Phase II Cancer Treatment 4 Claudia Ghetu

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Created June 19, 2018
Dear Friends,

Our beloved Claudia is in urgent need of medical support.

In June of 2018 Claudia was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes, lungs, bones, and liver. Pancreatic cancer is usually terminal, especially at this stage,  and requires immediate and intense treatment. Standardized medical care guarantees only a 2% recovery rate, and requires aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, which also equally guarantees a poor and debilitating quality of life. 

After much prayer and research, Claudia has found a renowned alternative and integrative clinic in Mexico, just across the border from San Diego, known for its high rate of success in healing terminal cancer, and other chronic and traditionally incurable diseases. The medical tourism industry in Mexico is the highest in the world, and people from all over the globe come to get cured. Treatments which are efficient in curing cancer and other chronic diseases, which are not FDA approved in the US save people's lives here. Stem cell therapy, immunotherapies and metabolic therapies, including vaccines made from your own blood and body are at the forefront of healing people who, like Claudia, were given a life sentence back home. Her doctor has been at the forefront of curing cancer for 25 years, and he is a world renowned immunologist, who patented his own successful anti-cancer vaccine.  Powerful anti-cancer natural vaccines, supplements and antioxidants in the forms of IV's are administered daily to support the immune system, with a very low dose of insulin targeted chemotherapy which often has no side effects.  Claudia's sensitive system would not allow for full dose radiation and chemotherapy which was the only option in the States, and which would have only guaranteed her a couple of extra months to live with no chance of survival. 

Please read Claudia's recent blog and account of the medical industry in Mexico, and how you and others can also be saved from certain death by thinking outside of the box, and looking at alternative treatments outside the US. "If you have  health insurance, that is actually your Death Insurance," Claudia wrote. Find out why, and about her first hand account talking to patients for the past 6 months who were sent home to die, but were saved coming to Mexico, and are now in remission!
"Dying To Live In Mexico:" https://claudiaghetuwellness.com/2018/11/23/dying-to-live-in-mexico/

Needless to say, Claudia's insurance will not pay for the kind of treatment she has chosen. Insurance companies profit from the trillion dollar pharmaceutical global industry, with cancer treatment being at the top driving our economy! So, all of Claudia's costs are out of pocket! As you’ll see from her updates, she is making significant progress, and would have not otherwise succeeded in making it this far with traditional treatment.  The 100% standardized chemo therapy dosage, as it was relayed to her by her first integrative oncologist back in July, would have put her in a coma in less than a month.  Many people die from chemotherapy and radiation, and Claudia didn't want to ever undergo that inhumane and antiquated treatment, when there are in fact integrative and alternative options which guarantee a good chance of success even when dealing with pancreatic cancer. Also as a holistic health consultant, who has always believed in natural methods for healing the mind and body, Claudia knew immediately she wanted non-traditional and compassionate care,  in alignment with her own personal philosophy and spiritual core beliefs.  
Initially the money required for treatment and the goal posted was $50K, which was to cover only the first 6-8 weeks of treatment, however after many subsequent tests Claudia and as per her doctors’  assessments, she needs to continue with 10 more months of medical care. In October Claudia had a set-back due to the metastasis in her bones, after she had made great improvements on her pancreas and liver, with tumors shrinking  at an accelerated rate, which impressed all the doctors.  She nearly lost her life, as she became suddenly incapacitated with excruciating pain in the spine and throughout all her  bones and muscles. Part of the reason was because she had taken a break from treatment and switched clinics, and was also low on funds and could not continue her treatment without interruption. This is when all the amazing people like you, kicked it and helped her find her current doctor and clinic which have saved her life. Her kind and extremely compassionate doctor, who took her in despite her lack of funds in October,  is a world renowned immunologist, and has successfully treated many well known people and alternative care advocates, including Suzanne Summers who continues to refer patients to hime, and credits him for saving her life! If you would like to find out who he is, you can contact Claudia directly. 

Claudia has applied for Social Security Disability Benefits which will not be available until next year. She has gone for the past 6 months without any government support, even though in her case they should have started paying her within a month of applying (July) due to the compassionate act for terminally ill cancer patients.  Your continued support will be of immense help, even once her small social security stipend kicks in early next year, as that would only cover the cost of rent and basic food. 

