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Heather was badly injured in the blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2013. She suffered a a severe injury to her left foot which resulted in a below knee amputation. It wi... more


Updated posted by Julie Moura 1 day ago

It's the weekend leading up to Marathon Monday in Boston and in case you haven't heard... Heather is running this year! She's joining Erin Chatham at the last half mile and running on her running leg to the finish line! Erin and her husband, Matt (former NFL Patriots lineman) were Heather's first responders and now her friends. They expect to meet up around 4:15 EST and you can track Erin using her bib number 29747 by texting it to 345678. It will also be aired on Universal Sports Network which is free all weekend.

Heather has been busy during the weeks leading up to the marathon, making appearances on Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, Extra and ESPN just to name a few!

Check out her Facebook page Heather Abbott: Road to Recovery to see some of the clips of her interviews this week. You can also find her on Twitter at Heather_Abbott1.

Wishing Heather good luck on Monday! I'll be back in touch for one final update after the marathon!



Updated posted by Julie Moura 10 days ago

Heather has been busier than ever preparing for the one year anniversary since the Boston Marathon bombing. She has completed many speaking engagements including Partners’ Healthcare Annual Conference for Business Development in Boston and is looking forward to delivering commencement speeches at Kean University and West Virginia University School of Medicine next month, among several others.

Heather recently traveled to Lexington, KY to be the special guest of honor at the Run the Blue Grass Half Marathon, where she met many supporters, a few horses and quite a bit of bourbon!  You may have also seen her participating in the Red Sox home opener on April 4th with other bombing survivors. Look for her again on the field for opening ceremonies on April 20th for the last big tribute by the Sox to the marathon bombing survivors.

Our family will be joining Heather, her friends, and her life savers Matt & Erin Chatham at a Brigham & Women’s marathon bombing tribute event and the City of Boston’s tribute event on April 15th. The following week, April 21st, is this year’s Boston Marathon. Heather has been practicing her running because the BAA is going to allow her to jump in at the end of the marathon to join Erin Chatham in crossing the finish line of her first marathon. Erin initially helped Heather after being struck by the bomb’s shrapnel last year.

Be sure to look for Heather on ESPN, USA Today, APB, NPR, CBS Nightly news, and Comcast Sports over the next few weeks. Heather will also be on the Today Show on April 15th.

You can purchase your “Heather Strong – Still Standing Strong” t-shirt by visiting the following website: http://heather-strong.myshopify.com. Orders must be placed by 2pm this Friday to ensure delivery prior to this year’s Boston Marathon. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Heather’s Recovery Fund.

I am looking forward to providing you all with a FINAL update following the marathon. After that post, updates will continue on the Facebook page “Heather Abbott: Road to Recovery” or on Heather’s twitter page “Heather_Abbott1”. Thank you all for your continued support!


Heather practicing running

Red Sox Home Opener on April 4th


Updated posted by Julie Moura 1 month ago

About a month ago I was sitting with my husband and our daughter in the waiting room of our pediatrician’s office, and I glanced over at a young girl reading a magazine. I whispered something to husband that I never would have imagined saying a year ago… “Look at the foot on the cover of that magazine… I think that’s Heather’s foot!” Sure enough it was in fact Heather’s foot featured on the cover of Brown Medical Magazine’s Winter edition. She was also featured in a story about when to choose amputation versus trying to save a damaged limb.

Heather’s story also made it to the United Kingdom. She is featured in the April UK edition of Marie Claire magazine in a story called “Boston Bombers Won’t Stop Running.” The magazine is currently on sale in the UK and will be on sale at Barnes & Noble in the US around March 23rd.

Heather continues with speaking engagements around the US, including Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Heath Services, Remax Employee Awards Gala, and Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel Conference in Marco Island, FL.

She recently attended the book release party in NYC for “Leggy Blonde,” the memoir of Aviva Drescher, amputee and Real Housewives of New York City reality TV star. Heather will be making a guest appearance on an episode of the Real Housewives soon. The exact date of her appearance is TBD, but the series season premiere is Tuesday, March 11th at 9:00pm EST on Bravo TV.

