Fundraising ideas that spark creativity

Brining your local community together to get creative is a fun, inclusive way of raising money and can help potential donors feel connected to the cause you’re supporting. Get inspired by these creative fundraising ideas.

1. Host an arts gala

An arts gala is one of the more unique fundraising ideas. If you’re an artist or have friends or students that are artists or craftspeople (perhaps photographers, painters, or jewellery makers), ask them to donate pieces to an art sale supporting your cause. Here’s how:

  • Find a space to host the event—ideally a gallery, cafe, or school space. Serve drinks and appetisers.
  • Allow people time to walk around, chat, learn about your cause, and enjoy the art.
  • Provide information about your cause by setting up a donation station with a mobile device displaying your fundraiser page.
  • Show people how much their purchases and donations can help.

2. Host an art workshop

An art workshop is one of our favorite quick fundraising ideas. You can host an art workshop if you have artistically talented friends and family. There’s likely to be a great deal of overlap between people who support your cause and those who want to learn a related craft.

  • Ask yourself: what fun art workshops can you and your fundraising team teach? Can you book an accomplished teacher to donate their time?
  • Think about life drawing, portraiture, photography, landscape painting, cake decorating or other food art.
  • Host half-day or full-day workshops to ask for donations at your event.

3. Organise a talent show

If you’re looking for easy fundraising ideas, you just need to allow your community to show what makes them special. Host a talent show and invite supporters and members of your local community to perform. Some easy steps to do this are:

  • Name the talent show after your fundraiser and share the fundraiser with guests.
  • Choose a venue like a gymnasium, local theatre, or other public space.
  • Publicise your talent show in your community and share your crowdfunding page.
  • Ask a well-known member of the community to act as your emcee and have them share it on Instagram or TikTok.
  • Ask businesses for sponsorships and matching donations.
  • Share pictures and videos from the show on your fundraiser page and social media to inspire those that didn’t attend to donate.

4. Sell crafts online

Fundraising ideas for custom clothing, jewellery, or other artwork that you can reproduce in large quantities can help you raise money on eBay or Etsy. This is just one of many virtual fundraising ideas.

  • Choose crafts you can produce in quantity, don’t require too many resources, and customize easily with buyers’ names or other information.
  • Upload photos of your crafts onto an e-commerce site.
  • Note in the item description that profits from the sales go to fundraising for a cause and link to your fundraiser so people can donate as an alternate way to support you.
  • Make and deliver the items to order. If your first set of items succeeds, consider adding more inventory.

5. Knit a patchwork blanket with your community

Making a patchwork blanket with your fundraising team and other volunteers is a great way to bring a traditional craft to raise funds. Here are some tips:

  • Ask people, organizations, and businesses to sponsor squares on your blanket with a donation to your fundraiser.
  • You can include a message or image of their choice for them to read on the square of each sponsor. Share your progress on Instagram!
  • Once the blanket is finished, you can sell it for a reasonable price and put that towards your fundraiser goal.

Seasonal fundraising ideas

Take advantage of the good cheer and high spirits created by seasonal events and public holidays by raising money for a good cause. Adding a seasonal theme to your fundraiser is an easy way to make it topical and relevant to potential donors.

1. Winter gift-wrapping station

During the winter holiday season, you can raise funds by setting up a gift-wrapping station. Many people prefer to pay someone else who is better at wrapping gifts. You can collaborate with a local business to set up your station nearby or inside. Make it clear that all funds will support your cause through a sign or poster. People will happily contribute to a good cause while finishing their holiday shopping. It’s a quick fundraising idea during the giving season.

2. Easter egg hunt

Spring – and especially Easter – is the perfect time to launch a new fundraiser or revive one of your best fundraising ideas. People are ready to shed their winter layers and get together to socialise, and there’s no better way of doing so than an Easter egg hunt. Whether you bring together family, friends, or a whole community, it’s a great time to raise money for a good cause and get people to donate while they’re on the hunt for eggs.

