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Make a difference for your favorite nonprofit by starting a GoFundMe for your birthday, a marathon, or just because you care. 

Start a GoFundMe

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How to start a GoFundMe

Step 1

Our tools help create your charity fundraiser

Click the ‘Start a GoFundMe’ button to get started. You’ll be guided by prompts to add fundraiser details and set your goal, which can be changed anytime.

Step 2

Share your fundraiser link to reach donors

Once live, share your fundraiser link with friends and family to start gaining momentum. You’ll also find helpful resources for running your fundraiser in your GoFundMe dashboard.

Step 3

Funds are sent securely to the charity

When you start a fundraiser for a verified charity on GoFundMe, our payment processor sends the payment directly to the charity you have selected, meaning you do not need to worry about withdrawls.

Examples of charity fundraisers on GoFundMe

Biking for National Parks Swifties unite Help for a Dog Shelter

Questions about charity fundraising on GoFundMe

How does the charity receive the money I raise?

Funds raised on a charity fundraiser through GoFundMe will be processed through our payment partner, PayPal Giving Fund, who will deliver the funds directly to the charity on your behalf. As the fundraiser organizer, you do not need to do anything to transfer funds to the charity!

What details should I include in a charity fundraiser?

In your fundraiser description, we recommend adding a note about why the charity is important to you. If you are fundraising for the charity as part of an event or moment, include the date to help donors know when they should donate by. 

Can I raise my goal if I the financial needs increase?

Yes, you can raise (or lower) your fundraising goal at any time. 

I’m running a marathon, as part of my experience can I use GoFundMe to fundraise for a charity?

Yes, hundreds of people have used GoFundMe to fundraise for a charity as part of their marathon or other endurance race. Whether the race you are competing in has a nonprofit program or not, you can use your miles for a great cause by fundraising for your favorite charity. 

How much of the money I raise does the charity keep?

There is no fee to start a charity fundraiser on GoFundMe. One small transaction fee of 2.2% + $0.30 is automatically deducted from each donation of a verified charity fundraiser. For more information, visit the GoFundMe pricing page.

Can I raise money on GoFundMe for a charity in memory of my loved one?

Yes, you can fundraise for a charity or nonprofit you care about by selecting “Charity” when prompted to select who you are fundraising for in your GoFundMe setup.

Can I add friends and family as team members?

Yes, if you are fundraising as part of a team, you can add team members to help you run the fundraiser after the fundraiser is set up. Visit this tips article for advice on using team members to help your GoFundMe reach its goal.

I work for a nonprofit, can I start a GoFundMe for my charity?

Yes, starting a GoFundMe for your nonprofit is a great way to quickly crowdfund for a specific need. 

What image should I use for my charity fundraiser?

It is recommended that you use a photo or video that brings why you are fundraising to life. For example, if you are fundraising on your birthday, use a photo of yourself holding up a sign for the charity or doing something related to the nonprofit to help potential donors relate. If you don’t want to use a photo, you can use the nonprofit’s logo.

Why fundraise for a charity on GoFundMe?

Did you know that fundraising for a charity can have an even bigger impact than a donation alone? That’s because your fundraiser can raise more than what you alone can give. As the world’s most trusted online fundraising platform, GoFundMe provides the tools and support needed to easily raise funds for your favorite charity. With features like the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee, donors can contribute confidently, knowing their generosity is protected. Whether your charity is creating medical breakthroughs, providing disaster relief, or serving your local community, starting a GoFundMe empowers you to help your chosen charity thrive.