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Dru was attacked on the street by a stranger with a hammer at 10:00 AM the morning of 07/11 in Bedford Stuyvesan, Brooklyn. It's a miracle that Dru is alive, and even more so that there... more


Updated posted by Lee Brown 8 months ago

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and donations! We met our goal much faster than we'd hoped! Please keep Dru in your thoughts and let me know if you have any questions about your donations.


Created by Lee Brown on July 14, 2013

Dru was attacked on the street by a stranger with a hammer at 10:00 AM the morning of 07/11 in Bedford Stuyvesan, Brooklyn. It's a miracle that Dru is alive, and even more so that there's no brain damage at all. But there's bad news as well. Although his right eye is in perfect shape, Dru is going to loose his left eye. The damage was too severe to repair it.

Dru will need multiple operations to repair the damage and to prep the eye socket for a prosthesis.

Please help cover Dru's recovery and living costs while he heals from this terrible crime.

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DRU, my Buddha Brother, You kmow we got this! Together, let's turn this poison into medicine to heal ourselves and this violent world we live in! I will be on assignment in Seattle until Sept 3, 2013 We can discuss a date for interview and photo shoot for Lula's Pearls with Hosea Johnson upon my return. Chanting for your speedy recovery! Big Hugs & Loads of Love, Blane

posted by Blane Charles 9 months ago

Prayers going out to you and your upcoming surgeries. I know we haven't been in touch in a bit but God sent Josh through my friend Kailey to get reconnected with you. Blessings, peace, love and light to you ALWAYS! Hang in there lovie. xo

posted by Marivic Guevara 9 months ago

Hey there- one of my friends recommended contacting The Victim Services Board in Brooklyn. It takes care of bills when there is an innocent victim. Her roommate was mugged last year and all her medical expenses were covered. I can get more info if needed!

posted by Kayte Terry 9 months ago

is the link dint work www.facebook.com/AmericaMambou ka?fref=ts

posted by Gé Alpha 9 months ago

Mike, talk to Devi https://www.facebook.com/Ameri caMambouka?fref=ts

posted by Gé Alpha 9 months ago

Hey this is Mike Larkin from 1010 WINS radio. We are looking for someone to talk to us about this fundraiser. We know Gerrit Vooren spoke to the Daily News and would love to talk with him as well. Hopefully raising awareness will inspire people to donate. Does anyone have his contact information. He or anyone else can give us a call at 212-315-7090. Thanks!

posted by Mike Larkin 9 months ago

Thank you for the love, Light and love to our dear friend the invincible champion of life Dru Barnes

posted by Devi Mambouka 9 months ago

Good luck bless

posted by King Visions 9 months ago

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Sending blessings for wholeness and healing in body and spirit,



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Drew and I overlapped in Brooklyn for only a short amount of time, but he left a big impression. I wish him the fastest and best recovery!



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