Claudia has always believed that true healing comes from  connecting to our divine nature, a supportive and spiritual environment, and from deep within ourselves. Her belief in God is unwavering and she is filled with divine gratitude, knowing that she was given this obstacle to overcome, only to transcend beyond worldly limitations and help others. As an Integrative Holistic Health Counselor, Nutritional Chef, and yoga and meditation teacher, she lives what she teaches  and is known to go the extra mile to empower, support,  and inspire those around her.  Even a few days before she was diagnosed, short of energy and barely able to eat, she visited someone in the hospital to give them wellness and spiritual counseling, and cooked for her clients until the day she had to go to the emergency room, making sure they wouldn’t miss out on their healthy meals. She has dedicated her life to helping others facing mental, emotional and physical challenges, and those seeking to transition to a healthier mind-body-spirit lifestyle. Now, she is the one in need of our support. She is using her own healing modalities to heal herself combined with the help of an amazing team of alternative doctors, who support her holistic choices, providing her with the compassion and motivation which she has always shown to others. She bravely turned down traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which would only give her a 2% chance of survival. Those who know her well call her a warrior! She is not only fighting for her own life, but as she so often says “I am here fighting for everyone, so they can learn through me that cancer too can be overcome with the right integrative medical treatment and support, and through sheer faith, and will power!” Let’s help her achieve her goal, her medical expenses will far extend the amount we are asking. Please share this link with your various social media contacts or personal acquaintances, and kindly add a personal message to it, as this seems to make a big difference. 

You can read more about Claudia’s remarkable and brave story via her recent blog on her website ClaudiaGhetuWellness “How Cancer is Healing Me!” Claudia wants to live and help others by giving back. So many people like her are given a death sentence, but cancer doesn’t have to be an end, but a beginning!

Claudia and her family are deeply grateful for your love, prayers and support.  

 With much love and gratitude.
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Dearest Friends,
I want to wish you all a blessed and joyful holiday season. May every one of you enjoy the gift of health and family, and above all the gift of Life! There’s not one day that I don’t give thanks for my life and all the many blessings I continue to receive. And all of you receiving this email have been instrumental to my abundant blessings. Thank you so, so much! Please, kindly do continue to share my GoFundMe link with your network of friends - trust me when I say it has made such a difference! I know we can reach the final goal!! And the sooner I am well, the sooner I can actively get involved and maybe even start a non-profit organization to support people in getting access to alternative cancer care! Any contributions received during this holiday season month and into January will help towards the $20,000 which I need to have by the end of February. Yikes! That’s when I plan to leave Mexico for 2-3 months with a suitcase filled with at home treatments which I will administer to myself until Dr. Munoz calls me in again for a check up, probably in May-June. The reason so many people relapse is because they are not under constant medical supervision and stop their treatments too early. Of course I am not talking about conventional chemo and radiation, because you all know how I feel about that. I am alive because I have not relied on my health insurance, which I call “death insurance;” those of you who read my “Dying to Live in Mexico” blog on my website know exactly what I mean!

Also, I am getting inquiries from some of you about guiding some of your relatives, friends, or friends of friends who are dealing with early or late cancer diagnosis. To all of you dear friends, and to my beloved SRF spiritual community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or have anyone you care about contact me directly via my website: claudiaghetuwellness.com/contact/
As you know, I am a Integrative Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant, now specializing in cancer care and chronic diseases, which are curable via the alternative path. I am witnessing recoveries from terminal illnesses on a weekly basis here in Mexico! Please read my post “You Don’t Have To Die” on my website, and share it with those who may want to work with me: claudiaghetuwellness.com/2018/08/10/you-dont-have-to-die-the-misleading-medical-prognosis-about-my-terminal-diagnosis-and-crucial-tips-on-how-you-can-avoid-being-misdiagnosed/ It is important I get back to work as I also need to support myself! I plan to be working diligently with those who want my professional help, providing them with all the essential tools to get themselves ready to undergo the right treatments and access the top integrative professionals who are now part of my network. More on that and what I do on my homepage:


I continue to make good improvements, which means that my immune system is responding well to the immunotherapy treatments, combined with the metabolic treatments which include weekly detox protocols (using high doses of Glutathione Selenium, Vitamin D and K, B 12, and Vitamin C IV’s). My CA19-9 pancreatic cancer markers went from 2,035 to 198.80! The ultimate goal is to go under 37! My CA 125 markers went from 18.6 to 13.6; and my CEA markers from 9.58 to 2.60. I know it sounds like random numbers, but you’ll get the jest.

