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Created June 19, 2018
Circle of Light
on behalf of Claudia Ghetu
Dear Friends,

Our beloved Claudia is in urgent need of support.

In June of 2018 Claudia was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes, lungs and liver. Pancreatic cancer is usually terminal, especially at this stage,  and requires immediate and intense treatment. Standardized medical care guarantees only a 2% recovery rate, and requires aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, which also equally guarantees a poor and debilitating quality of life. 

After much prayer and research, Claudia has found an outstanding alternative and integrative medical and team and clinic, known for high rate of success in healing terminal cancer, and other chronic and traditionally incurable diseases. Furthermore they provide compassionate care, and are aligned with a philosophy that is true to Claudia’s core beliefs.  They are working alongside her as a team, allowing her to use her own expertise in holistic nutrition, superfoods, and natural supplements, while supporting her with the latest state of the art integrative medical treatment. 

Unfortunately, her insurance will not pay for the kind of treatment she has chosen. It is all out if pocket! As you’ll see from her updates, she is making significant progress, and would have not otherwise succeeded in making it this far with traditional treatment.  The 100% standardized chemo therapy dosage, as it was recently relayed to her by her integrative oncologist, would have put her in a coma in less than a month. She is extremely sensitive, and has been practicing and writing about holistic and alternative health and nutrition for decades. 
Initially the money required for treatment and the goal posted was $50K, which was to cover only the first 6 weeks of treatment, however after recent new tests Claudia had, dating 8/20/18 as per her doctors’  assessments, she needs to continue with 10 more weeks of medical care. They are now targeting her lungs too, both of which have numerous lesions and suspicious masses, one of a large measurement on the left side. In addition,  the latest Pet Scan had detected that there musculoskeletal system had been affected as well, and malignant lesions in several areas are present. 
Claudia will also begin slowly working to try to finance herself while still undergoing medical treatment, but your continued support will be of immense help. 

Claudia has always believed that true healing comes from nature, a supportive and spiritual environment, and from deep within ourselves. As an Integrative Holistic Health Counselor, Nutritional Chef, and yoga and meditation teacher, she lives what she teaches  and is known to go the extra mile to empower, support,  and inspire those around her.  Even a few days before she was diagnosed, short of energy and barely able to eat, she visited someone in the hospital to give them wellness and spiritual counseling, and cooked for her clients until the day she had to go to the emergency room, making sure they wouldn’t miss out on their healthy meals. She has dedicated her life to helping others facing mental, emotional and physical challenges, and those seeking to transition to a healthier mind-body-spirit lifestyle. Now, she is the one in need of our support. She is using her own healing modalities to heal herself combined with the help of an amazing team of alternative doctors, who support her holistic choices, providing her with the compassion and motivation which she has always shown to others. She bravely turned down traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which would only give her a 2% chance of survival. Those who know her well call her a warrior! She is not only fighting for her own life, but as she so often says “I am here fighting for everyone, so they can learn through me that cancer too can be overcome with the right integrative medical treatment and support, and through sheer faith, and will power!” Let’s help her achieve her goal, her medical expenses will far extend the amount we are asking. Please share this link with your various social media contacts or personal acquaintances, and kindly add a personal message to it, as this seems to make a big difference. 

You can read more about Claudia’s remarkable and brave story via her recent blog on her website ClaudiaGhetuWellness “How Cancer is Healing Me!” Claudia wants to live and help others by giving back. So many people like her are given a death sentence, but cancer doesn’t have to be an end, but a beginning!

Claudia and her family are deeply grateful for your love, prayers and support.  

 With much love and gratitude.
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As Claudia is waiting for new tests results to come in this week, which will determine the second phase of her treatment, she was inspired to write this inspirational essay on her website for all of her readers, “Healing Beyond Physical Limitations” - one of a 3 part series on the three main components of healing the body from within. These are the methods Claudia practices, as she wholeheartedly believes in everyone’s innate ability to heal themselves through faith, perseverance, and will power. And as she always says, having a higher purpose is the key to allowing for this inner transformation to manifest and restore one to perfect health. Below is an excerpt from her inspirational new essay. To read the entire piece, go directly to the link below, and please let’s keep the funding momentum going! The world cannot afford to lose sight of a great person with a mission to help others, even as she is battling for her life sharing her story so that we may all benefit, and in turn help others, and ourselves!


