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Updated posted by Christopher Hart 2 months ago

Thank you everyone!

As promised, we are ending the campaign as the Seahawks season has ended. We are still glowing from our big victory last night, but let's not forget what all you 12s and Niners fans were able to accomplish: a victory against pediatric cancer.

Here are some amazing totals Aaron just got to me:

We raised $77,187 on the site alone. With the matches and extra donations that puts us at a grand total of $365,360. $283,173 going to UCSF and $82,187 going to SCH. I was informed by GoFundMe today that we may be their biggest charity effort to date.

When we started this we had set our goal at $20,000 and we thought we were really reaching for the stars. Look how you proved us wrong!

Thank you to everyone who donated, supported and spread the word about this. You should feel very good about what you've accomplished. Aaron and myself were completely blown away by the compassion and generosity you've shown.

See you all next year!





Updated posted by Christopher Hart 2 months ago

The final stretch!

Currently we are sitting at $76,572. With matches that puts us at OVER $362,000.

As promised, we are going to end this campaign when the Seahawks Season is over.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this great cause. Thank you to our anonymous matcher, Clearwater Casino, John Howie Restaurants, San Francisco 49ers, Cascade Natural Therapeutics and of course OUR HAWKS. You've all done something amazing.

If there's anyone out there that knows of a company or individual looking to make a tax deductible donation (that gets tripled with the matches!) please make them aware of our campaign. We would LOVE to make it to that $100,000. Email me at chart98367@aol.com if you have any questions or ideas.

Lastly, those that got the massage rewards - I will be in contact once the campaign is over! You haven't been forgotten.




Updated posted by Christopher Hart 2 months ago

It's game week!

Let's get pumped up and get this rolling again. I KNOW we can hit the $100,000 mark. Remember, every dollar donated gets tripled due to the anonymous matcher who is matching whatever we raise up to $100,000 to BOTH UCSF and Seattle Children's.

Also, I'd like to correct my previous update. The Niner fans that raised the billboard had always intended on donating whatever they raised past the cost of the billboard to Seattle Children's. It was not an afterthought, as I previous labeled it. Take a look at their campaign and donate here if you are interested: http://www.gofundme.com/Seattle-Billboard-Fund



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Created by Christopher Hart on December 18, 2013

We want to thank the San Francisco 49's Fans for their generous donation to Seattle Children's Hospital. We know that money donated to children's hospitals goes right to helping kids that have little to no insurance get the treatment they need. We know this, because our own Quarterback Russell Wilson spends much of his own time at Seattle Children's Hospital, rallying his community behind such an amazing cause.

Seattle fans, let's take a page out of Wilson's playbook and show San Francisco how generous we can be. If every Hawks fan gave just $1, think of the difference we could make in some kids lives?

All of the proceeds from this will go directly to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.


And why don't you check out what inspired this... Russell Wilson's work with our very own Seattle Children's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW0ASHGSgig

Let's do this!


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Hi Aaron - All donations can be made online through this site! Thank you!

posted by Aaron Managhan 2 months ago

I will be praying and see how much God what me to give. What is the add that I can send the $ to

posted by Aaron Williamson 2 months ago

Just a couple days left before the BIG ONE! Keep spreading the word! Let's max out as much as we can! Come on 12s! Keep it going!

posted by Aaron Managhan 2 months ago

Help us reach our goal before the Superbowl this week! Please keep sharing! We can do it, but not without your help and support! Almost to $76,000 on site, which is more than $350,000 including the matches... Let's max em out and show everyone the giving power of The 12! For the Hawks; FOR THE KIDS!

posted by Aaron Managhan 2 months ago

WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL! That means we've got two more weeks to max out our matches, which is now a very real goal! As of this morning, we are at $74,421 on site, which translates more than an estimated $354,000 overall! Thank you to the San Francisco 49ers for their match of more than $51,000! The estimated splits are now almost $275,000 for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, and almost $80,000 for Seattle Children's Hospital. THANK YOU HAWKS FANS! BEST FANS IN THE NFL! And thank you to the fans of the 49ers who have also been so awesome in joining the cause! Now let's finish strong!

