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Please read my March 9 2018 update.   Thank you

Please read my March 2 2018 update inside 

Thank you

February 3 2018 Start of campaign 

  I have been struggling with damaged rotator cuffs for about 15 years . Working through it . 

  They really started to get bad when I tore the right one completely in June of 2016 .  

  Physical therapy was required . Before the MRI's were authorized . 

  After unsuccessful physical therapy . MRI's were taken of both arms . The results showed bigger tears in the right rotator cuff . But both had extensive damage scar tissue , calcium and mis shapen bone . 

  My orthopedic surgeon prescribed 3 full sets of Cortisone treatment for both shoulders . 

  This provided only enough temporary relief for me to barely continue working . As a Commercial Journeyman Electrician . 

  Then on September 21st 2017 . I reached back with my left arm to pick up an electric angle grinder . As I yanked it up to me . I immediately felt the tendon just rip and snap . My co worker saw my face . So he knew as well . I told my boss but told him i would be fine . 

  I called my doctor and let him know I had just tore my left shoulder . It was now time for another MRI for the left arm to prepare for surgery . Which also meant no more Cortisone . 

  My doctor ordered the MRI in late September . The appointment was not for nearly a month . 

  When the appointment came . I got a call saying that the MRI had not been authorized . 

  I rescheduled for a month later in November . 

  Well just before that appointment I got another call telling me that this EVICORE ( the company that authorizes imaging for my health insurance ) did not have me in their system or thought I had different insurance . And had declined the request altogether . 

  It took a couple more weeks for my surgeon to do a Peer to Peer with them and clear it all up .

  3 full months after the left arm tear I got the MRI . 

  Now all the while as I always have had to do . I continued to work . Bills needed to be paid . 

  But now I was working with both right and left torn rotator cuffs . The left one being fresh and extremely painful . 

  At my age 58 . Repairs to these injuries are crucial . They do not heal on their own . They continue to deteriorate , weaken , build calcium , atrophy , become soft tissue , range of motion becomes less and less . Until one has no use of the arm(s) .

  And with continued severe aggravation at work . That process  is increased . 

  So the MRI comes back . Clearly a severe complete tear . Time for surgery on that left rotator cuff . 

  My surgeon hands me 4 business cards . He says that these are surgeons that perform surgeries arthroscopically . 

  He says he is old school . He just cuts you open and stitches you up . 

  Well I guess I better start calling then . 

  I find a very good surgeon . He wants to start the process right away . Repairing and cleaning out my shoulder . 

  So by this time. I have had to continue to work. I had been trying very hard to keep my bills current because inevitably I was going to have to stop working and get this all taken care of.

  So by January 19th which was a Friday. I could work no longer I could barely pick up my arms they were useless.

  That was my last day of work. I had already had my phone interview with Social Security for some kind of a claim so I could have some sort of assistance during this period of time.

  I also began a workman's comp claim.

  And also tried to restart my unemployment insurance benefits.

  The Social Security claim will probably take every bit of the 6 months that they have to decide and like everyone else I will get declined the first time.

  The workman's comp claim will also probably take a good period of time before any benefits could be seen.

  The unemployment was another circus. I threw them for a loop by adding the medical injury and they required all of my medical history just like everyone else and because they have such terrible interdepartmental communication I won't get my first unemployment check of $240 a week Arizona's maximum amount. The lowest in the nation. Until the week of February 5th. Now February 9 . Still haven't received it .

  I also had had these conversations and been very upfront with my landlord about my condition and the likelihood that I would have 2 stop working at some point.

  I had also followed that up with my landlord with an email describing the entire scenario. She had told both myself and my wife that we were all good we had nothing to worry about.

  So when I meet the doctor. Who's says let's talk about that left arm. I said yes let's do doc. But I got to tell you upfront the things have been tough I've had to discontinue working because of the pain. And I have no money for the deductible on my new January 2018 health insurance policy. My deductible is $1,850.

  He says well something will have to be done about that.

  I am going to order the pre-surgery tests for you right now.

  I said great.

  So for the next week I got all that testing done. The chest x-ray the EKG all the blood work urinalysis.

  My landlord came by last Saturday January 27th. And handed us an eviction notice for February 5th. I said what's up with that I told you what was going on she said yes you did I remember. But the fact is I need money and I need it now or I will have you forcibly evicted on February 5th.

  Well my wife and I almost fainted on the spot.