I now give myself an Orthomolecular vaccine twice daily in my belly, made by my amazing genius doctor from my own urine! Yes, you heard that right! This vaccine has been saving people’s lives for decades here at Dr. Munoz’s clinic! This is how it works: the amino acids, peptides and proteins are isolated and concentrated to deliver a powerful boost to my immune system, stimulating the pituitary gland, and causing the neurotransmitters to re-arrange themselves, so that the entire body and the organs re-align themselves to work in perfect order. Google ‘significance of sensory neurotransmitters and the immune response’; and ‘Substance P.’ Vaccines here work on the brain to stimulate an immune response! Sounds like Weird Science right? Did you know that Urine Therapy originated in India, and it’s been used as a form of therapy for the past 5,000 years? They even have urine therapy clinics in India, and they also use the urine from the Desi cow - Shiva’s holy cow. Urine is also drinkable, but it has to be done according to certain instructions. Thank God I have the vaccine here! :) He also gives me a vaccine made from my own blood! Why the FDA is blocking all this advanced cancer preventive and proven cancer curing treatments? Because they need to make money! Keeping people hooked on pharmaceutical drugs is a $9 Billion dollar global industry! Read how this top alternative doctor who was saving lives was found dead because he had a cancer cure: https://www.disclose.tv/all-found-murdered-doctors-who-discovered-cancer-enzymes-in-vaccines-333465?fbclid=IwAR0OJLvMTe9rXXW1zsEisEI6qdRCiki8lz3kJkFvPCU55KpeZklr0Yda7CM

Now I will share with you a picture of my amazing life saving supplements. All natural! Except for the Eiquis 5 mg blood thinner, which I will discontinue soon. Natokinesse is a natural blood thinner I also take made from Nato - derived from soy! You will see in the photo jars with vaccine vials with my name on it. That’s the Orthomolecular vaccine I give to myself twice a day in the belly.
YOU HAVE BOUGHT ME ALL THESE WITH YOUR HARD EARNED DONATIONS! These supplies will only last 1 month, except for the Vaccine. I have faith that more will manifest, with your continued help and God's help!

I send you all my love, my gratitude, and I hope I can be of any assistance to any of you in the future!

Thank you for keeping me ALIVE!!!

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I want to THANK ALL OF YOU incredibly kind, and caring people who have recently and also regularly contributed to my treatment! I am so grateful for all of you! Even though I spent Thanksgiving alone here in Mexico, except for the company of my amazing furry companion - Mr. Pancho, the tom cat next door who adopted me and hasn't left my side since moving here again in September - I felt the prayers and love from all of you!

I have been increasingly worried about how I will continue to manage here, given my weekly living expenses, rent, in clinic 3-day-a-week medical treatment, and additional cost of supplements - which bring me to an out of pocket cost of $12,000 per month. Dr. Munoz, who saved my life from certain death back in October, when I could no longer walk due to the accelerating bone metastasis and lack of funds to start Phase II, has put me on the most minimal payment plan given my situation. During Phase I of my treatment I paid triple the amount I am paying Dr. Munoz at the previous clinic. Therefore, the amount you see $52,174 that has been raised to date, has almost entirely been spent - and it's the current contributions that are coming in that are minimally keeping me afloat. I plan to sell my car in the next month so I can pay for many expenses which are now overdue. I am also working on finalizing my "Art Fund Raiser For Claudia" this week, and will post on my website a collection of original art works (paintings and photographs) donated by some of my amazing friends and supporters. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS - please consider purchasing one of the paintings or photographs that will be available. They will be great for your home or office too, and it will be an reminder of an investment you made to save a life!

