will not only help raise money, but also help us build something beyond the statue. Please let me know how we can talk. I never met Kirk, but I saw him every day as I crossed the Bridge. I want to do anything I can to help remember Kirk. To me, there is nothing more important than what Kirk did: "if you see someone without a smile....give them yours"

posted by Al Nodarse 17 months ago

I wonder if Oregon Cultural Trust or RACC would help fund an art memorial.

posted by Billie Shults 17 months ago

I think it would be great to see a life size bronze casting of his trumpet being played by his Mickey style glove. Perhaps mounted under the sign where he sat with a small inscription on the side of the horn. We will miss you "Working" Kirk.

posted by Matt Honeycutt 17 months ago

I speak as someone who only tangently know Kirk and the situations at hand, but I have spoken informally with some city staff. It sounds like Mayor Sam Adams is personally interested in seeing a memorial. However, the bridge itself is controlled by the county, so it's not as "simple" as if the city will allow a memorial. Concerns if or how it will affect traffic, red tape on city and county levels, who will create the memorial, what it will be and look like, who (if anyone) has approval for what the best memorial would be, how much it costs and how it will be paid for. None of these are blockers (yet), just factors to consider.

posted by Rich Mackin 17 months ago

Do we know yet if the city will allow anything to be put there, and if so what?

posted by Mia Sansom 17 months ago

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Thomas Pham

2 months ago




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Ed K

15 months ago


In memory of a man with a great heart and a smile for everyone.




16 months ago


Live on, Kirk.



Amanda Jarman

16 months ago



Jared Lee

16 months ago


He always had the largest smile, but when he caught you smiling at him somehow it got bigger.



Katy Liljeholm

16 months ago


I always meant to go up and talk to him. I wish I had. This is a way, way less good way of learning his name.




16 months ago



Carey Booth

16 months ago



Estelle Fromm

16 months ago


Since I live in Newberg, Oregon, I never had the opportunity to meet this kind-hearted man, who made people happy with his music. It is a wonderful idea to have a memorial statue in honor of him.


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