  So she did have an alternative. My rent was now $1,100 behind. She wanted that amount and a promise that I would continue on Time payments.

  So my plan was to get my taxes done and cover the past due and try to make an arrangement with her.

  Well I had incorrectly calculated that I would probably get about $1,300 back on my tax returns.

  I have a tax preparer that did both my 2016 and 2017 returns and I owed him for one year of preparation prior which equals 3 years. Which equaled $750. I ended up owing the state $231. And my personal return between both years came out to $1,040.

  And because there was a previous year and because there was an additional fee these are not able to be done electronically and they had to be filed on paper by the mail.

  He refused to file it because there was no guarantee that when I got that $1,000 check that I was going to give him $750 of it especially in the position I was in.

So my plan to cover the past due rent had just blown apart.

  We have also contacted every Community Action Service many churches. The most common responses have been that there are no funds, they only help women and children, they will put us on a list, and some we have not heard back from at all.

  Of course this financial situation is quite dire and serious.

  But MyHealth , repairing my arms having a home to rehabilitate in with my wife is my number one concern somehow the two have to mesh together.

  So my pre-surgery tests came back I passed for surgery on all of them and am scheduled for February 16th at 2 p.m. .
  That seems such a long time away and it looks like I've got some pretty scary moments to face before then.

  I have not even ever considered a GoFundMe and hadn't even thought of it prior to the email that showed up in my email today.

  I mean yes I have given to GoFundMe before but I don't know when it showed up today in my email I said that's got to be some kind of a sign maybe I should try that?

  I don't even know what to ask I don't know if if that's even possible but if you read all this you can see my predicament you can see that I have just not been able to prepare myself for what is actually happening maybe I was too focused on my painful arms and getting them repaired but I don't think so I tried to do everything right.

  I am fairly certain that at some point that workman's comp claim will come to truition and I will get some benefits from that. I will get my first unemployment check next week I'm fairly certain of that. But that isn't nearly enough to satisfy my landlord and to keep her from following through on eviction.

    My wonderful and loving wife Karen is scared to death as well. Not to mention that she has medical issues pertaining to allergies and her immune system that don't allow her very much exposure time to all of these wonderful/ I do mean terrible of course communicable things that we have all around us.
And I must do everything I can to protect her from that.

  I'm feeling very helpless and vulnerable right now I think I'm going to stop. Anything that anyone can do or suggest that can help me in this dire situation but of course would be highly appreciated we would be most grateful and put to good use.

  Thank you very much for listening and giving me your time and consideration.

Paul Boppart

May the SUN always be with you

February  9 2018

Thanx to all the generous donors . We reached $1100.00 . 

  I just changed up the payment arrangement . As it just got deposited to my account . 
$500.00 to back rent .
$245.00 to car payment
$100.00 internet

  I just got a call from my surgeons office . To tell me that my insurance Ambetter Health Net has decided to not pick up their contract for 2018 . My surgery on February 16 2018 is off .

Really ?

  I am now on the phone . Trying to find a new surgeon . In my radius . That does arthroscopy . And takes my insurance .

  I have to find one today . Because it is February 9th .
The disconnect day for my phone , cable and internet .
I don't know if Obama phones are still available . I will have to look into that .

  On top of that . I took out my first loan to build my credit on a car loan a few years ago . There is 4 months left on the loan . Until now I have never missed a payment . $245.00 / mo. The loan came with mandatory full coverage insurance . $180.00 / mo. I am almost 3 months behind .

  All of these have always been as high a priority as my rent . Had I been able to prevent all of this . I surely would have .

I have to consider this phase 2 of this campaign .

  And try to reach out to reach more of you wonderful people .

  Again Karen and I wish to express our appreciation and gratitude to all that have helped and any that still can .

  Those that cannot help . And those with well wishes . We love you too .

We love you all .

May the SUN always be with you

Paul and Karen

February 9 2018 5:30 PM

I just got off the phone . I have an appointment with a Banner orthopedic surgeon on Monday Feb. 12 8:25 AM . 


Monday February 19 2018 . 

  2 days following my first surgery . 

  Prognosis . 

  Surgeon found only a small ribbon of tendon to stretch over the shoulder and re attach . 

  Not likely enough to repair and strengthen and rehabilitate .  

  We will try . 

  This will be my / focus and will need to be determined before a surgery on my right arm is even scheduled yet . 

