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WE CARE ABOUT GREECE Due to the recent financial crisis in Greece, many Greeks have found them selves in dire times with many becoming unemployed and losing their houses and security.... more


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Thank you to Fr. Joseph Moes for his donation!!!


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Mrs. Marvidis is 78 years old, she is a heart patient, she has to replace her pacemaker. Her pension is only 500 euro's. Her unemployed daughter lives with her, she has no social help, she has depressions and takes psuchopharmaca they pay every month 150 euro's for medicines, the rest of the income goes to electricity, water and other bills. I give them food every day. Mrs Mavridis needs to operated on her heart an new pacemaker and on her left eye. The Greek insurance pays very few, she needs for these operations together around 1000 euro's. Who's going to help? Please donate!

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Created by Ariadne Westerkamp on August 31, 2012


Due to the recent financial crisis in Greece, many Greeks have found them selves in dire times with many becoming unemployed and losing their houses and security. The healthcare and social / welfare infrastructure is collapsing with the situation predicted to become much worse in the future as more government austerity measures kick-in. The Greek people have experienced a catastrophic fall in their standard of living that is hard for most of us in the West to imagine. For many ordinary Greeks, survival is becoming a critical issue with increasing numbers becoming destitute and living on the streets. And remember, these are people who enjoyed the same level of security, income and lifestyle as we do. Just imagine who we’d feel if this was happening to us!

Over the past months I have become increasingly alarmed to experience Greek society slowly collapsing. This is both terrifying and very sad.

“My name is Ariadne WesterKamp. I am a Greek citizen. I am one of the lucky ones; so far. I still have a job, a house and money to buy food – for the time being at least.

The only treasure I have is my love for and my abilities in music.

I realised that I had to do something about this situation; do whatever I could using my contacts to help out in some way.
It occurred to me that I had many contacts on Twitter who were musicians. Gradually, the idea of producing several musical pieces and/or songs on the theme “Greece” as a fundraising project began to form. Following on from this I began to ask my fellow musicians on Twitter if they would be willing to donate their time and skills to the project to help me produce a range of music in different genres.”

There are several organizations within Greece that are battling against huge challenges to try and bring some small relief to this situation.

The Greek Orthodox Church with their wide network of churches in both rural and urban districts are feeding millions of people by supplying one warm meal each day. Currently, each church feeds around 400 people but the demand is still rising and the Church is finding it increasingly difficult to support this work.

Other partners for collaboration are “EPAM-Hellas”, an originally more political organization of solidary citizens that provides essential goods and food to poor families along with offering medical help for free (medical services and supplies are collapsing fast in Greece). "Doctors of the World" are increasingly not only helping immigrants but Greeks as well.

“To hamogelo tou paidiou” (= the smile of the child) that supports children and their family financially, psychologically and medically,- “Doctors without borders”, who give medical help free of charge for anyone, and “Theophilos”, a charity organization that is specialized to support big families who -especially in the villages- live in dire circumstances.

It is our aim to fundraise €10.000 every month for food and medical help. This is an ambitious goal and we need all the help and support we can get!

From September 2012 every month we’ll release a musical piece, available on youtube ( that will be promoted online on facebook ( to fundraise for the benefit of the poorest Greek people. The money will go directly to the organizations mentioned above and will be used for food and medical care.
As a reward one can download the songs from our Vimeo website:
Of course it is also possible to go straight to the websites of these organizations and donate!

We thank all the musicians and other artists and organizers for their time and efforts to make this to a success.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Amazing i love this

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be free to comment and tell your opinion!

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