On April 1st a book called “Long Mile Home” will be released. The book recalls the events of the Boston Marathon bombing, and features Heather’s story as well as four other individuals affected by the attacks. Heather will be participating in various interviews and book signing events to promote sales of the book, a portion of which will go to the One Fund which benefits victims of the bombing.

It will soon be one year since that horrific day which changed her life forever. Heather will be attending the Boston Marathon next month with her friends and will also be participating in many events leading up to the one year anniversary. Look for her on the local and national news in the coming weeks.

A Facebook page has been created so that you can continue to follow Heather’s progress after the one year anniversary. The page is called “Heather Abbott: Road to Recovery.” Please search for it and remember to “like” it. This page also links to her Twitter account @luvpugs92.

Thank you for your continued support. (Please be sure to visit www.gofundme.com/heatherabbott for photos.)


Brown Medical Magazine

Heather with Aviva Drescher

Article in Marie Claire (UK edition)

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Created by Julie Moura on April 21, 2013

Heather was badly injured in the blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2013. She suffered a a severe injury to her left foot which resulted in a below knee amputation. It will be a long road ahead for Heather, and we are hoping to relieve some of the impending financial burden by raising funds in her name. This will allow Heather to focus all of her energy on getting better. Please share this page with your friends and donate to help Heather and her family during this very difficult time.

Many kind and generous individuals have been asking for an address to send cards or checks to:

Heather Abbott Recovery Fund
487 Spring St
Newport, RI 02840

In Heather's own words, "Thanks to all who have shown their support. I really can't put into words how much it means to me."

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Good luck on that run on Marathon Monday! I wish I could be cheering you on from the crowd up there. You'll have the crowd going wild!

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 11 hours ago

In Oct.2013 I had to decide to have my left leg amputated below the knee due to an infection I had fought for 4 years. And Heather and the other amputee survivors made it possible for me to BUCK UP and get on with my life after the amputation. I too was at Spaulding and I recognize Dr.Crandell, and Julia Broyer and Spaulding was and is a very special place of people up there on the 5th floor.

posted by Stephanie Crandell 4 days ago

I don't know if this will help or not. But when roads or walkways are icy, I'm terrified of falling because of the damage to my knees. When it's dangerous outside I wear knee pads from my skating days underneath my pants and they do wonders if I fall. One time I slipped on some icy steps and one knee went right into a concrete corner of the stairway. It didn't hurt at all because the hard shell knee pads took the impact. My kit also had elbow and wrist pads though I never used them. They make them in different colors and the kits were pretty inexpensive when I got them from Target (sold near bicycles and skateboards), but other places sell them as well.

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 4 months ago

Heather, That's great that you're campaigning for better cosmetic prosthetic coverage for all amputees. You're going to be helping a lot of people with this effort. I hope it helps you get all the coverage you need as well. You look fantastic in the stilettos, by the way.

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 4 months ago

Wow you looked so amazing running at the CAF camp. You also looked so happy to be getting out there and running again. I figure when it gets cold you might be able to find boots with 4" heels, but you don't need the cosmetic prosthesis to look amazing!

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 6 months ago

Heather, I hope your new memories of the Forum have helped heal the nightmare of April 15th. The wonderful things that happned that horrible day should help, too: all the people who worked together to get you to the ambulance as well as the other people with severe injuries who were rescued by the amazing heroes of that day. I hope modern medicine will help all of you get back to the active lives and a life free of pain. Congratulations on being able to go back to work. That's got to be a big morale booster.

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 8 months ago

OMG Heather that's awesome, ditching the crutches! I like the pink cane too :) I hope you find the new socket much more comfortable.

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 9 months ago

Aww I wish we could have seen ya dance! I bet that was fun. I checked out the band's website they seem really good too. That's great you're starting to get up and down the steps and able to use the crutches less.

posted by Jagdish Khandelwal 10 months ago

I wish you a speedy recovery and after reading your story, I just want you to know that someday soon, you will not have to have your friends or family help you with daily stuff. Your strong will and determination will allow you to move forward on your own. My son lost 3 limbs in the war and does it all, by himself ( with prosthetics)So I hope this encourages you to keep up the good spirit

posted by Julie Graham 10 months ago

I am so inspired by you and the other women that were on Rock Center. To have such a tragedy and still maintain your optimism is phenomenal. Stay Strong!