“Everything is stored in the body! Remember this. Fear, sadness, trauma, betrayal, low-self esteem, rejection - they all need to have a vehicle or container. Nothing remains suspended in the ether for too long; even an idea which becomes an emotion (if we allow it) starts out as a thought-form in the energy field of the body. So many books have been written on how one can heal himself of an illness by getting to the root of the emotional dis-ease, which inevitably takes the shape of a tumor or chronic disorder. Most women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer had experienced severe trauma or sadness in intimate relationships. When they work on addressing that emotional pain, and releasing that toxic energy, healing takes place. There are countless people who have experienced spontaneous remissions of deadly diseases by merely going within to do inner work, and then bingo…their disease disappeared. This is what I am doing. Every day. While the doctors put IV’s in my veins, and administer various treatments, I try to stay less on the surface, and be observant of what lies beneath the waves.

Some have wondered how I could remain composed, and not give into fear. It’s simple: I don’t entertain my mind with anything negative or fearful. That’s one reason I don’t watch TV. I don’t want anything to pollute my consciousness. I don’t think of things I do not want, or are not conducive to my wellbeing. And above all, I try to remain in the present moment, and don’t think of myself as any different than before. As a matter of fact I never once referred to myself as a cancer patient or ever said ‘I have cancer.’  Why would I associate myself with a disease? I am Claudia. I am not going to wear the badge of a victim. I would rather focus on the big task and opportunity I have been given to now fully succeed in my life! With objectivity, introspection, and emotional detachment each one of us can learn to detach from the concept of fear. The first thing to stop fear in its tracks is to remain in the present moment. Not to fantasize about what might or might not happen. Fear is not a thing, remember. It is only some-thing perceived by the mind. It has no shape or form; or real substance. Fear is simply a learned habit. It’s like a poisoned apple handed down from generation to generation. It might as well be called a habit, not an emotion.”
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Dear friends,

After a 10 day rest period, Claudia is back at the clinic in Baja California, receiving her second round of treatments for a duration of another 8-10 weeks.  We are asking everyone to please help support this next stage of the campaign, which is crucial to her full recovery! Claudia was in such high spirits last week when she visited her friends and beloved spiritual community at The Lake Shrine in LA! She said, ‘I’m so happy and feel so grateful to be here  with all of you again!’ And then she said in her usual humorous tone, ‘...but next week it’s back to the grinder and those fun liver injections again!’ Everyone remarked how filled with life and joy she was... and had dozens of people wanting to talk to her, having heard about her unprecedented journey to recovery and outstanding progress.

We also want to share an inspirational and touching story of friendship! A former and dear high school friend of Claudia’s, Colin, who lost touch with her over the years, heard about her illness, and has been diligently donating and campaigning on her behalf since her diagnosis this past June, often anonymously.  He owns a successful seafood market in the Hamptons, where they both worked while still in high school, called The Seafood Shop. Colin, now the owner of this seafood market, first organized a Lemonade Stand in front of the shop, having his two sons enthusiastically sell lemonade and baked goods to raise money on Claudia’s behalf. The boys raised $1300 in one weekend! We also received the flyer the used with a $200 check from a generous customer of The Seafood Shop, which Colin displays on the counter and near the cash register, to inspire clients to contribute to Claudia’s cause! Through the generous donations from the entire community at theseafoodshop.com., our beloved Claudia received nearly $5000 towards her treatment!

*If anyone receiving this update is able or inspired to place a similar flyer in their place of work or business, please contact us via this gofundme page!  We can provide a similar flyer for your use! Also if you know any friends who own a business, please forward them this link and ask for their support.

We greatly appreciate your continued efforts and prayers throughout this process. All funds raised to date have already been applied toward treatment, and thanks to all of you, Claudia has made tremendous improvement. She is able to eat solid food without pain now, as her pancreas is again able to produce digestive enzymes, the carcinoma tumor in her lymph node is completely gone, her cancer markers have dropped significantly, her blood clots have disappeared, and she is no longer on blood thinners!  However, she now needs to address the lesions in her lungs, metastasis in her bones, and the remaining tumors - most of which have shrunk by nearly 50%!

Our newest goal of $100k will help Claudia finance her second round of treatment, and also help her with day to day needs and minor living expenses, as she has no income and is unable to work.

