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On December 4, 2012, when Hawk was only 3 weeks old, he sustained a massive spontaneous brain hemorrhage. Hawk is our only child, a product of many prayers and the miracle of In Vitro F... more


Updated posted by Katie Karlton Harrison 8 months ago

So I feel like it's been forever since I have really written a post with any content. I've just been going like crazy since school (my job because I teach elementary art) started back. My first day was Monday and the kids first day was today. I was so rusty, horrible time management, cracking voice, rambling instructions. Oh well, I know I will get back in the groove quick enough.

I'll try to hit the highlights of the past few days. Sunday Hawk was in the church nursery by himself for the first time! He was sleeping and off food so I figured he would be ok, and of course he was. They held him the whole time and when he woke up they played patty cake and tried to get him to say "mama". Monday Hawk had PT and I think I already posted about that a little but, the PT was impressed with his standing. Hawk is really loving to stand these days and is getting much better. He still needs strong trunk support for balance and can only lift his head for a second but he is holding his full weight. The best part is that he wants to stand up and he communicates that to me by wiggling and stretching out his legs and grumbling. He is communicating in other new ways also! He's starting to smack when he's hungry, grumble when he wants to change positions or he's cold, smiling more, talking some at random times (not just during play) and his face is VERY expressive when I feed him tart foods. He much prefers bland veggies, cereal, or sweet things. I mentioned Hawk had Lekotek play therapy on Tuesday already in a post but I did not get the picture up and I'm sorry for that but I will do that tonight after this post. The picture is on my phone and I'm typing from the computer right now. The lady from Georgia Pines vision therapy came out for the second time on Wednesday. Most of her time was spent asking assessment questions but she did give us a few things to work on. She suggested playing peek-a-boo with toys and seeing if he notices that they disappear and reappear. She also printed out some bull's eye and checker board patterns for us to see if he was attracted to the high contrast. I had already read that babies like high contrast and had worked with him some using a baby stimulation app on my iPhone. And she suggested playing games where you take turns (like I clap his hands, then my hands, then wait to see if he will try to clap) which is what I was doing when she suggested playing games where you take turns. So I think we've got that one down :) So much of this stuff just seems like common sense but I maybe it's because I went to school for education. Hawk's eyes are getting better every day. He really looks at people now. Still does not do a steady track of us or objects but we he will find things if you move them. And it seems like he only "sun downs" now when he's working really hard at something or is sleepy. Today he went the chiropractor but otherwise just had a chill day at home. I fed him a about 3 tbls of cereal/pears/formula mixture by mouth when I got home. We played for about a minute and as soon as I handed him to our friend Laura Beth, he was fast asleep. So I got to cook supper while she held him. John even helped me! I love to cook so that was fun, even though I was so tired from my first full day of teaching. I made PF Chang's mongolian beef. It was my third time making it and not my best but it can't be perfect every time, right?

Today was hard for me emotionally. I can't help but look at all the children at school and wonder what Hawk will or will not be able to do. Where will he fit in? What teacher will he need? Will he ever have a girlfriend? Will he feed himself at lunch? Will people treat him right when I'm not watching? I know this is a downward spiral and I try not to go there but just being honest, it crops up in my mind as I walk the halls in those in-between moments. I figure every parent of a special needs child has these thoughts. Heck, probably every parent has similar thoughts! We all just want the very best in life for our babies. As I type these very private thoughts, some times it hits me, like just now, that many people are reading this. Believe it or not, I'm a very private person. I'm horrible at meeting new people. John is the social one! I guess I can just type all of this on facebook because it feels private while it's being typed from my couch at 11:30pm. It's really a good way to get it all out. And I'm so grateful to my two sweet friends that started this page so early on in this journey and to all of you for listening and supporting us.

Anyway, back on topic...That brings us to tomorrow. Hawk has his helmet fitting appointment at 11am and feeding/OT at 1:30pm. I'm going to be sad to have to cover up that beautiful blond hair for 23 hours a day! But it will be worth it to help his head shape. I hate to miss appointments and therapies but Gramma and Dad will be there so it's not like I worry. I just wish I was there too.

When you send up your prayers for Hawk please say one for John as well. He is still battling really bad kidney stones. He is literally passing about 5 a week, not exaggerating! He went for a CT scan today to see if his kidneys are damaged and to get a better idea of what's going on. We know they are oxalate stones and diet and medicines have not helped yet. Not sure why we've seen this huge increase lately but it just won't let up. If you have had kidney stones then you know how painful and exhausting they are to deal with.