  He doesn't want to move on to the right shoulder if he still has to go back into the left shoulder to replace it . 

  Complete everything with the left side first .

  As a surgeon . Not knowing the condition of the right shoulder . But by all indications .
  Much longer injuries . Much bigger area of damage . Much more pain . 

  He is very curious to see if there is even anything left to repair . 

  What I know now . About the time sensitivity of these rotator cuff injuries . And my age working against me as well . 

  When I first aggravated both shoulders enough to finally report them to my PCP . In June 2016 . 

  The protocol and urgency that was needed . Was completely absent in the medical process . 
  With me pushing and following up on every step along the way . 
  It took 20 months from the first initial tears in both shoulders . Before I got my first surgery . 

  My surgeon says without a doubt . That time frame was the deal breaker that has left my arms so damaged . 

  For the simple fact that I had no choice during that period of time but to continue to work . 

  Continually severly damaging any remaining functional tendons and muscles . 
  While the already damaged and torn areas . Atrophied , turned to soft tissue , calcium built up . cartilage was lost . And weakened more and more . 

  I do not know what to think about the ignorance of the medical professioinals that I was trusting to fix and save my arms . 

  There always was MRI's and every indication that these were not minor injuries . 

  But my health insurance , their policies and restrictions . The so called orthopedic specialists that I saw . 

  Had no sense of urgency regarding my condition . 

  This is all now extremely clear to me . 

  I feel like I was played . Not to mention that the services that i have applied for . Have said that I will not be eligible for any claims . 

  One of them has hope . With the new revelation that the shoulder procedures may now involve over a year of loss of work . 

  Social Security may then consider the case .

  A years time off is the minimal time they require for consideration . 

  According to the case worker handling my case . 
  So there is that . Maybe some day next year . 

  The industrial commision is saying that they don't think my employers insurance is accepting the case . 

  But they don't know yet . They can't seem to get any of their staff to follow up on it . Try back next week . 

  I'm screwed . I have still not been able to secure a new rental agreement . I have no money to convince the landlord that I will pay on time from now on . 

  Now not even I believe I will be getting a claim settled anywhere . 

  Meaning I have no basis to convince anyone else . 

  The hospital was not happy at all that I did not have at least the 50% of the $1850.00 deductible . That my insurance had verified to them that I was responsible to pay up front in full . 
  I had ZERO $ . 

  My surgeon is very good and was nice that none of that concerned him . 

  Another big concern for us right now is my / our cat Smokey . As far as anyone knows he is the longest living cat with feline diabetes . 

  About 6 years ago he fell into a near death condition and almost died . It turned out that his Glucose levels were at 800 something . 
  He was diabetic . 2 injections of Petsulin . Daily finally completely stabilized him . 
  Completely normal . Can't even tell he is almost 12 years old . Seriously . He gets checked annually . His levels won't go down much below 500 . But he is happy and healthy . 

  A little 10 ml. vile of Petsulin costs $60.00 and lasts 6 months . 

  He is down to one more day . 2 injections . it's not like we can just cold turkey him . He will die in a week or 2 . 
Can't ween him off it . it stabilizes his blood sugar . Just like a human . 

  The vet doesn't care . In fact they said they would not sell me another vile because it is time for his annual visit . Extortion by pet . How about that ?
  In fact here he is . I just took this picture of him . When he told me he wanted a snack . 

  So there's that too . 

  We don't have any money . Not even $1.00 . 
  nothing to negotiate with either . 

  Only optimism and faith and love . 

  I have decided to leave this gofundme open . For a while longer . 

  Because we do need help in many areas . This gofundme campaign has been responsible for 90% of the help we have received . 

  Maybe there are a few more donors ? 

  Thank you very much 

Paul and Karen and Smokey . 

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Waiting for anwsers and dates and decisions by other entities . Is a true test of will and patience . It is a good thing I have very good patience .
I have been waiting to hear when the appeal starts for my workmans comp claim .
Friday I got some answers .
The deposition will be May 25 .
The hearing will be the last week of July .
If I am lucky I will get my answer in early September .

I cannot get a response from Social Security .

Mean while my left arm seems to be healing well . Still not much movement . But over 50 % I estimate .
My right arm has been able to rest since January 19 . It is still very painful . Has always been worse .
It still keeps me up at night . the damage , the atrophe , and the artheritis are getting worse . I can not wait for my right arm surgery .

