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Help Revive Bush Garden, a Seattle legacy!

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Preserving a Seattle Legacy.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Bush Garden,

As you may know, Bush Garden Seattle has faced unforeseen challenges, particularly with the impact of Covid-19 and complications arising from the new ownership of the building that housed this iconic restaurant and karaoke bar. Unfortunately, this has led to the closure of the original location, leaving a void in the heart of Seattle.

Bush Garden has been a cherished part of our community, a place where memories were made, friendships were forged, and celebrations found a home. Its legacy as a cultural hub in the Chinatown International District cannot be understated, and we are now presented with an opportunity to come together and support the revival of this cultural gem.

The funds raised will play a crucial role in assisting Auntie Karen in relocating Bush Garden to a new home, ensuring that its doors can open once again. The financial support will be utilized to cover the costs associated with securing the new space, renovating and outfitting the restaurant, and navigating the various challenges that come with such a transition.

Bush Garden is not just a place to enjoy delicious meals and showcase our vocal prowess in karaoke; it represents the vibrant tapestry of our community. It's a space that has fostered connections, celebrated diversity, and provided a welcoming environment for all. Preserving Bush Garden means preserving a part of Seattle's history and culture that we hold dear.

We kindly ask for your support in any way you can contribute, whether it's through a donation, sharing this message within your network, or offering words of encouragement. Every bit helps, and together, we can ensure that Bush Garden continues to be a beacon of cultural richness in our community.

Thank you for considering our cause, and for being a part of the effort to bring Bush Garden back to life. Let's come together and make a positive impact on our community's cultural landscape.

With gratitude,

Bif Brigman & Sarah Moriguchi on behalf of Karen Sakata


  • Annette Klapstein
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  • Laura Wong-Whitebear
    • $25 
    • 6 d
  • Anonima
    • $50 
    • 6 d
  • Eileen Aparis
    • $100 
    • 8 d
  • Anonima
    • $15 
    • 24 d

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Seattle, WA
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Bif Bee
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