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If you went to the University of Texas in the last 10-15 years and ate at the Wendy's in the Union EVEN once, you remember Junior. THIS MONEY WILL ABSOLUTELY GO TO JUNIOR AND WILL BE DON... more


Updated posted by Benjamin McPhaul 2 months ago

Thank you so very much to everyone who helped or offered to help!! I never would have imagined that this would get as big as it has gotten. I have been in contact with Junior and we are working as fast as we can to get these funds to him an a safe and secure manner. Thanks again for everythjng!


Updated posted by Benjamin McPhaul 2 months ago

To all those people that have offered to help get Junior a job, he was delighted to hear that. We want to make sure that this money is spent in a way that will help Junior in the LONG RUN, not just a temporary fix. Again, thanks to all the contributors, this money is going to positively alter his life.


Updated posted by Benjamin McPhaul 2 months ago

We found Junior!!! Thank you again to everyone that has donated, we are amazed with the support everyone has shown Junior! We had lunch with him this afternoon and his top priority was getting off the streets. We are working with some case workers and attorneys to figure out how to secure a furnished apartment ASAP.


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Created by Benjamin McPhaul on February 7, 2014

If you went to the University of Texas in the last 10-15 years and ate at the Wendy's in the Union EVEN once, you remember Junior. THIS MONEY WILL ABSOLUTELY GO TO JUNIOR AND WILL BE DONE SO IN A MANNER THAT WILL BETTER HIS LIFE!! The Daily Texan wrote about his departure a few years ago that he was returning to New York and heralded him as our "Beloved Wendy's Guy." Junior made me laugh as a student and was always smiling. Last night, February 7th, 2014, my fiancee and I ran into Junior on the street near Campus. His mother passed away and left him homeless. This breaks my heart and I want to help, but I cant do it alone. Lets raise some money to get Junior back on his feet!! All proceeds will go towards getting Junior a place to live and a job

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Thank YOU Paul for starting this campaign to help Junior and for finding him!! Please let us know if there is more that we can do to help and give Junior our love!

posted by Eugenia Beh 2 months ago

Great job on taking the initiative on this. Really awesome work! But I don't understand all this talk about the money going to efforts to help Junior in the long run. Why not just give him the money?

posted by Xuening Sun 2 months ago

Great work on getting this campaign up and going! Question - why are donations closed when there might still be people out there (myself included) that want to support him (as long as the money is being used responsibly for his long-term betterment)?

posted by Naveed Lalani 2 months ago

Like many others, I contacted Wendy's over the weekend about Junior's situation. Here's their response: "Wendys recognizes and appreciates the wonderful outpouring of support for Junior, a former employee at our University of Texas campus restaurant in Austin. We would also like to support him by offering Junior independent professional services that can help him right away. We are proud to serve the UT Austin community and all of our customers."

posted by Ellen Lazaretti 2 months ago

Nice job Ben. Way to step in and take the lead on doing something

posted by Nathan Sportsman 2 months ago

I'm so excited about this. I wish I'd thought of it when I first heard he was in trouble. To Vanessa, I would say that if you don't like this idea, just don't contribute.

posted by Mary Lou Price 2 months ago

This is such a great story! I just tweeted Wendy's -Oprah & ABC NEWS!! This deserves national coverage .. Warms my

posted by Tracy Smith 2 months ago

Why does an attorney need to involve in helping him secure a living space? Just curious =]

posted by Liem Huynh 2 months ago

Wendy's responded to my Facebook post that they are reaching out as well. Keep us all updated!!

posted by Kacy Schwartz 2 months ago

Hello Longhorns! This is a wonderful way to give back but before we think of solutions to either build him a house, give him cash in our own bubble etc why dont we : just ask Junior how he wants to be helped? In this simple way we include Junior into the effort and worry less about money going missing. I'm sure Ben is an honest man, we just need Junior to be aware this is happening and have a voice. Prashant, UT alum '05

posted by Prashant De 2 months ago

I hope there is some kind of oversight to make sure this money makes it to Junior. I don't just want it to "go to help him". I want it to go to him. If you can, please post some information so we have better certitude he's going to be receiving these donations properly. I'd feel a lot more comfortable sharing this story with people in that case. Why not contact the Daily Texan and let them know about this fundraiser? Hell, I'm going to send them an e-mail right now just in case.

posted by Kerry Justice 2 months ago

Re: to Vanessa Mizutowicz - This is the tool that Ben had available at the time. If you don't like the method, figure out another way and don't contribute - it's that simple. No need to taint a good thing :)

posted by Major Hoffman 2 months ago

Junior didn't work for Wendy's, he worked for the vendor that provided food service at the Texas Union.

posted by Robert Booth 2 months ago

#payitforward he made all 10 years of my undergrad bearable!

posted by Rachel Henson 2 months ago

I just want to point out that those who have seen the documentary know how much Wendy's at the Union took care of him when he worked there, so please be sensitive and don't dog on Wendy's without knowing more details about what happened. I am sure Wendy's will help him too.

posted by Natasha Thanatos 2 months ago

OMG I would happily volunteer if we could build a house for Junior! Great guy with a great heart. Thank you for the opportunity to help him!

posted by Jordan Brackett 2 months ago

Do you all realize that the platform website will keep almost 10% of the donation?

posted by Vanessa Mizutowicz 2 months ago

So if Junior moved to New York a few years ago, what is the story on why he is back in Austin now?

posted by Vanessa Mizutowicz 2 months ago

This is so awesome. I spent nearly every night from 1999-2001 with Junior in the Union... such an example of how things come full circle when people do good, live right, and follow their passions. The universe - and people - remember... Junior's simple kindness stuck with so many people after so many years. Ben, your kind thought that led to ACTION has created an outpouring in just 24 hours... so awesome. I'd love to offer the help of our #besomebody community and platform to drive more awareness, help build a home, or whatever it is you guys decided to do. We're here to support people like Junior, Ben and everyone else playing a small role to make a big difference. - Kash. #besomebody.

posted by Kash Shaikh 2 months ago

Kevin's idea is incredible, as is this entire page. Those would be 300 hours I would absolutely give for such a sweet guy.

posted by Maria Bonet 2 months ago

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Josh Campbell

28 days ago


Yes! You never remember every concept learned in every class, but you'll never forget those friendly faces that were there to make even the most stressful days enjoyable. Great campaign.



Gina Garza

1 month ago


Thanks Junior for making my lunch at UT smooth, quick, and memorable! You are awesome!




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1 month ago




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1 month ago



Sam Gutierres

1 month ago


I am not a UT alum or a Wendy's foodie, but this is an awesome task you have undertaken for someone. Good luck.



Sheel Vyas

1 month ago


Thanks for taking this initiative. Hope we can help Junior get back on his feet.


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