I am continuing to make progress, and the future protocol as discussed recently, will be to keep the treatment going until we see signs of remission. Dr. Munoz told me it's a slow process, and that we're looking at another 6 months! I plan to leave Mexico and live with family in the Spring, where I will administer myself the treatments, including giving myself IV's, and shots twice a day to keep boosting my immune system. I still have pain and have side-effects from the insulin low dose chemo, but it's more manageable. Yet I push myself every day to think outside the box, stay strong and determined, and eliminate any doubts or fears.

I posted an article on my website, which I would love all of you to read. It's called: Dying to Live in Mexico. It will give you a glimpse of what my life here is like, and the survivors and inspirational people I meet on a daily basis, who are keeping me motivated and feeling that I can too beat the odds.
Dying to Live in Mexico
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A message from Claudia:
This update is dedicated to the memory of Annelise

“Last weekend I lost my dear friend Annelise to cancer- the very woman who saved my life and brought me to Mexico on a train, never having met me before. In her memory I wrote the story of our friendship and how she saved my life, and posted it on my website last night: In Life and Death: In Memory of Annelise, The Angel Who Saved My Life.


I am very lucky to still be alive and I am forever grateful to Annelise for all her love and support and to all of you as well. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support toward my extensive treatment. I wouldn’t be here without you. Your donations will help me to receive newly scheduled biological dental work to remove dangerous heavy metals from my root canals and old mercury fillings, which are suppressing my immune system. I have 13 teeth that need to be urgently worked on, including four permanent extractions!! I am finally off the pain IV’s and my bones seem to he healing. I can walk with no pain! I even started to do my yoga stretches again. My spine is a bit stiffer, but I know that with time I will be able to get back some of my flexibility, for this I pray with all my heart. My liver enzymes were low this passed week, and had some liver inflammation but other than that I feel I am improving, and meeting amazing people every day who are such brave souls, doing everything possible to save their own lives. I am in good company.

And please do read and share Annelise’s story above with others who have inspired you with their friendship – and maybe even saved your life! You will be giving me the GIFT OF LIFE. And in turn, I, like Annelise, will continue to guide others to receive the treatments that I know are saving me, so I can hopefully save other families from experiencing the loss of a loved one. “

I love you all so much!
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A message of gratitude from Claudia:

“I want to send everyone my deepest thanks for your contributions in the last week, which has made such a significant change in my ability to obtain crucial treatment literally right away. I was able to make my first down payment, the precursor for the next 8 to 12 weeks of treatment, for which my new wonderful doctor was able to set up a more affordable payment plan, given that the initial installment which you all helped me make! Your contributions arrived in the nick of time, as I prayed for a divine intervention! Another miracle! I cried when I saw the deposit into my account, and was utterly overwhelmed. I was able to purchase much-needed IVs, which now I administer to myself for pain every six hours. I have taken a photo of the IV’s (Heparim for pain) that I have been taking home on a regular basis for the past 10 days. Thank you so much for allowing me to pay for these! Because of that, I was able to get myself out of bed and drive myself to the clinic last week. I had gotten to the point that I could not even get into my car without help or step out of it. Since I don’t have anyone helping me it was such a relief that I could do this by myself. You don’t understand the difference you’re making in my life, because it is beyond words for me to explain. The last few weeks have been the most challenging for me and I had to face my darkest fears. I never thought I would be incapacitated literally overnight, and that I would experience so much pain. Also the fear of not knowing when the intense pain would strike, and not knowing how much more severe it would get, and where I how I would be able to control it. But thanks to all of you and the grace of God this weekend was the first time that I saw some improvement in the pain. Dr. Munoz has put me on bone IV medication which I take once a week now (along with a low dose insulin targeted chemotherapy) and it’s guaranteed up to 80% to heal the metastasis in my bones, particularly the spine which has been primarily affected.  There are many other expenses including acupuncture treatments and massage therapy which help a great deal, along with daily living necessities, now including the help of a person who comes in once every other week to help me clean and do laundry. There have been some other complications that I have been dealing with, but I would rather wait for an updated prognosis before delving into any of that. I want all of you to know how incredible you are, and how proud you should be  for making such a remarkable contribution to one person’s life.  I was recently reading how when one serves another human being, he is actually serving God himself. I am grateful beyond words. May God bless each and every one of you! Please continue to pray and share my story so I can continue with my treatments.”
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$57,470 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 456 people in 6 months
Created June 19, 2018
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