How GoFundMe Works

Asking for help feels big. Let’s start small.

The GoFundMe basics

How do I start a GoFundMe?

Just tap the green button on our app or website. Then, write your story, set your fundraising goal (which you can lower or raise at any time), and share it out.

Who is GoFundMe for?

Whether you’re looking to fund a small project, cover hospital fees for a loved one, or support a local nonprofit, there’s a place for you and your fundraiser on GoFundMe.

What should I say?

People like to know two things: what your fundraiser is about, and how their donation can help. You can also upload a picture or video to tell more of your story.

Where should I share?

Even if your fundraiser is private, the only way to raise funds is by sharing. You can call family, text friends, message coworkers, post on community bulletin boards, or share on social.

Are there any fees?

One small transaction fee is automatically deducted per donation—that’s it. Everything else goes directly to your cause. Learn more.

Why GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is an easy and powerful way to ask for help, trusted by over 100 million people. Whenever you need help, you can find it here.

Over 9 million people have fundraised on GoFundMe

I just organized my first GoFundMe. I was a little apprehensive about how difficult it would be. I was pleased to find how simple the process was. GoFundMe automatically sent me information to help me set up the withdrawal, and I had visibility to everything going on.

Samantha J GoFundMe Organizer

I was hesitant to ask friends for financial help because I’ve always been independent, so I set a small goal and thought it would be great if I achieved even half of it. But people came through, which showed me that people want to be generous at heart. I was overwhelmed.

Patricia R GoFundMe Organizer

The site was very easy to use. Posting updates and editing was just a click away. It was very simple to upload photos at anytime for my donors to see. It was also very easy to say thank you back to each and every donor quickly. I was able to withdraw funds quickly for the assistance needed.

Tyson K GoFundMe Organizer

This site allowed me to do something that would have been nearly impossible to coordinate without it: help someone out there in the world, and gather together people and resources from all over the country in order to achieve that goal.

Kristin H GoFundMe Organizer

GoFundMe has been an amazing tool in helping raise funds for such an uncertain and unexpected event that happened to us. It not only brought the necessary help we needed, but it helped us have a broader outreach to our local community.

Amith R GoFundMe Organizer

Whenever you’re ready,
you can ask for help here.

How GoFundMe Works