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Easily raise money for nonprofits, projects, and resources supporting environmental and conservation efforts.

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Our tools help create your fundraiser

Click the ‘Start a GoFundMe’ button to get started. You’ll be guided by prompts to add fundraiser details and set your goal, which can be changed anytime.

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Share your fundraiser link to reach donors

Once live, share your fundraiser link with friends and family to start gaining momentum. You’ll also find helpful resources for running your fundraiser in your GoFundMe dashboard.

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Securely receive the funds you raise

Add your bank information to securely start receiving funds or invite your intended recipient to add theirs. You don’t need to reach your fundraising goal to receive your money.

Examples of environment fundraisers on GoFundMe

River Cleanup Boy scout project Protecting the birds

Questions about environmental fundraising on GoFundMe

Can I start a fundraiser for an environmental charity?

Yes. Starting a fundraiser for a charity or non profit on GoFundMe is an easy, powerful, and trusted way to directly support in an impactful way. Learn more about starting a charity fundraiser so that the funds you raise are sent directly to the charity.  

What details should I include in my environment fundraiser on GoFundMe?

Donors like to know why you are fundraising and what their money will go toward. Be as specific as possible when sharing details. For example, if you are raising money for a beach clean-up, you might share that initial supplies cost $200 and on-going maintenance costs $50 per month.

Can I add team members to my fundraiser?

Once you’ve set up and published your fundraiser, you’ll see an option to add team members in your fundraiser dashboard. For a detailed guide on adding team members, view our Help Center article.

How long will it take to receive the money?

The process of setting up and verifying transfers can take 3-7 business days or longer to complete. Then, once your first transfer is sent, it will take on average 2-5 business days for the funds to safely be deposited into the bank account on file.

Can I upload videos to my fundraiser?

Yes, one way you can consider using photos or videos is by adding one to a fundraiser update after the conservation event or effort is over to easily thank everyone who came. Try these tips for using video in your fundraiser.

How much of the money will I keep?

One small transaction fee (2.9% + $0.30) is automatically deducted per donation—that’s it. Everything else goes directly to your cause. For more information and to estimate what you will receive, check out the GoFundMe pricing calculator.

How can I transfer the funds I raise on GoFundMe?

You can begin the process of transferring funds in your fundraiser dashboard. Check out our step-by-step guide for transferring your GoFundMe funds to your bank.

Why start a GoFundMe to support the environment?

Fundraising for an environmental cause on GoFundMe is an easy and powerful way to address urgent issues facing our planet. You can quickly mobilize support for initiatives such as wildlife conservation, reforestation projects, or community recycling programs. GoFundMe offers tools to help you along your fundraising journey, enabling you to start in just a few clicks and share your cause. Our community of millions is deeply committed to making a difference, offering both financial support and widespread visibility. By choosing GoFundMe, you’re not just launching a fundraiser; you’re sparking a movement toward a more sustainable and healthier planet. With every donation, you bring awareness to crucial environmental challenges and directly contribute to solutions that have a lasting impact.