posted by Kellie Collins 10 months ago

ABC4All is partnered with Jazz for Peace and can do a series of FUNdraising Concerts to take care of the life-time expenses of each person shown on Rock Center and others as well. See http://fth.abc4all.net

posted by Burton Danet 10 months ago

Hi Heather, I am the US Operations Manager for Acorn Stairlifts. We just donated and installed stairlifts for the Norden brothers and we would like to do the same for you if you need it. Please contact me at sherbst@acornstairlifts.com if you or any of the other victims we may have missed has a need for a lift and we'll get one in for you! Stay strong! Shawn

posted by Shawn Herbst 10 months ago

Dear Heather: Wishing you well on your recovery!! Keep staying strong like you are doing!!

posted by Diana Diaz 11 months ago

Hi Heather, I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I had been using a 'Healing with Medical Hypnosis' CD and it occurred to me that you might benefit greatly from it. So I contacted the hypnotherapist, Dr. Gurgevich, and he suggested his latest 'Healing with Hypnosis' CD and also 'Surgery' and Recovery', (free of charge). He basically encourages your body to heal itself through suggestion/meditation and has had amazing results with his patients. Anyway, Dr. Gurgevich has provided me with mp3s for you. I just need an email address where I can send them. Or you can contact him directly. Just tell him who you are and that you'd like those CDs. Here is his website so you can check it out. http://www.healingwithhypnosis .com/medical-hypnosis If you know of any others recovering that would like these CDs, please let me know. Warmest regards, Lisa Foster

posted by Lisa Foster 11 months ago

I added this charity to a list at http://www.toptenz.net/top-10- fundraisers-set-up-for-the-bos ton-marathon-bombing-victims.p hp which will hopefully bring some additional donations your way! :)

posted by Matthew Zarzeczny 11 months ago

Hi ''Heather'' all of us Jews are praying for you 3 times a day @ the synagogue that you should a have a speedy recovery

posted by Shea Heshel Fasten 11 months ago

If anyone is interested in buying a Heather Strong tee shirt, email John at thatguysinger@gmail.com by Friday, May 3rd with "Heather Strong shirts" in the subject. You will need to specify the size/sizes you are ordering.

posted by Ryan Belmore 11 months ago

Stay strong Heather! We are all praying for you to make a speedy recovery!

posted by Christopher Baril 11 months ago

Prayers and blessings to you and your family. Your courage and positive attitude are very inspiring...stay strong and I'm sure you will overcome all of this adversity.

posted by Eric Dahler 11 months ago

Dear Heather, Wishing you the very best in regards to moving forward with what you were made a victim of. Keep defining beauty and class! x Best, Timothy

posted by Timothy Nelson 11 months ago

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Stephanie Santos Russo

14 hours ago


Marathon-2014 Go Marc! We love you Heather!



Miles David

20 hours ago


2014 Marathon!



Chris and Bob Cullen

1 day ago


You continue to be an insoiration to us all. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you. Glad Steve is going with you and the other Newporters this year. Love, Chris and Bob




1 day ago



Kelly Fasel

3 days ago


Just caught your latest interview on the news. You continue to amaze me. Hope to see you soon!



Cathy Ronan

4 days ago


Heather, Continue to be strong. You are a hero to many.




5 days ago



Philip Sachs

8 days ago


Hi Heather, My name is Philip. I am an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Among the items that I make and sell are screen printed skylines of many cities across the country. Since the Boston Marathon bombing, I have been collecting money from the profits of the Boston skyline prints I make to donate to various victims. Now that a year has passed, I have chosen 5 people and will be donating to each of them. It is my goal to keep collecting money and continue the donations each year. In addition to the monetary donations I will be making initially to some of the victims, I would like to offer a Boston skyline print that I've made to you and any of the other victims who would like one. You can look at the art in the link below. If you would like to have one, reach out to me at my email address with your mailing address. Please share this offer with any victims that you are in touch with that might like one too. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1 18346367 Wishing you all the best! -Philip Sachs sheepshead.design@gmail.com www.sheepsheadnyc.com



David Buckta

9 days ago


2014 Marathon - Marc



Diane Daddario-Pfautz

9 days ago


Heather, you are such an inspiration to all women!!


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