3. Summer garden party

Why not combine your favourite summer activities with an outdoor fundraising event? A garden party is a great idea as it promotes sharing, community bonding, and opportunities to discuss your cause with others. You could sell tickets to the event in advance, informing community members that all proceeds will go towards your cause.

4. Autumn book sale

The arrival of autumn means that many students get back to their studies to tackle their required reading. Why not reach out to your community and neighbours and ask if they have any books they no longer need or want? Once you have enough books, you can organise a book sale in your garage or even team up with a local school to use their gymnasium. Let everyone know that the proceeds from the sale will go towards supporting your cause.

5. Sell handmade wreaths

The perfect gift for the holidays! The best fundraisers plug into existing trends and excitement. You can either sell your wreaths for a set amount or ask people for a donation of their choosing.

  • Make them yourself, or find a wholesale supplier willing to donate fresh wreaths or raw materials to your cause.
  • If you assemble the wreaths yourself, add flourishes like dried berries, succulents, flowers, chilli peppers, corn husks, herbs, or ribbons.
  • If one type of wreath is selling out, recreate it to meet the demand.
  • Create a delivery process and schedule your deliveries.

Fundraising ideas by cause

You can start a crowdfunding campaign for almost anything, but if you’re stuck for ideas on what to fundraise for, the list below could provide some inspiration.


Raise funds to cover out-of-pocket expenses for private healthcare needs like operations, medicine and even loss of earnings due to time off from work. Raise funds for family or friends facing illness or medical debt.

Funeral and memorial

Reduce the financial burden of a loved one’s funeral by fundraising online for a memorial service or raise money to honour their legacy with a scholarship fund.

Pets and Animals

Raise funds for your pet’s veterinary care, treatments or operations. Animal lovers can also fundraise for animal shelters or support the preservation of endangered species.

Emergency and disasters

Help rebuild communities that have been hit with a sudden emergency or disaster. Quickly set up a fundraiser in the wake of a hurricane, fire, flood or earthquake to support your family, friends and/or your community.

Children and Family

Raise funds for children of all ages. Help pay for summer camps, sports camps, Eagle Scout projects, science fairs and more.

Education and schools

If you’re looking for the best fundraising ideas to change someone’s life: raise funds for school supplies, field trips, school improvement projects, programs, or facilities upgrades. Connect your student group with a special charitable organisation or raise funds for a classroom.

Non-profit organizations and charities

Create a charity fundraiser to support the causes and nonprofits you’re passionate about. Raise funds to help the sick or disadvantaged or provide scholarships and training to those in need. Invite your community to donate and help create positive change locally and globally with these easy fundraising ideas.

Churches and faith

Raise funds for education, training, missionary trips and other church projects and community activities.

Neighbours and communities

Provide financial assistance to friends and neighbours struggling in the aftermath of a natural disaster or other hardship. Help fund projects that benefit your community.


Support amateur athletes by raising funds for equipment, facilities, team-related expenses, activities, tournaments, travel and more. Run a fundraising tournament to support your team or another good cause.

More fundraising ideas

There’s no shortage of creative fundraising ideas to help you raise meaningful donations. An original and well-executed idea can be the key to fundraising success.

Fundraising essentials

Set up your fundraiser

Add your fundraising goal, photos, videos and a detailed fundraiser story.

Increase awareness and build your community

Share your fundraiser via our integrated links to your Facebook, Twitter and email accounts.

Keep it current with fundraiser updates

Write several updates, add new photos and send thank you notes to your donors.

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Fundraising strategy ideas

Set up your fundraiser

This is your chance to tell a unique story. Make it stand out by choosing a memorable and descriptive name, add high-quality photos and offer a heartfelt description of your financial needs.

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Connect with images and videos

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Contact media

Getting your fundraiser featured in the news is a surefire way to get your story out into the world. And it isn’t as hard as you might think… Check out these great ideas for shining a spotlight on your fundraiser.

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Use social media

Social media is one of your most important fundraising tools. Use your social networks to spread awareness among family, friends and even strangers to reach as many potential donors as you can.

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