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

I need to know how to get in to get a couple of superbowl tickets. I cant pay those high dollar prices. Dad has cancer and would love to take him to this game.Like I said I can pay but not thousands of dollars. I know theres people like this still out there. bill.huffman@charter.net

posted by Bill Huffman 3 months ago

I would also to say thank you Chef John Howie and John Howie Restaurants! What an incredibly awesome person and group to have on our community! They have now donated $10,000 to our campaign, claiming the tickets! But even cooler, they are auctioning off those tickets for another fundraiser! Take a look: http://goo.gl/ji7QJd Please considering patronizing one of their five restaurants as a way to say thanks! John Howie Steak (Bellevue) Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar (Seattle and Bellevue) Sport Restaurant & Bar (Seattle) Adriatic Grill Italian Cuisine & Wine Bar (Tacoma). Here is a cool profile of John and some of his other great charitable works! http://www.tasteofthenfl.com/c hefs/chef-john-howie

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

I just want to say thank you once more to each and every one of you here! This response has blown Chris and I away. Your personal stories have brought us both to places we never envisioned this campaign going! To, and I think I am safe to speak on both our behalfs when I say this, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

Thank you Seahawks fans - I am a 38 year employee of UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and we are so grateful!

posted by Kathleen Balestreri 3 months ago

Also, if you have any questions about the tickets, do not hesitate to contact Chris or myself for more info!

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

Help us spread the word about these awesome tickets! Similar seats are going for premium bucks on secondary ticketing sites, so help us find that special fan who wants to donate and have an unforgettable experience Sunday!

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

We were on Dori Monson show today, and Chris will be on Q13 fox tonight! Help alert the media as well! I think some of them might be getting a little sick of me ;)

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

It's time to get the media back into this one. There is no reason that this week we can't hit the mark. Komo, King, Kiro, KCPQ... Get this out there!

posted by Justin Paulsen 3 months ago

The three-match is set! Let's take advantage and blow this fundraiser up! Please keep sharing! WE CAN DO IT! Thank you all so much!

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

Karen, thank you so much for your note. It made my day!

posted by Christopher Hart 3 months ago

Thank you all for doing this. My son is treated at UCSF. We are lucky enough to have good insurance to see him through his cancer battle but I know so many families are not that lucky. Thank you for helping to give them one less thing to worry about. Both teams are amazing as are their fans!

posted by Karen Hatfield 3 months ago

Let's keep it going everyone! Let's max that $100,000! Please keep sharing and spreading the word! Also, let your local media know! Let's be the squeaky wheel!

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

What a great thing!!!Go Niners!!!

posted by Colette McIntosh 3 months ago

Keep it up everyone! This is still going strong...we might have got a bit quiet during the holiday week, but let's max out our matches! Please keep sharing! WE CAN DO IT! And GO HAWKS!

posted by Aaron Managhan 3 months ago

Thanks for the 49ers fans for putting the billboard 30 miles south of Seattle, in the boonies of City of Tacoma. Likely only 49er fans driving north I5 to Seattle will be able to notice it. :) Anyways, what this rivalry has done for kids is truly great. Can't wait for the next game between our great teams.

posted by Haris Bahtijaragic 3 months ago

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Velocity Grrl

2 months ago


You should be as proud of yourselves as you are of the Hawks. This is an amazing thing. Congrats!!!



12th man working @ Mercedes-Benz of Bellevue

2 months ago


Game on!! GO HAWKS!



Jeff Walker

2 months ago


Go Hawks!



Matt Morrison

2 months ago





Marla B

2 months ago


Another 12 wishes for a win today and to help kids in SFO and SEA. GO HAWKS!




2 months ago


Today's a big day and we all have a big goal! Let's get it done! for the kids... for us all... GO HAWKS!




2 months ago




2 months ago




2 months ago


Go Seahawks!



gary mossler

2 months ago




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