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After my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my family experienced firsthand the fear and uncertainty that is so common with a cancer diagnosis. During that time, all I wanted was to talk to people who had beaten cancer so they could share their stories with my family to give us hope, but I didn’t know where to turn. Without the connection to those who had successfully healed, I felt alone and on an island. So once my mom’s cancer treatments were behind her, I created Connect4Hope to provide a forum for hearing directly from others that it is entirely possible to be diagnosed with a serious illness and not just heal, but thrive.

I have been building Connect4Hope for the past year. To date, I have interviewed and shared the stories of 20+ people who have successfully healed from cancer and other serious diseases. There are many more stories in my pipeline, but I am unable to efficiently manage all of them by myself and desperately need to hire help. In addition, I have more ideas I would like to implement to continue building this community and providing even more support to those who are sick. Funds raised through this effort would be used for the following:

* Pay for interview transcription services;
* Hire writers to help me write the stories of hope;
* Hire a social media expert to help share the stories and other inspirational messages on social media platforms;
* Pay for other general small business expenses (tax preparation, legal fees, accounting, website, etc.)
* Support the work that I am putting into Connect4Hope, as this has become a full time job for me.

Even a $10 donation would help to keep this mission alive. However, if you are unable to donate financially, you can still show your support by following our website (, our social media pages and sharing our stories of hope with others. We all know people with cancer and other serious illness – people who need hope in a time of fear, people who desperately need to learn how others are successfully treating their diseases and thriving so they can do the same.

Thank you so much!

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