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Ben Wolverton, age 16, was in a long-boarding accident on Wednesday the 3th, 2013. After falling off his board, he suffered from severe brain trauma as well as a cracked skull, broken p... more


Updated posted by Spencer Wolverton 11 months ago

I would like to thank everyone again for all the donations. Every little bit helps and we appreciate it more that we can express. We also would like to give a huge shout ot to the folks at "JordanCon" who raised 4,318.00. Amazing.


Updated posted by Spencer Wolverton 12 months ago

A short update on Ben. So Ben is out of his coma and very slowly regaining consciousness. If you have been following updates on Facebook then you know that he has been opening his eyes a little bit and following, with difficulty, some commands. He is going to need months of therapy, but then we hope he will be alright. Thanks everyone so much for your kindness!


Updated posted by Spencer Wolverton 12 months ago

Update on Ben: It has been over ten days now since Ben fell off his longboard.

We got his MRI results back today, and the doctor said that there isn't much change. The internal bleeding in his brain has lessened a bit.

Mary said that Ben has raised his left arm a couple of times a little today, and that when the nurses put ointment in his eyes, he opened them for a moment. She said that he also twitched his shoulder.

The doctor said that Ben's neck is quite stiff from his neck brace, so they are going to put a softer one on him.

This is the first day that Ben has really moved at all, so I think that he has begun to wake up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If he does wake up, the process should take three or four days, since the medications are working their way out of his system.

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Created by Spencer Wolverton on April 6, 2013

Ben Wolverton, age 16, was in a long-boarding accident on Wednesday the 3th, 2013. After falling off his board, he suffered from severe brain trauma as well as a cracked skull, broken pelvis, broken tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drum, as well as road rash and many scars. He is currently stable, but in a coma.

Ben is a straight-A student, very athletic, and is well liked by all that know him.

His family has no insurance, and the bills for the hospital and treatment in this instance often exceed a million dollars, but we are starting out low, hoping that he will recover quickly. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

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After learning about Ben, our book club decided to read the first Runelord's book at our next meeting. Hopefully it'll help in some small way. God speed Ben to a full recovery.

posted by Sharon Goza 11 months ago

Spence -- you're the DUDE. You are awesome and you know the hard part of love. My strength is with you. Continue. Ben is gonna surprise everyone. You are a very good brother. I do not know you... but my heart is here for you. Continue. I am here. Duh, like what does that mean...? I guarantee you... a lot. Kisses hugs all of you. Ben is gonna be OK. Seriously. XXX OOO

posted by Kelley Essoe 12 months ago

Please also know you can donate to Ben Wolverton Donation Fund at any USBANK

posted by Kristi Smith 12 months ago

I just bought Nightingale after seeing several of David's fellow authors post about Ben's accident. I hope it hels in some small way. I wish for a quick and full recovery for him

posted by Tine Bergersen 12 months ago

To Michelle Campbell: Ben is my nephew and I've been worrying about how he will overcome the brain trauma and lead a successful life after this. Your note here is very inspiring to me and I really appreciate it. I've read Dr Amen's book on brain health and it is absolutely amazing. As I read it, I had to think back to several times during football when I am now quite sure I bruised my brain and I can only wonder how many people are living with some level of brain injuries. Thanks to all who have inspired David and Mary and have donated. David is often in tears because of what you are doing.

posted by Jim Wolverton 12 months ago

I bought Nightingale this morning. I wish you all the very best. Not good with words at times like these.

posted by Donna Munt 12 months ago

Have bought one of the books. I'm a survivor of a bad car accident which messed up my body and my brain - and I'm now a bestselling author. There is hope, there is a future. Read Dr Daniel Amen's books on brain health, they really help after trauma like this. Praying and trusting that the long days ahead will be filled with love and support for all the family.

posted by Michelle Campbell-Scott 12 months ago

We helped with the book bomb. Hope all goes well. Your family is in our prayers.

posted by Janet Cattaneo 12 months ago

I wanted to let Ben's family know about medical billing advocates. They are people whose job it is to lower hospital bills. I learned about them in a recent TIME magazine article (LONG article!) titled "Bitter Pill" by Stephen Brill. Please read it and know that you do NOT have to pay what the hospital and doctors' bills list. Many of these advocates will even work for you for free (others charge for the service). I truly hope this bit of info helps. In the midst of everything you're going through, you don't need to worry about astronomical bills, too. Best wishes to Ben and your family.

posted by Katie Gibbs 12 months ago

We are pulling for you! We have been praying like crazy! the boys have been so worried about you Ben! You are strong kid and your family is incredible! I know you will pull through this! We love you! Love the Elzys! P.S. YOu need to come home so the boys can doorbell ditch! lol Im only kidding!

posted by Danagail Elzy 12 months ago

Ben, our family is praying for you and your family everyday that you will pull through and heal completely. We are rooting for you!! Your old Primary President loves you and misses seeing you. :)

posted by Barbara Andersen 12 months ago

Ben, you are such a special spirit, hang in there buddy, you are so amazing. We are all rooting for you from DMS.

posted by Robin Keith 12 months ago

Love you Ben and we are rooting for you to pull through!!

posted by Kristi Smith 12 months ago

Prayer are with all of you. We send our love.

posted by Nadia Crawford 12 months ago

Thinking about you and wishing the best for Ben and his family.

posted by Jen Betenson 12 months ago

I'm praying like crazy.

posted by Alley Pat 12 months ago

What an overwhelming response. Thank you all for your generosity. My family appreciates it greatly.

posted by Danielle Wolverton 12 months ago

We're praying for you, Ben and family!

posted by Rachelle Hearn 12 months ago

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Thanks for supporting my campaign, too! Good luck!


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