Fundraising Tips

The Ultimate Fundraising Tips Guide

Are you looking to raise money for an important cause? At GoFundMe we’re here to help you reach your fundraising goals with these top fundraising tips. Explore our top fundraising tips for making your fundraiser on GoFundMe a success.

1. Use a descriptive fundraiser title

Your fundraiser title is an important aspect of your fundraiser—it’s usually the first thing people see.

  • The title of your fundraiser should make clear what you are fundraising for, including names when applicable.
  • Try starting your fundraiser title with an action word such as ‘help,’  ’support,’ or ‘donate.’
    • Example: “Help John Doe get a new wheelchair”

2. Be as detailed as possible in your fundraiser description

Be specific about what you are fundraising for whenever possible, and tell your story in honest and heartfelt words you’d use to explain your cause to a friend.

  • Aim for a fundraiser story that highlights details potential donors would need to understand why you are fundraising, we have seen that at least 550 characters is a good length.
  • Answer basic questions, such as:
    • Who is the fundraiser for?
    • Why is this fundraiser important to you?
    • How do you know the person you are raising money for (if it is not yourself)?
  • Break down the costs that make up your fundraising goal.
    • For example, “How the funds raised will be used: $1,000 will be used for medical transportation and $9,000 will cover Jennifer’s unpaid leave from work to care for her children.”

3. Select high-quality photos and videos

  • Choose a clear, high-resolution feature photo for your fundraiser image. Avoid using stock imagery if possible.
  • If you have more images or a YouTube video that will help tell your fundraiser story and show donors what you are fundraising for, you can add them in the fundraiser description or a fundraiser update.

4. Share your fundraiser early and often 

  • Start sharing your fundraiser within 10 hours of starting it. Directly reaching out to the people closest to you is a great first step to build momentum and trust with donors.  
    • We’ve seen that organizers who share their GoFundMe early and often are more likely to reach their goal. A GoFundMe that is shared 6-10 times in the first 3 days is twice as likely to reach its fundraising goal than one that is shared fewer times or more than 3 days after creation.

5. Spread the news about your fundraiser in different ways

  • Sharing your fundraiser in many different ways helps increase its visibility. You can use the social media ‘share’ buttons on your GoFundMe to share your fundraiser link on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Nextdoor, and by email.
    • We’ve seen that each time someone shares their fundraiser in a new way, it can lead to a 2.5x increase in visibility of the fundraiser.
  • Share your fundraiser ‘offline’ as well by telling people in-person or by posting flyers.

6. Be specific when sharing your fundraiser 

  • Avoid simply sharing the fundraiser link. Include a sentence or two about why you are fundraising to help donors understand your goals.
    • Example: “I am raising money to help my uncle, John Doe, get a new wheelchair. His old wheelchair is broken and he cannot get around without one. Please consider donating $10 to help me get him a new wheelchair.”
  • Consider asking people to donate specific amounts. Whether it’s $5, $25, or $50, we have seen that a suggested donation can help donors with their decision.
    • For example: “Will you consider donating $20 to my fundraiser to help rebuild our family’s kitchen after the recent storms affected our home?”

7. Post regular updates to your fundraiser

  • Post an update to your fundraiser within 7 days of starting it. Then continue doing so every week or at major milestones. For example, post updates when you’re halfway to your goal and when you’re one week away from needing the money.
    • Our data shows that frequent text, photo, and video updates can help you raise 3x more. 
  • Share your updates on the social media platform(s) you use, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, etc. 

To learn how to add an update to your fundraiser, check out this help center article.

8. Thank your donors

Thanking your donors for their support is an important way to show your gratitude and also to enlist further help. Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation:

  • Use the ‘thank your donors’ feature on your fundraiser dashboard to individually thank donors for their support.
  • Some people like being thanked publicly, and your thank you message might inspire others to give too. You can thank your donors via social media as a way to publicly show thanks.
  • Write a thoughtful letter or email.

To learn how to thank donors using your fundraiser dashboard, check out this help center article.