Thank you for your prayers for my men :)



Updated posted by Katie Karlton Harrison 8 months ago

So I'm up this morning trying to design a t-shirt for ‪#‎DoItForHawk‬ and I was thinking, should I put the # in front or not? So I though, well I will google DoItForHawk and see what comes up. It brings up the FB site, the gofundme site, the fundrazr site, and twitter as the first few. I don't have a twitter account so I never really thought about anything being on there but apparently it will let you look on even if you don't have log in. There were quite a few tweets and most of them were from the first few days that Hawk was sick. It hit me like a ton of bricks. First off, how amazing the support has been for us and second, the reality that Hawk could have very easily not made it though those first few days. He was so sick and we found out much later that as the helicopter landed at Egleston, the word around the PICU is that a baby was coming that was not going to live. I remember praying to God that if He was going to take Hawk, to do it right then, begging Him not to drag it out to then just let us down. So now I cling to Phillipians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. As the days went on and Hawk made it though the first big procedure where they busted up the clot in his brain I remember John and I standing of his bed and laying hands on our 3 week old and proclaiming over and over again "my baby will live and he will grow and he will thrive!" John and I had a rule that every time either one of us stood up for anything we had to pray over Hawk. I had no idea then that Hawk was "not supposed to make it". I just knew that God had kept him around past the first night so there must be hope. Thoughts of these terrible days are both terrifying (that we could be back there again) and hopeful (because they give perspective on today's issues). The picture below reminds me just how far we have come. We did not post pictures early on or allow very many people to see Hawk, it was just to bad. But now we can look at these images of a reminder of the miracle we have seen.

Please continue to pray for progress for Hawk on all levels and specifically now for his feeding issues.

Thank you so so much!



Updated posted by Katie Karlton Harrison 8 months ago

Oh it's good to be home! I missed my sweet boy so much but we had a great time. Supper at Two Urban Licks was really good. I would recommend it for a cool date night, we will be going back, I hope. Last night after supper, Pablo took us up to the roof of the W Downtown Atlanta. The view was breathtaking, and the fact that we were on top of a building with no fence around it (because it's the heli pad) was terrifying. I promise I woke up this morning with my knees still weak. One of the best parts of the trip was getting to sleep without thinking about if Hawk might throw up, or did he kick the cover off and is to cold, or did I remember to fill up and plug in the food back, and who is going to get up and give the first medicines, and so on... I'm sure you get the picture. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mommy but everyone needs a thoughtless night sleep every once in a while. I'm guessing every mom has their own set of things they think about as the lie down at night. AND we got to sleep late! If you know me, you know I would sleep till noon every day if someone would let me so this was a great treat.

BEST NEWS of the whole two days... Hawk did not throw up!!! Yay for prayers! I really know that you all are warriors for sweet Hawk and I will never be able to thank you enough. When we got home, Daddy took Hawk for a walk in his new hiking baby back pack. John put it on the front of himself though since he was alone, so he could see Hawk the whole time and help him keep his head up. Then John fed Hawk a whole ice cube (warmed up) of sweet potatoes. I'm getting so nervous about going back to work on Monday so I'm trying to get John to do all the stuff I usually do and I know it's driving him crazy because I want him to do it just the way I always do. Again, I'm sure this is a normal mommy kind of thing? Then we watched the Big Brother from Wednesday night but not the one from tonight yet so don't spoil it for me if you are a fan of BB :) I'm so excited to spend all day with my little man tomorrow. I hope he's having another talking day, I sure do love that little voice of his. I will have to savor every moment of the next few days because pre-planning starts Monday. Gotta get that art room ready for 650+ elementary school kiddos!

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Created by Katie Karlton Harrison on July 20, 2013

On December 4, 2012, when Hawk was only 3 weeks old, he sustained a massive spontaneous brain hemorrhage. Hawk is our only child, a product of many prayers and the miracle of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). Since that horrible day when he was life flighted to Egleston Children's hospital he has had six brain surgeries, 4 shunt revisions, infection in his Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), multiple blood clots, and has spent over 100 days in the hospital. Praise the Lord Hawk is now home and getting better every day. This life altering tragedy has left us with many expenses we never imagined and the uncertainty of not knowing when these elevated expenses will end. We are raising money for Hawk to attain the many things needed to give him the best chance to meet his full potential. A ramp to enter the house on wheels, helmet to aid in the correct formation of his head, an addition to our home for Hawk to have a bedroom directly adjacent to ours, a handicap accessible bathroom, a therapy room and equipment, a garage for protection from the elements when we take him places, private duty nursing when I have to go back to work, medical bills, and the out of pocket expenses related to Hawk's needs are just a few of the reasons for this fundraiser. I am sure unforeseen reasons will be added to this list as we continue down this road. We are not sure what his needs will be as he grows but we know there will be special things that will make his quality of life better and that the medical bills will continue coming. This goal is our short term goal for the things he needs right now. However, we can't even begin to estimate a long term goal given he is so young and we don't know the extent of his limitations. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and if you feel led, please donate to Hawk. You can read his full story, current updates and see many handsome photos on his Facebook page, DoItForHawk.

Thank you so very much,
The Harrison's

Thank you so much for your support and above all, please "donate" prayers for our sweet baby boy! God bless.

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Bless you and your family. I read his updates online, you have a truly wonderful boy. I hope this helps you in whatever way possible. He is fortunate to have such a loving family. I pray he gets better and you keep fighting for him because our kids are worth everything for us.



Steven Philipps

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Bless you and your family. I read his updates online, you have a truly wonderful boy. I hope this helps you in whatever way possible. He is fortunate to have such a loving family. I pray he gets better and you keep fighting for him because our kids are worth everything for us.



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Praying for Hawk and your family



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You are such a sweet family! Thank you for sharing your beautiful little boy with us.



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Love Hawk. Thank you for you Facebook updates on your sweet baby boy. He has entered my heart and my prayers.



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