Of course . Still not able to work . Still with zero income . Up until now we sort of kept current . Not really .
Today April 14 . My T Mobile payment of $464.44 is due . To avoid service interuption .

Your bill for account number XXXXX833X for billing cycle ending on 4/2/18 is overdue .

My whole bill is $751.00 . The shut off day is supposed to be today .

It took me all month to get my car payment for March . Now that is 4 days overdue .

I have to face that because of the length of time for these claims to process .
We are going to lose our phones , our car , and our home .
The agreement on the house was if I were to catch up and pay the back rent and get current . We could stay till June 1st .

It is now clear that I won't be able to live up to that agreement .

This is tough . It is now a reality . Karen and I are not able to discuss it yet . It is way to stressful for her to talk about . Much less admit that it is happening .
Not going to think about it right now .

But I am going to ask you all if you can help . If you have already . Please do not . But if some one new to this . Or hasn't helped yet .
This would be a very good time . to help us secure our phones and pay our car for another month . Only 5 more months left on the car loan .
This is / was my first attempt at a real credit loan . I really thought I could do it .
Establish a little credit . Get another loan to secure more future in the house .
But I could not continue working .
And even though i had been explaining all this to the landlord all along . That i was going to have to stop working .
I guess I wrongly thought that I would get some kind of break . Seeing that i could no longer move my arms . Much less be able to work .
At first i really could barely move each arm .
Now i can move them both . A little .

I haven't figured out any non physical employment yet . but I have a hella long ways to go before I can do any sort of work .

This is a particularly panicky time right now .
If we lose our phones . we lose contact to the world . WOW !
if you can help us right now . Please go ahead .

Of course . The cause is good . And so will be the appreciation .

Thank you

Paul and Karen
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Things still are not going well . No progress on any claims filed .

The only money we get . Comes from a couple very good old friends . That can't afford it .

The State paid our electric bill forward for a couple months . Very thankful for that .

Have been able to pay the car payment up till now . With $1400.00 left on the loan . At $250.00 per month . I don't think we are going to make it .

-$200.00 in the red in the bank .

No $ for the phone either . Just a few more days and the phones will be off . No more contact after that .

I took a fall on my arm . The doc thinks the x-ray shows that it has popped out . I don't think so . But he ordered a precautionary MRI for Monday April 9 . If all is good . I can start physical therapy .

Trying to keep my chin up is not an easy task these days . I will try .

We will always be grateful for all the help and support we have received here .

We have a long ways to go .

Thank you very much .

Paul and Karen
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Saturday March 31 2018

The good news is . I was able to pay my car payment yesterday . Now I have 10 days until the next one is due .

I was not able to pay on my phone bill . I am sure that today is the last day we will have service .

That's too bad because I will then need the full amount of over $1000.00 to get my service back .

I also won't be available for calls from the ICA regarding my appeal .

My employers insurance is supposed to call .

I won't have access to my emails either .

Some how I need to get them a couple hundred . Or i am doomed .

I don't like coming here . But it is my last resort . And has saved me every time .

Seriously . Almost like a miracle . That is what it feels like .

Again I want to thank all that have been supportive . In every way .

Thank you very much

Paul and Karen
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Monday March 19th 2018.

Hello everyone.

Well I just got through filing my appeal for my denied workman's comp claim.

It is a valid claim. So I will win the appeal and the employer's insurance well then be told to pay up.

The only hope for some income we can hope for.

Since January 19th we have had no income at all.

I think this is the last day that we be able to keep our phones on. Or it may be tomorrow. Whatever it is I don't have any thing to negotiate to make a payment to T-Mobile. When that happens since we've already lost our cable and internet..

We will then have lost complete contact with the world. And it won't be anytime soon before we can then reactivate our phones. The bill is over $1,000 and we will have to pay it in full which won't happen anytime soon.

What I really need to do first and foremost is to come up with $250 to pay my car payment for March. I am already 9 days late .for the first time. And it must be paid quickly I don't want to chance losing our only car.

If any of you reading this can understand our position. If you have any way or know of someone who can help us. I am trying to ask for enough to get the $250 to pay my car payment.

Since I will be losing my phone and then have no way to post any more messages. This is kind of my last ditch effort to make a payment on my car.

Anything anybody can do at all would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Paul and Karen
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$2,688 of $3,000 goal

Raised by 28 people in 2 months
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