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I had RSD/CRPS/Fibromyalgia since 1998 but diagnosed at KU University Hospital that they diagnosed me officially.. I live with a daily pain level that peaks at around 3PM to a 10/10 b... more


Updated posted by William Rock 11 months ago

TONS OF EMAIL IN YOUR INBOX, I am so sorry, I just found out that everyone keeps getting emails from the system.. Also I did not get a choice who got this and who did not so, I am very sorry If maybe you may not know me but you where in my email box from whenever I signed up with Gmail with it started.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry..... If you do have more emails come into your inbox please let me know so I can work with tech support to fix the issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience as I hate getting tons of emails from the same cause over and over .. SO I UNDERSTAND... Please Forgive my ignorance in this situation.


Updated posted by William Rock 11 months ago

This is one of the doctors I am looking at:

He has worked with patents that the worst cases .. I have a chance to finally get out of pain.

I am excited, Thank YOU


Updated posted by William Rock 11 months ago

Wow, Thank You - Andrew Wigglesworth for your donation.... I am excited, and will keep everyone up to date with my progress. It looks like my first move is to make the phone call and get the exact details to get on the waiting list for the treatment.

Thank YOU Everyone for your love and support.

The Rock Family!

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Created by William Rock on March 2, 2013

I had RSD/CRPS/Fibromyalgia since 1998 but diagnosed at KU University Hospital that they diagnosed me officially..

I live with a daily pain level that peaks at around 3PM to a 10/10 but my day to day level is on a good day 4 but normally stays around 5-7/10

It's kinda like breaking your arm but the pain never goes away.. It get's old.

I was talked into setting this up by a group call powerofpainfoundation ... This is new for me, but I think for me to live a life without pain.. I am going to have to do something different..

How?: and Why?

My Short Story:
I was doing what we all do ... Go to school get a great education, figure out what you want to be and then do it. So I when to college to become a Firefigther that is all I focused on Medical and Fire Technology.. And then my life took a different turn, who would know a simple ski injury could have changed a persons life forever..

I blew out my right knee as I was on payroll for ski instruction and the child I had been given that day early could not stop, yet I found myself getting this child again later on in the day however this time this little girl was going to a beginner chair lift now vs. just the carpet they walk up and down and slide and stop ... So now she really has to understand how to stop for SAFTY.. Right

Well, I argued with my supervisor about fear of her not being able to stop strong as well the additional stress of the fact it was the end of the day and the child never was able to make it out to the mountain.. So I was instructed to take her up along with the 8 or so other kids I had including a helper instructor in the back to keep everyone in line.. Normal stuff, Right.. Kids falling over and standing up and then we get them in a train going down the hill with a little snow pie shape slowing their speed as they go down the mountain.. So this little girl was right up front with me since she was new in the pack..

The problem here was that "THE Beginner Chair Lift was Broke" so we were taking a intermediate skill run to cross over to the beginner once we got off the chair.. And we made sure all the kids understood the drill, however we had another domino fall over and as we started to pick up the kids... THIS LITTLE GIRL started flying down the wrong way towards the intermediate and advanced runs, so Just as she was getting away from me I said to my assistant manage the class to the bottom and we will meet there.

So I caught up to her as we were now traveling as fast as I would if I was racing, however in this case the LITTLE GIRL could not stop and I could not catch her.. We were running out of space because see was going straight for a big wall of trees with no helmet on. I had to do something fast so when I caught up to her I pushed her down as we learn in Ski School Training and she fell perfect with no injuries with only maybe 5 ft before we would of hit the trees.. "I don't want to think of how things could have been if I didn't catch her..

Anyhow at that moment my life would have been changed for ever... So in 1998 was the beginning of a very long journey though living with PAIN.

I will be building more to this as I go

Thank You everyone for your continued LOVE and SUPPORT.

Some of the Treatments I am looking into but Cannot Afford because I cannot get health insurance yet because I am PRE EXISTING and High Risk.

Treatments I am looking into from OTHERS who have had success.

Treating Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(Very Expensive)

and or

Ketamine Infusion Therapy (Very Expensive)

Learn More about what RSD / CRPS is:


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Rodney Liber

1 month ago


You are my brother in every sense of the word. I love you and will be praying for a speedy recovery.

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Robin Gearheart

7 months ago


William, I am very sad that you are suffering and hope you can get the treatment you need. Hang in there!

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Jake Goldstein

11 months ago


We all want the best for you!

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Kimberly Henderson

11 months ago


I am also an RSD/CRPS *Warrior/Survivor* Diagnosed 2009. Hoping you reach your goal!!




11 months ago

I help YOU!


David Golder

11 months ago


Best of Luck William!




11 months ago

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Andrew Wigglesworth

11 months ago


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