We also want to continue to be the recipients of her inspirational posts, often containing crucial medical, alternative health and nutritional information - and therefore are looking for more creative fundraising options!! The Seafood Shop has been such an inspiration for all of us, so we are sending this shout out to all of you kind and resourceful people and business owners. Let’s pull together and help raise more money for Claudia’s second round of treatment, like our fellow friend and donor Colin did!!!

More info to come on a fun arts and music fundraiser event we are planning!!!Please continue to share Claudia’s story. She has made such great progress, and as always, plans to conquer this second half of the process with a brave heart and a smile on her face!

Go Team Claudia!!!
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A special message from Claudia:

“My cancer journey has awakened me into a new Reality. I no longer feel disconnected from the rest of the world. I am the world! And the world is inside of me! We are all inter-connected. I am a vast body, and as Samkhya philosophy expounds, which is the basis of Vedantic philosophy, each human being is a Micro-cosm, and part of a vast universal Macro-cosm. The Universe is not only outside of us, it is also inside us! The Buddha means 'the awakened one.' I've always wanted to attain Nirvana or enlightenment, that ultimate state of self-realized or awakened existence. Just like the great Gautama The Buddha himself attained. The basis of his teaching and message - oneness and our micro-cosmic bodies, are rooted in Samkhya philosophy. It is also part of Paramahansa Yoganada's teachings. Now to a certain degree, I understand what it means. I am gradually awakening. This video message is my story and my journey to re-connect to Life. The beginning of my awakening.”

In a story I wrote ...
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Update from Claudia Ghetu:

“I have just completed 8 weeks of my integrative medical treatment here in Mexico! All thanks to you incredibly kind and compassionate friends, and you are ALL my friends truly, those of you who have guaranteed that the initial and most crucial part of my treatment is covered. This is just the beginning of my treatment, however. As you can imagine you don’t go from stage 4 straight into remission overnight. Unless by the grace of God, he makes that possible. What that means, is that the doctors here want to give me a 2 week break from all the treatments, so my body can take a rest and adjust to functioning normally on its own, and then we begin the second part of the treatment. The aim is to bring the cancer markers down to Zero!

The GOOD NEWS is that my cancer markers have dropped from 32 to 18 now! Last update I gave, they had dropped to 26. And this is not even the newest report, but you will know as soon as I know my dearest friends. I have been going through a rough couple of weeks of heavy detoxing, which I can tell you as hard as it is on the body, beats regular chemotherapy and radiation. I always remind myself of that, how much worse off I would have been. They have found heavy metals in my body hence the chelation detox on top of all my other treatments - which is very intense. Side effects are heavy flu like symptoms, fever, chills, body aches, and everything else unpleasant you can imagine.

My body has become a laboratory. Last night for the first time I had actual liver pain. It was also partly a side effect from my liver injection 2 days ago where the Weber laser needle was shot into the left lobe of my liver, near the stomach area. Very sensitive spot. But these targeted liver shots are working miracles! Also, there’s psychosomatic and emotional detox occurring as well; old memories, traumas, and unresolved feelings strangely popping out of nowhere seeking to be acknowledged and healed.

As I always knew, it is these very emotions that have contributed over the years to this dis-ease manifesting in my body in these specific organs (pancreas, liver, lymph). The pancreas represents ‘the sweetness of life’ and the liver processes such feelings as frustration, anger, condemnation, and sorrow. According to the ancients, the liver means, “where you live.” In the end it’s how we deal with life and process our emotions that results in good or ill health. Many cure from cancer or other dis-eases just from doing emotional release work! I will write a coherent article on my website about that, including what I am doing to heal at a deeper level, and techniques you can incorporate in your daily life to release emotions that don’t serve you and could make you ill.

Finally, I invite you all to read my latest article from my website, “You Don’t Have To Die!”


The Misleading Medical Prognosis About My Terminal Diagnosis and Crucial Tips on How You Can Avoid Being Misdiagnosed, and share it with your friends and loved ones. I share my personal invaluable medical information I have myself uncovered, that everyone should know about, including 10 key factors on how to expedite and receive the proper and medical care which suits your needs, not the hospitals’!”

With more boundless love and gratitude,
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$36,284 of $100,000 goal

Raised by 275 people in 3 months
Created June 19, 2018
Circle of Light
on behalf of Claudia Ghetu
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